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1255Re: [USAICO] UCI reports, how to respond?

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  • spinarts@comcast.net
    Sep 9, 2011
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      My reports at times were also incorrect. I've brought this up with Kelli and others at CUSA. They are supposedly trying to have a parallel race report that we can see and respond to. Beyond that, I do not see that we have much recourse right now. Maybe CUSA will really try to address this with the UCI.

      Tom Stevens

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      Haven't seen any response to this, but in looking over my reports, I definitely have the same issues.

      For the Nor'easter, it claims that I didn't have a technical guide, when I clearly did. It's posted on the web site, and it was emailed to our commissaire when he made contact with us ahead of the event. It also says that our results had incomplete information and were not submitted in the correct format, but of course the same person is producing and submitting results for almost all of the NE races. The format didn't change for one race.

      Considering how seriously these reports are being taken, it's crucial we have some kind of voice or opportunity to appeal them when they have clear errors caused by a commissaire who hasn't done their due diligence.


      On Aug 26, 2011, at 4:11 PM, john@... wrote:

      > I received my UCI report in the mail about 3-4 weeks ago for our Downeast Cyclocross Weekend in Maine last October. It listed some problems, some of which were incorrect. As a result The UCI basically penalized me and took one of the days away for this season.
      > There has to be some way we can get a report the same day or within a week from our chief UCI official. It's kind of hard to respond if you dispute any of the report when 10 months has passed. Any ideas?
      > Thanks
      > John Grenier
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