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Re: hi everyone

http://www.foxywebdesigns.com/suligowskis_regiment -- In UPGS_Philadelphia@yahoogroups.com, "Tarrah"
Oct 1, 2008

The United Polish Genealogical Socities Conference - REMINDER !

Folks, The everyother year genealogy conference that gathers all of the Polish Genealogical Socieites in Salt Lake City, UT across the street from the
c. michael eliasz
Mar 18, 2008

hi everyone

Our group got a cover story Portraying the Polish Winged Hussars http://www.todaysvintage.com/ ladyt
Mar 18, 2008

Re: hi everyone

Hi mike Yes, the era we portray is Sobieski (Battle of Vienna) Yes i ride, Yes we have our own mounts we live in Southern California, and have members in other
Jan 17, 2008

Re: hi everyone

Tarrah, Welcome! Winged Hussars... interesting. Are we talking Jan Sobieski era (the Great King who saved Vienna and probably the rest of Europe). Is that like
c. michael eliasz
Jan 16, 2008

hi everyone

Im new to the group, my name is Tarrah & I live in California we have a reenactment group "Suligowski's Regiment" that portray the Polish Winged
Jan 16, 2008

Polish Declaration of Admiration - 1926

Previously, I had tried to transcribe this document. I got to about 8,000 people. Now I have found a better project and I have written to the coordinator and
c. michael eliasz
Mar 14, 2007

Historical Society of Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, we are blessed with history. So it seems only right that we are blessed with genealogical resources too. One of the most amazing genealogical
c. michael eliasz
Jan 31, 2007

PA- Family History Centers

Family History Centers in Pennsylvania, United States Here is a list of the FHC in PA: I use the FHC in Pottstown, PA. Allentown Pennsylvania 1881 Van Buren
c. michael eliasz
Jul 8, 2006

Re: 1926 - Polish Declaration of Admiration & Friendship (UPDATED)

The 1926 Polish Declaration of Admiration & Friendship file (an Excel spreadsheet in our Files area of this group) has been updated. There are now 8,100 names
c. michael eliasz
Jul 8, 2006

06/27/06 - Funeral Notices

source: Phila Inq. barnes, dorothy j (nee smith) nicolo, joseph buckley, thomas a novello, dolly burkett frederick a nuttall,
c. michael eliasz
Jun 28, 2006

06/26/2006 Funeral Notices

Source: Phila. Inquirer Barnett, Alma J (nee Jaggard) Bertram, Margaret F Betres, Richard F Sr. Buck, Ethel L (nee Myers) Burns, Vincent J Comiskey, Mary
c. michael eliasz
Jun 26, 2006

1926 - Polish Declaration of Admiration & Friendship (in Files)

Greetings UPGS - Philadelphia ! The document named in the subject is in our Library of Congress [LOC](http://international.loc.gov/intldl/pldechtml/
c. michael eliasz
Jun 25, 2006

UPGS - Philadelphia Group Formation

Welcome/Witamy to the Philadelphia Polish Genealogical Society! * When introducing yourself posting your search list and add it to the Database (see short cut
c. michael eliasz
Jun 23, 2006
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