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1010Re: [USAICO] 2011-12 Dates

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  • Myles Romanow
    Dec 1, 2010

      I think we really need to ask. "Why does the uci care? What's the infraction that we need their rules to run a series?  What's their stake in the game?"

      Personally I say "cash grab".  And faced with what could be an inhibiting factor for verge mac Nact and even the usgp I would hope our governing body can get in the ring and at least bring some clarity to the situation. 

      Even if we pay some uci observer 1500 or 500 or anything a weekend that's money that should go into the pockets of racers or hard working promoters or to charity..

      If by some Christmas miracle the uci provides this technical person for no cost yay..woohoo.  my point about the uci being vinvolved on the vrunning of our series when (to the best of my knowledge) absolutely no rules concerning series exist in their rule book still applies.

      On Dec 1, 2010 11:54 AM, "Adam Myerson" <adam@...> wrote:
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