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Vermont and Texas

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    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE October 30, 2000 In Vermont, the approaching election has led to a disinformation campaign aimed at an organization that serves
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      October 30, 2000

      In Vermont, the approaching election has led to a disinformation campaign
      aimed at an organization that serves GLBT youth. In Texas this week, the
      decision as to the direction which the Baptist General Convention of Texas
      will take will be decided and could , as a result, lead to the secession of
      moderate congregations.


      A letter sent "to thousands of voters statewide and note that it implies,
      falsely, that the youth group, Outright Vermont, has organized sex parties
      for young people using government funds," reports the latest Washington (DC)

      "It's an incredibly intense election in Vermont, and the civil union issue
      is out there front and center. In the context of that debate, these
      accusations are incredibly explosive. � There are people of good faith who
      are quite susceptible to false claims about what their kids are being taught
      in schools, especially about sex," said Beth Robinson of Vermonters for
      Civil Unions, a group working to re-elect candidates who voted for the law.

      In fact, reports the Blade, the group that issued the letter "has moved from
      critical rhetoric to harassment.... [F]ollowing an Oct. 12 protest in front
      of Outright�s drop-in center, which received media coverage, someone made
      threatening phone calls to the youth group's office for days. Recently,... a
      man stormed into the office and began berating a young female staffer about
      "eliminating herself" from the gene pool.

      The full "Youth group targeted: Opponents of Vermont civil union law
      criticize safer-sex material distribution" story is at


      Today and tomorrow, as part of its annual meeting, "the 2.7 million-member
      Baptist General Convention of Texas, the biggest branch of the country's
      largest Protestant group, will vote on whether to withhold more than $5
      million in funds it annually gives the denomination's seminaries and other
      agencies.... Hundreds of churches across the country, including at least
      half a dozen in the Washington area, have stopped contributing to the
      national organization because of the revision of a statement of Baptist
      beliefs and recent stances against female pastors, homosexuality and
      abortion," reported the Washington (DC) Post in its Saturday issue.

      Unlike the UMC, in which radical right-wingers have splintered off from the
      denomination, in this instance, it is the moderate churches which are
      considering withdrawing in order to have a complete ministry.

      As the Rev. James Somerville, 41, a moderate Baptist who was recently
      installed as pastor at First Baptist Church of Washington, observes, "It's
      not that we have drifted to the left but that the Southern Baptist
      Convention has roared to the right,"

      The full text if "Southern Baptist Showdown" can be read online at
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