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[E-civicus] e-CIVICUS 452 21 August 2009

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    21 August 2009 Edition No: 452 News in brief Get Involved Resources Events Opportunities Book Reviews Appointments Poll question This weeks question:
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      Poll question

      This week’s question: Considering the context for civil society right now, the CIVICUS Board meeting is focussing on:

      a. All the relevant issues
      b. Some of the relevant issues
      c. None of the relevant issues
      To answer the question, click here

      Previous question: How do you like the new look of e-CIVICUS?

      a. Really cool!
      b. It’s an improvement!
      c. Try a bit harder!
      d. Funny!

      Results: a. - 55.1%, b. - 31.9%, c. - 11.6%, d - 1.4%

      Call for governments to sign up to defend economic, social and cultural rights

      Source: Amnesty International

      Billions of women, men and children face levels of deprivation that undermine the right to live with dignity. Hunger, homelessness and preventable diseases are not inevitable social problems or simply the result of natural disasters – they are a violation of people’s economic, social and cultural rights. For details, click here.

      Join the growing global movement demanding Health and Education For All

      Source: Oxfam International

      I care about people's right to health and education. I am ready to take action, and to call for action from governments and institutions to ensure quality healthcare and education for all people. Change is possible. To sign the pledge, click here.

      We Welcome

      e-CIVICUS is a useful channel through which you and your organisation can share your news, publicise your events and articulate the issues you face. Please send us your contributions by Monday for publication in the coming week to editor@.... To read the contribution guidelines, click here.

      The content of e-CIVICUS may be translated into other languages and reproduced elsewhere, as long as due acknowledgment is made to CIVICUS.

      DISCLAIMER: Although CIVICUS makes all reasonable efforts to obtain prima-facie reliable content for e-CIVICUS, CIVICUS cannot guarantee the accuracy of the reports, views or opinions of third-parties

      2009 IAP2 Conference - Sustainable Decision-making: price and promise of public participation

      21 - 23 September 2009

      What is the future of Public Participation? Find out at the 17th Annual International Association for Public Participation International Conference, Making Sustainable Decisions. Don’t forget pre-conference training is also available from 18-20 September, 2009. World-class trainers are offering a variety of in-depth sessions in public participation, facilitation, conflict resolution, social media and Web 2.0 applications relating to building public consensus and citizen stakeholder participation. To register, click here. For more details, click here.

      The 2009 Social Forum

      31 August – 2 September, Geneva, Switzerland

      The Social Forum aims at being a unique platform for interactive dialogue between civil society, representatives of NGOs, grass-roots organizations, intergovernmental organisations and representatives of UN Member States. The Social Forum meets once a year. It gives all stakeholders the opportunity to participate in an interactive dialogue. The themes and focus of the discussions are based on the principles of social justice, equity and solidarity and emphasise the importance of coordinated efforts at national, regional and international levels. To register, click here. For details, click here.

      Ways of Staying

      Source: Pan Macmillan

      Kevin Bloom’s first book, Ways of Staying, has been hailed as an important read by a number of critics - including, most recently, Andie Miller - and so the launch in Johannesburg drew a large and feisty intellectual crowd, many of whom were intimately familiar with the subjects that Bloom grapples with in his book. For details, click here.

      For more book reviews, click here

      This week, new civil society job openings have been added to the CIVICUS website. Please click here. Should you wish to publish a New Vacancy, please click on Add job. Please add an expiry date for applications.

      Director of Operations

      Application Deadline: 11 September 2009
      CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation
      Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

      For details, click here.

      Programme Head: Corruption & Governance Programme

      Application Deadline: 28 August 2009
      Institute for Security Studies (ISS)
      Location: Cape Town, South Africa

      For details, click here.

      Coordinator, Prison Reforms Programme

      Application Deadline: 31 August 2009
      Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI)
      Location: New Delhi, India

      For details, click here.

      Regional Director, East Africa

      Application Deadline: 7 September 2009
      The ELMA Philanthropies Services (U.S.) Inc.
      Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

      For details, click here.

      Senior Researcher - Security Sector Governance in Africa

      Application Deadline: 15 September 2009
      Institute for Security Studies (ISS)
      Location: Pretoria, South Africa

      For details, click here.

      Junior Researcher - Security Sector Governance in Africa

      Application Deadline: 15 September 2009
      Institute for Security Studies (ISS)
      Location: Pretoria, South Africa

      For details, click here.

      The 2nd of CIVICUS’ semi-annual Board meetings for 2009

      The 2nd of CIVICUS’ semi-annual Board meetings for 2009 will take place next week. CIVICUS’ members - large and small, from over 100 countries - exercise governance primarily through their elected Board. Though Board members engage with staff throughout the year – formally, through Board committees that oversee governance, programme, financial and other fiduciary aspects, as well as less formally in many different ways - the face-to-face Board meetings provide opportunities to take a broader view of the context confronting civil society in general, and CIVICUS in particular.

      To read more, click here.

      With faith, gratitude and solidarity,

      Special Issue on the second World Democracy Day on 15 September

      We would like to invite you to contribute to a special edition of e-CIVICUS on the second World Democracy Day on 15 September.

      Commemorating the adoption of the Universal Declaration on Democracy by the Inter-Parliamentary Union in 1997, and also marking the twentieth anniversary of the International Conference of New or Restored Democracies, the UN General Assembly adopted 15 September 2008 as the first World Democracy Day. This will be an annual event dedicated to ‘stressing the continuing need to promote democratisation, development and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms’.

