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1007RE: [USAICO] 2011-12 Dates

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  • Alan Atwood
    Dec 1, 2010
    World cup and championship schedule attached.  Yes, there is a world cup on 12/4/11.


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    It would be very helpful if they did that, yes, and we're hoping that they do. Assuming there is also once again a World Cup the first weekend of December that I know the USGP/C1 events will have to schedule around, I think we can almost expect it.

    Further, I think you'll find out later today, Terry, that in addition to Gloucester and California, that first weekend in October is going to be a very, very crowded weekend. Hopefully we'll hear from Joan soon.


    On Dec 1, 2010, at 11:45 AM, Terry Buchanan wrote:

    StarCrossed and Rad Racing GP are moving to 10/1 & 2 for one year due to the venue conflict with a major event.
    It is obliviously up to Joan and Bruce but would it not be helpful for the USGP Finals to move to the current Nationals date with Nationals going to January?
    See you in Bend.
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    We had our New England organizers' conference call last night, and are expecting all of our races to stay on their same dates for next season.

    The Verge Series finals, NBX in Warwick, is willing to move one weekend later, now that nationals has moved off that date. We're wondering what other events might be looking at different dates, specifically in December, as a result of the nationals move.

    There was a time when we would have talked to each other about planning and scheduling for a month already, in order to work out conflicts. Right now we have about 5 days. I would really like to see us finish this week with a tentative calendar in place, so we have the opportunity to work things out where possible.

    If you have a date preference, and I'm sure you do, please send it out to the list so we can assemble the schedule.


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