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Call for Applications: International Public Policy - Central and Eastern Europe

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  • Nanne Priebs
    Dear all, I am sending you updated information on the CEU MA degree in Public Policy. IMPORTANT: Due to many inquiries earlier this year, there will be three
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2006
      Dear all,

      I am sending you updated information on the CEU MA degree in Public Policy.

      IMPORTANT: Due to many inquiries earlier this year, there will be three application deadlines, the first one being January 5, 2007. This is also the only deadline for scholarship applicants. Both the March 2, 2007 and the June 1, 2007 deadline will be for self-paying students ONLY.

      CEU is a US-style graduate university, accredited both in the United States and in Hungary. The language of instruction and communication is English.

      Incorporated in the State of New York, CEU is organized as a US-style graduate institution. The university has an absolute charter from the University of the State of New York, for and on behalf of the New York State Education Department. CEU is also a Hungarian private higher education institution, approved by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee and the Hungarian Higher Education and Research Council. This unique structure enables CEU to provide you with easy access to key qualifications without you having to learn a foreign language. – Of course, you are welcome to – there are numerous language classes – but it is not a necessity.

      Designed for those embarking on an international career in policy work or those already embedded in a policy-making community, the CEU Department of Public Policy offers a one-year Master’s in Public Policy program.

      Three streams of specialization are offered in the Department of Public Policy:
      - Decentralized Governance Stream (http://www.ceu.hu/dpp/degree/dg.htm )
      - International Public Policy Stream (http://www.ceu.hu/dpp/degree/ipp.htm )
      - Media, Information and Telecommunications Policy Stream (http://www.ceu.hu/dpp/degree/mit.htm )

      The curriculum connects critical thinking with problem-solving dynamics and policy practice. The program begins with a taught element comprising core courses and a range of elective courses (34 credits). The curriculum combines an analysis of the economic, ethical, legal and political dimensions of policy-making with case studies that give students opportunities to pursue specific interests in more depth. Teaching is done via lectures and seminars while assessment is based on the results of essays and/or written examinations for each course. The second part of the program is devoted to practical research and experience. All students are expected to complete a dissertation (6 credits). The final stage of the course is an internship at an international organization, government department or similarly relevant body. The aim is to provide students with the chance to experience the policy process at first hand.

      Please excuse this mass-email and do not hesitate to contact me individually: I am looking forward to answering your individual questions about CEU, the 2007/2008 MA program and the application procedure! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

      Best regards,
      Nanne Priebs von Hahn

      Nanne Priebs von Hahn
      Project Manager
      Center for Media and Communication Studies (CMCS)
      Central European University
      Nador u. 9, H-1051 Budapest, Hungary

      email: vispriebs@...

      Tel.: +(36-1) 327 3000 / 2439
      Fax: +(36-1) 235 6168

      US cell (+1) 917 291 0952

      CEU (www.ceu.hu) is a US-style English language graduate university with a focus on the social sciences and the humanities, accredited both in the United States and in Hungary, and located in Budapest, in the heart of Europe. The university is oriented to interdisciplinary research on, and the study of social change and the policy implications of transition to open societies. In addition, emphasis is placed on European Union affairs, as well as on the special features of non-Western democracies.

      CMCS (www.cmcs.ceu.hu) has emerged as a new center of excellence for promoting media and communication studies throughout the Central and Eastern European region. We aim to accomplish this in a manner that can be useful to NGOs, policy-makers and regulators as well as for internationally acclaimedeated through the joint efforts and participation of the Annenberg School for Communication (Univ. of Pennsylvania), the Budapest Technical University and the Central European University (CEU).

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