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443RE: [USAICO] Satellite course maps?

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  • Tim Hopkin
    Mar 7, 2006
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      Here is how I have done it.

      1- print the satellite map of your park. (usually black and white
      2- draw in the course with a pen (red or blue)
      3- scan the map and create a jpeg.
      4- place the picture in your technical guide, web site etc.

      There are more sophisticated ways of doing it but this is how I might
      try with the tools mentioned. The map I used last year for the NCGP is

      Tim Hopkin

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      Subject: [USAICO] Satellite course maps?

      I'd very much appreciate any information on going about creating a
      race course map off of a satellite photo of my park on a computer. My
      contemporary computer literacy skills I would rate a C-plus, possibly
      a B-minus.

      Here is what I am working with:
      -A computer with broadband connection
      -No scanner
      -A printer
      -A cheap budget

      If someone could send me in the right direction - I would very much
      appreciate it!!


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