      CIVICUS will dedicate a full issue of e-CIVICUS to the World Democracy Day. We are very pleased to invite you to contribute to this issue and welcome contributions on:
      • any democracy-related topic written from a civil society angle or
      • addressing the role of civil society in democratisation, whether it is:
        • an opinion article
        • an event announcement or
        • a news story on an initiative that your organisation is undertaking to promote democratisation.
      The issue will be published on 14 September, which means that contributions will be due on 10 September. Please forward your contributions to editor@....

      Afghanistan passes 'barbaric' law diminishing women's rights

      Source: Guardian.co.uk

      Afghanistan has quietly passed a law permitting Shia men to deny their wives food and sustenance if they refuse to obey their husbands' sexual demands, despite international outrage over an earlier version of the legislation which President Hamid Karzai had promised to review. The new final draft of the legislation also grants guardianship of children exclusively to their fathers and grandfathers, and requires women to get permission from their husbands to work. For details, click here.

      How can the World Bank and IMF better support low income countries through global crises?

      Source: Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

      The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Debt Relief International (DRI) are carrying out a consultation of civil society, research, academic, government and private sector organisations in Low Income Countries (LICs), on behalf of the UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID). The consultation aims to gather views on the following question: How can the World Bank and IMF improve their responsiveness and adaptability to better support Low Income Countries through global crises? For details, click here.

      India: End Manipur killings

      Source: Human Rights Watch

      The Manipur state government in northeastern India should act to end a cycle of unpunished violence, including killings, by security forces and armed groups. Human Rights Watch said that urgent action is needed by the Indian government to support this process by repealing the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, which has facilitated serious security force abuse for many years. A government-appointed review committee recommended the repeal in 2004, but the government has yet to act. For details, click here.

      CIVICUS is deeply concerned by the violence and corruption in lead up to and following the presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan which took place on 23 July

      By Sonia Zilberman, Officer, Civil Society Watch Programme

      In advance of the elections, several opposition candidates have reported harassment, violence and interference with their campaigns. Further, at least three independent journalists were beaten, resulting in one death. Opposition leader Almazbek Atambaev has claimed that he was poisoned, and has left Kyrgyzstan to seek treatment in Turkey. For details, click here.

      Matombo wins international award

      By Lizwe Sebatha

      Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) president Lovemore Matombo has won an international award recognising “his courage to defend the rights of impoverished workers” despite the arrests, beatings and torture he has faced at the hands of the police. For details, click here.

      Turkmemistan travel ban

      Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan

      Hundreds of young people seeking to be admitted to higher educational establishments abroad and continuing education at foreign universities who are staying at home during the summer holidays are being prevented from leaving Turkmenistan. Following the whims of public officials rather than on legal grounds, the authorities decided that Turkmenistani citizens are allowed to study abroad only in state-run universities. They are not entitled to study in other educational establishments. For details, click here.

      Suppression: Act now to safeguard civil society

      By Charles Kabonero, Communication Intern, CIVICUS

      While the financial and economic meltdown is seen as the major challenge facing civil society, the depth and scope of attacks on civil society activists, mainly from governments, suggest that the increasingly limited space in which civil society operates is the prime threat. An analysis of repressive environments for civil society in Venezuela, Burma, and Russia as cases in point, justifies such thinking. For details, click here.

      For more news stories, click here

      Are you one of the missing 85?

      One CIVICUS member for every UN member state, that’s the goal of CIVICUS’ 1 for 1 Membership campaign. Click here.

      CIVICUS Member profile

      The Afghan Public Welfare Organisation (APWO)

      The Afghan Public Welfare Organisation was established in 1989 in Peshawar/Pakistan. Due to the Russian invasion in Afghanistan, they took refuge in Pakistan, where they felt the need for an NGO to serve and supply humanitarian assistance to needy people. APWO’s mission is to bring peace to Afghanistan through community involvement. They are establishing close contacts with the people through implementation of projects in remote areas and work in the east, central and southeast provinces of Afghanistan. They provided 10,000 shelters to returnees and the most vulnerable people and were able to work for reintegration of the returnees. For more information please contact Sayed Rahim Sattar at apwo_kbl@....

      Facilitator Guide for Gender Training

      Source: Gendernet

      The guide draws on a series of courses organized by KIT for Gendernet in 2008. The guide is not a training of trainers manual but rather a resource to support the GFPs and other trainers. It is comprised of instructions, notes and "tips", resources, presentations and training modules. The guide contains a series of building blocks that can be adapted to the needs of the individual user. For details, click here.

      Call for nominations for the 2010 Annual Award for the Human Rights of Women and Children

      Deadline: 1 October, 2009

      The Ginetta Sagan Fund of AIUSA is now accepting nominations for its 2010 Annual Award for the Human Rights of Women and Children. Here is your opportunity to honour women who are working to protect the liberty and lives of women and children in areas where human rights violations are widespread. Please submit your nominations for the 2010 Ginetta Sagan Award by downloading and completing the application form no later than 1 October, 2009. To download the application form, click here. For details, click here.

      Mobile activism training - Call for participation

      Deadline: 5 September 2009

      Centre for Policy and Development (PolDeC), a Lagos based non governmental organisation invites applications for participation in a one-day training course on ‘Use of Mobile Phones and Web 2.O technologies for Civil Society Campaigns and Advocacy’ scheduled for late September 2009 in Lagos. Applications from human rights organisations and campaigners are highly encouraged. Trained mobile advocates are also expected to participate in the national human rights hub, an online platform that facilitates timely human rights violations monitoring through reports, responses and human rights information dissemination on where to go to for assistance. For details, click here.

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