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Southern Baptists Controversy

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  • U.M. Cornet
    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE News from the north and the south about the Southern Baptists ... October 28, 2000 Religion Journal: With Texas Group s
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      News from the north and the south about the Southern Baptists

      October 28, 2000
      Religion Journal: With Texas Group's Proposal, Struggle Among Baptists
      Enters a New Phase
      By GUSTAV NIEBUHR, New York Times

      A week ago, former President Jimmy Carter ... made news nationwide, but
      another decision, to be made next week, could have a greater impact on the
      denomination, which has nearly 16 million members. On Monday afternoon, as
      many as 7,000 Texas Baptists will gather in Corpus Christi for their
      statewide annual meeting, where they will decide whether to take a step
      toward financial separation from the denomination.



      Northern hospitality for Southern Baptists
      National ideological schism has little impact
      By Michael Paulson, Boston Globe Staff, 10/28/2000


      HUDSON - <SNIP> But down along River Road, past the high-steepled Unitarian
      church where abolitionists once held forth, ... Southern Baptists stream in
      and out of a thriving church campus, singing, praying, seeking faith for
      their children and themselves.... a denomination born of the slavery debate
      that led to the Civil War, are making slow but steady progress evangelizing
      New England.... Southern Baptist churches in this region are unusually
      dependent financially on the national denomination, and as a result are less
      free to revolt.


      Baptist Decision 2000
      Resources on the proposed BGCT budget changes
      Baptist Standard (Texas)


      October 27, 2000
      CBF homosexuality stance ignites controversy over group's direction
      Baptist Press (Southern Baptist Convention)
      By Don Hinkle
      [SBC and CBF are in an adversarial relationship]

      ATLANTA (BP)--Intense debate within the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship over
      homosexuality has been ignited after the group's leadership suddenly
      reversed its policy of not making theological pronouncements and passed a
      statement Oct. 13 rejecting the homosexual lifestyle.

      <BIG SNIP>

      Dissenters of the council action see the statement as a threat to local
      church autonomy because they perceive homosexuality as becoming a CBF-driven
      issue rather than a church-driven issue as it has been in the past. They say
      it represents a significant shift in CBF philosophy.

      Stacey Simpson, pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church, Edison, Ga., and a
      Coordinator Council member who opposed the statement, said she was told the
      CBF does not make statements about beliefs, particularly in reaction to
      other groups, because votes on controversial issues produce "winners and

      "I didn't like that very much at the time, but I see the wisdom of it now,
      because I am going to be one of the losers," she was quoted by Associated
      Baptist Press as saying.

      CBF leaders say the statement is not exclusionary because individual
      churches maintain the right to handle the issue on their own; the statement
      itself says, "We treasure the freedom of individual conscience and the
      autonomy of the local church."

      <LOTS MORE>

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