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1300Re: Cyclo-cross summit date options

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  • Myles Romanow
    Jan 4, 2013
      Hi Tara.  While I am not one for the doodle polls, I did make a pretty map.  

      It shows all the UCI cross races in this country, according to your calendar ,on your website.  

      First, I'd like to apologize for anyone whose race is slightly not where it's supposed to be, again, this is a rough map, to illustrate "where cyclocross is" in this country.  I realize that LA does not have a CX race in the ocean ,but it couldn't really illustrate the point adequately without some small adjustments.  

      I've copied Adam myerson on this, I'm not sure if he still runs the USAICO group or not, (I haven't gotten an email from them in months, Adam can you check my subscription status on the forum please, and pass this on if I didn't send it accurately), but I suspect he does.  

      The link above shows a map, of all the CX races currently in this country.  It also shows USAcycling headquarters, as a red "push pin".  (the cyclocross races are blue points).  

      While I am likely going to have to deal with the angst of being charged $350 for the privilege of submitting a calendar date to the UCI through USAC, I'm really having a hard time stomaching being forced to travel halfway across the country, to attend a summit, and receive a license to operate the races I have promoted for over 10 years, via an open book test.  

      While I do not mean to diminish the benefit of having everyone together at one meeting, annually, if for no other reason than to sit and chat, I must question the logic of forcing all of us to travel quite far, for what appears (via your last email) to be a one day seminar, especially when adequate electronic means are available. 

      The map shows, in my opinion, that 75% of all the cyclocross races in this country are within driving distance of a major metropolitan city in the North East/Mid Atlantic (Say either NYC or Phily to be fair?).   75%.  10% are in Colorado btw. 

      Given that many of us have busy work schedules, in other arenas than cycling, time is a precious commodity, finances are always tight for some of us, and the environmental impact of flying dozens of people around the country, it likely makes a lot more sense for USACycling to send a delegate to either one of these cities, or perhaps even both.  

      (In total truth, it likely makes far more sense to send a USAC delegate to Boston and/or Phily.. I, being one of two NYC promoters offer to bite the bullet and drive out of my way to either location).  

      While this does mean that other promoters will have to fly to these locations, as far as trips to go, any of the three options mentioned (Boston, NYC, and Phily) offer far more tourism opportunities, direct flights in from most markets, and ease of hotels/conference rooms, than Colorado Springs.  Nothing personal, I've been at the OTC before and it's nice, but NY is... well... NY.  Boston too.  And Phily is awesome.  

      In the past it was deemed appropriate to have such conferences at large events most promoters chose to attend anyway, historically nationals.  With two such events this year (or technically three), I'm at a loss to understand why USAC hasn't asked to have this seminar at either Nationals, Worlds, or masters Worlds.  Events most of these people will be already financially committing to, in an effort to support the sport they love. 

      Again, thanks for all the help you have offered us this year, at HVC.  I'm most appreciative.  With regards to my poll option, I would just like to ensure we get some value for our dollars here on Long Island.  Spending more hours on a plane/airport than I will in a classroom doesn't seem to be so smart. 

      Myles Romanow
      Supercross Cup  

      Here is the map again, in case the link was bad. 

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