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2712005 USAC-UCI Results Format

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  • kjc
    Oct 7, 2005

      If anyone is interested, I revamped the USAC/UCI
      Results Format, basically simplified it. See
      attached. Here is some brief instruction:

      Note: DON'T DO ANYTHING on the "UCI Elite Men", "UCI
      Elite Women" & "UCI Junior" tabs because they are
      linked to the Elite Men, Elite Women & Junior Tabs.

      1) Before the race, download the "Cyclocross Format"
      from bikereg and then fix any formatting errors,
      especially in the UCI codes. Then, simply paste the
      pre-reg data into each categroy tab (same locations as
      before starting with "LAST NAME" down to "DOB") and
      then add your bib numbers.

      2) On the day of the race, manually enter day-of
      registrants info.

      3) When a race is close to it's starting time, print
      that category and give to the officials to be used for
      a starting list, call-ups, whatever. The Print Areas
      are already set to print out the pertinent info.

      4) After the race, add the winning time in the yellow
      cell in the upper right hand corner (this is for the
      "Elite Men", "Elite Women" & "Junior 17-18" tabs
      only), insert their places and then sort by "Place".
      Then, add their times in the "Time" column.

      5) Then you're done, it automatically fills in the UCI
      tabs in the proper UCI format.

      If you want, you can paste each category's results
      into the "For Distribution" tab to be easily sent to
      the press.

      Hope this helps,
      Kelly Cline

      Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2005