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Marriage in CA, on TV and in MT

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    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE March 1, 2000 1. The upcoming statewide vote in California over Proposition 22 has been the subject of much debate and
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      March 1, 2000

      1. The upcoming statewide vote in California over Proposition 22 has
      been the subject of much debate and argument. A brief look at Prop. 22 is
      available online at

      This site can be expected to continue to develop coverage over this
      attempt to forbid non-heterosexual covenantal relationships as the March 7
      election date approaches.

      2. A fuller look at the upcoming vote is avaiaalble from the San Jose
      (CA) Mercury News. One of their most recent articles, "Prop. 22: Signs,
      stickers tell of emotion of marriage debate", reports that the signs in one
      neighborhood last week:

      urging a yes vote on the anti-gay marriage initiative first
      were altered to read ``Yes on Bigotry.'' Then they disappeared
      altogether, and residents received identical letters from
      ``The very real gay person living amongst you.''

      ``Take a moment to imagine what it's like to see half your
      neighbors displaying contempt for you on their front lawns,''
      the letter stated, ``and kindly keep your bigotry to yourself.
      At least allow me the delusion of living someplace I am not

      There is much more to this article at either
      http://www.mercurycenter.com/premium/front/docs/prop2229.htm or

      3. A column written by an associate professor of law at the University of
      Illinois titled "Who Wants To Marry a Gay Multimillionaire?" has been
      published in newspapers from St. Louis to Miami.

      In it, author Carlos Ball observes that the TV show aired a couple weeks ago
      "makes me think that heterosexuals are doing a pretty good job demeaning
      the institution of marriage, without any help from gays and lesbians."

      Observing the trivialization of marriage by such a program -- and the
      lack of outcry against such a program -- Ball points out that this

      a clear double standard that violates fundamental notions of
      fairness and equality. Heterosexuals are allowed to marry each
      other, even if they meet only minutes before the legal
      ceremony. A gay or lesbian couple is denied the opportunity to
      marry even if they have been devoted to each other for years.

      In fact, when compared with the spectacle on TV of a
      heterosexual marriage between two strangers, same-sex marriage
      seems downright dignified. As the Vermont Supreme Court
      recently stated, state recognition of committed same-sex
      relationships is nothing more than ``a recognition of our
      common humanity.''

      The full text is at

      4. The Billings, Montana Gazette reports that the state "commissioner
      of higher education on Friday rejected a controversial proposal to
      expand health insurance coverage to partners of homosexual University
      System employees."

      Dick Crofts explained that "while the rationale for the change was
      justified, there were flaws in the proposal.", citing the lack of
      clarity of state law as to whether same-gender partners can be
      considered dependents and the concern that "the change could create more
      costs for employees on existing plans, already under considerable fiscal
      pressure with reduced benefits and higher out-of-pocket expenses", although
      Crofts also "couldn't say how many would have fallen under same-sex partner
      coverage, but earlier officials estimated the number to increase by less
      than 1 percent."

      http://www.billingsgazette.com/region/20000226_reg10.html is the
      location of the online version of "U-System won't get same sex health

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