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126Re: [USAICO] 2005/6 schedule

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  • Adam Hodges Myerson
    Dec 2, 2004
      K, Wade has been invited to the list.

      Brian, I can take you off when you want, or you can remove yourself when
      you're ready, or your welcome to stay on if you want to still advice Wade on
      the race. It's up to you.

      Thanks for all your hard effort putting Beacon on. Glad you finally got to
      see it to UCI status before you passed it on.

      So, will you stay on the same date?


      on 12/2/04 7:39 PM, Burgess Brian at brianburgess3593@... wrote:

      > Congrats on the WC bid. You deserve it. I copied Wade Hess above. He needs to
      > get on this list since he's taking over as the primary promoter of Beacon CX.
      > I'm retiring.
      > Adam Hodges Myerson <adam@...> wrote:Organizers,
      > I want to try to put together a tentative schedule before our meeting next
      > week.
      > If you've got a date in mind, or if you're just staying on the same date,
      > please let me know. Some of you have already contacted me, so thanks for
      > that.
      > Also, if you're wondering about the World Cup rumors, yes, it's me putting
      > in the bid, but it won't be until 2006/7.
      > Thanks! I talked to Peter Van den Abeele today, and he's looking forward to
      > meeting with us. I'll announce the location as soon as it's finalized.
      > Adam
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