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James Lawson to preach at RCP Worship Service

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  • U.M. Cornet
    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE The Reconciling Congregation Program (RCP) is excited to announce that the Rev. James Lawson
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2000

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      The Reconciling Congregation Program (RCP) is excited to announce that
      the Rev. James Lawson will be preaching at the RCP Worship Service at
      General Conference. The service will be held at 1:30pm at Cleveland First
      UMC on Sunday, May 7th.

      All are invited to attend this RCP sponsored service.

      The Rev James Lawson is a life-long justice and peace activist and a
      leading figure in the story of non-violent struggle. Rev. Dr. Martin
      Luther King Jr. once called Lawson, "the leading nonviolence theorist in the
      world." Rev. Lawson, the coordinator of the 1961 Freedom Rides and former
      president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), was key in
      the civil rights movement's understanding of Gandhian non-violence. He was
      directly involved in the nonviolence training for many civil rights actions
      such as the historic Nashville lunch counter sit-in. A retired UM pastor,
      Lawson currently serves as the Chair of the National Council of the
      Fellowship of Reconciliation and is still training folks in non-violence.

      "The principles of Gandhian nonviolence helped us end segregation in the
      60s," Lawson recently said, "now it's time to apply those principles on
      behalf of justice for sexual minorities."

      Join us for this creative, energetic, and spirit-filled service.
      See you in Cleveland!

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      Congregation Program. RCP is a national network of United Methodists which
      welcome persons, of all sexual orientations, into the community of faith.

      Feel free to forward this information to interested persons.

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