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350UCI races and USPG good for cross

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  • Tim Hopkin
    Dec 1, 2005
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      As the organizer of the North Carolina Grand Prix – UCI weekend that went up against the USGP on the west coast on November 19-20, I must say I was pleased with the turn out of Elite racers in North Carolina.  We had 49 men on Saturday and 43 on Sunday, there were 12 Elite women on each day.  Was I nervous about having the event go up against a USGP, yes but being the optimist I believed that I was offering an east coast option that might entice riders looking for UCI points and cash.  Yes, the USGP did have all the stars but there were plenty of other top riders that came to NC and put on an excellent show with exciting racing both days.


      I think as others have said if we as promoters put on a quality event the riders will come and that should be our goal, great cross races.  If, we happen to be blessed to be chosen to be a part of the USGP wonderful.  I think the efforts by this group to not have UCI events on the same coast on the same weekend are probably even more valuable.  I appreciate the opportunity to offer UCI events in NC and not have them conflict with the MAC and New England races.  I look forward to meeting everyone in RI and putting some faces to the names.


      Tim Hopkin

      NC Cyclo-Cross Series / Winter Cup

      North Carolina Grand Prix

      828 697-4884


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      I agree with Tom, and yet offer perhaps an alternate view??

      It seems that many of us want to know WHEN/WHERE the USGP's are, so we can schedule our events.  Or get peice of mind..


      Now, let me just say, yes, We do need to know when and where the USGP's are, preferrably in a timely fashion (read before nats meeting/inscription time.)  It is the 400 lb gorilla blah blah blah. 


      Also for the record, I do think that Adam is playing mediator fairly well.  As a series co-ordinator and uci cross higher up type, perhaps some of his frustration does come out into forum. But to be fair, his frustrations are a result of a huge commitment to the sport... A commitment that many of us share, but again to be fair, I think he does shoulder a slightly higher burden than most of us.. ANYWAY back to my original point, which does lurk herein. 




      What effect will the usgp's REALLY have on us?  Let's be honest.  If an "unpleaseant" usgp schedule is handed out, what will really happen?  Will we descend into chaos changinh dates all over the place like a bunch of ninnies trying to accomplish ????     Will we cancel races because the 8 guys that travel to the GP's can't make our venues?  Will we then descend into bickering matches because "my race is bigger than your race" and I should get my pick of the dates??  Will races get cancelled because of it??  

      Truly, I don't know.. Personally, I'd like to THINK that nothing would happen.. And from my encounters with most of the race organizer types out there that are all kind, mostly mature (hey it's bike racing) people, I am fairly certain of that..   But we all want to put on the best possible races, and I think that because of that we all have sort of the same motivation.. Get the most best racers to our venues, to attract the most marketing dollars. And have some fun.. Especially the fun. 


      GP guys.. I have to sympathize with them a little bit. They are in an unfortunate situation, in that whatever they do, they are bound to piss of somebody.  And when you factor in the cyclical repetitive nature of UCI race organization (they guys that do it do it year after year...) that's not good... Solutions?  Keep the schedule exactly the same all the time?  But that doesn't fly with Nationals moving around every 2 years.. Therefore the GP's should move to restore the balance of East-West.. And therefore someone is getting pissed off...


      Realistically I think the Gp's need to move to a known calendar.. Such as "4 west coast 2 east coast w east coast nationals.. for two years, then the opposite for the next two years...  It's not rocket science.. Also realistically, due to the effort put forth in scheduling the ne/ma race scene, I would expect the DATES of the gp's to be fairly constant, meaning plus or minus 1 week from what they were now.. So that means they could be the same time, week earlier, or week later then they were this year.  This allows for a change of venue, different promoters to get in on the action, blah blah blah.  It also allows for some semblance of plannign for purposes of Verge, etc.. Realistically I don't think its impossible for the GP people to contact organizers mid Nov to ask if they are interested in next years hosting.  Again I think the onus is on the GP guys to contact promoters and ask if they want the status, rather than the promoters killing each other to try and get it..

      I'm off dayquil. I guess that's my 35 cents for the day..





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