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1227RE: [USAICO] USAC Race evaluations of UCI and NRC races

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  • Tim Hopkin
    Apr 29, 2011
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      I agree with the points presented. If a standard is to be met or criteria to be adhered to, thus leading to an official evaluation then knowing the expectations ahead of time is important.


      At present reading the UCI rules and trying to follow those seems to be the criteria one must meet.


      Does this evaluation system/process currently occur with other disciplines? Ie. Road racing, mountain bike, etc?


      Tim Hopkin

      North Carolina Grand Prix


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      Subject: [USAICO] USAC Race evaluations of UCI and NRC races



      USAC Race evaluations of UCI and NRC races.


      Note: I don’t know how this can or should be adjusted to work in areas that use ACA and ORBRA.  To restate as a question how does a ACA or ORBRA race become a NRC / UCI race.


      I have some issues with the way races were evaluated this past season. I’ve discussed the issues with USAC and some other UCI promoters. At this time I don’t have a race report for the 2 Granogue races so some of the below suggestions may have already been addressed. 


      From my discussions with other promoters, race officials, USAC staff, racers and sponsors:


      Closed scoring can lead to Q's about how/why event X was better then event Y ; whereas open scoring allows promoters to identify top performing events and areas of improvement. If "advancing the sport" is the primary objective of USAC then a formal and structured review process should be installed. 


      Our UCI reports vary from year to year based more on who is doing the report and less on what changes we made year to year.


      More than one official has mentioned there seems to be no improvement from year to year on issues they write up.  The feeling being that no one pays any attention to the reports.


      Race X gets special treatment they did such and such wrong and…. (this can go on for some time)  and we Y did such and such better …(again this goes on for a long time) : The result being that without some documentation Y will never shut up about their mistreatment and how USAC is not treating them fairly etc.  Most race directors that have talked to over the years including my self have been both X and Y at various times over the years.


      Our 2011 race evaluation score cards are not available 5 months past our events.


      Some of the below ideals were stolen from USAT and ACA


      If you have comments, changes or suggested improvements then please include how they are to be implemented and by what date.


      1.     The USAC present to all NCR and UCI race directors  a copy of the form that USAC is using for the 2012 season  by the end of May 2012 (or some other date no later then end of July) so we can see what we are being graded on and do the long range planning necessary to meet race evaluation requirements.   The form should have enough questions to capture the quality of the race be backed up with a photo to document complaince and each question should have a numerical score. The score of the race should be posted on USAC website.  A photo to back should make any disputes over a races grade easily resolvable.  Races would have to make available to USAC staff a way of presenting or printing the photos on site.

      2.     If the UCI allows it USAC will make available the blank forms that UCI is using each year so we can see what they are looking for each year.  Irgardless of if we can see the form, Photo back up of compliance should be mandotory.

      3.     All USAC races should have their USAC race evaluations presented at the end of each race day with the other forms that cover insurance payment and rider numbers, with  space as necessary for the race director to add their own comments as necessary and/or the race director should fill in his own copy of the form and present it with the officials report. 

      4.     USAC to review the race reports with the race director and  the race graded and the results posted within 10 days of the event.  Within 5 days if there is no substantial disagreement on how the race was scored.

      5.     USAC to define who receives the report at USAC and how disputes are to be resolved.

      6.     USAC to provide weekly updates during the season to officials and race directors on what areas the races are scoring high on and what they are scoring low on.

      7.     USAC to define how our race evaluations are to used to upgrade/downgrade from NRC/Cat2/Cat1



      Please add comments and suggestions and if you vote up or down on this as a whole or by number before the end of day today to help in the discussion in Colorado on Saturday. 


      Thanks to everybody who helped out on this.


      Tom McDaniel

      Race Director

      Granogue Cross


      302 420 2165




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