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    Amid Daily Struggles, Gay Rights Movement Embraces Watershed Moments by NPR Staff February 09, 2013 5:31 PM Listen to the Story
    Message 1 of 18 , Feb 18, 2013

      Amid Daily Struggles, Gay Rights Movement Embraces Watershed Moments

      by NPR Staff

      February 09, 2013 5:31 PM

      Listen to the Story

      All Things Considered

      11 min 30 sec


      From the sparks lit at the Stonewall Inn in 1969 to the whirl of same-sex marriage laws, the gay rights movement has made a lot of advances. But has it now reached a plateau?


      Nine states and Washington, D.C., now legally recognize gay marriage, and the Supreme Court will take up same-sex marriage cases this session. American support for gay marriage has crossed a threshold, the Pew Research Center finds, and now more people support it than oppose it.





      Anti-gay evangelical group receives funding from the Canadian government

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      11 February 2013, 1:41am


      An anti-gay evangelical organisation which describes homosexuality as a “perversion” has been receiving funding from Canada’s government for work in Uganda.





      Senate renews Violence Against Women Act with new protections for gays

      Associated Press


      WASHINGTON — By a robust bipartisan majority, the Senate voted Tuesday to renew the Violence Against Women Act with new assurances that gays and lesbians, immigrants and Native American women will have equal access to the act’s anti-domestic violence programs.


      The 78-22 Senate vote to reauthorize the two-decade-old act that has shielded millions of women from abuse and helped reduce national rates of domestic violence turns the focus to the House, where Republican leaders are working to come up with their own version.





      Harkin says ENDA ‘will move this year’ in the U.S. Senate

      Staff Reports


      WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) on Tuesday said that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) “will move this year” in the Senate.





      Canada Reviews Aid for Evangelical Group in Uganda

      Associated Press

      Tuesday Feb 12, 2013


      The Canadian government is reviewing humanitarian funding for an evangelical group that works in Uganda and has described homosexuality as perverted and sinful.





      Canada: Foreign Affairs Minister slams anti-gay statements by government funded group

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      13 February 2013, 1:56am


      The Canadian Minster for Foreign Affairs has attacked what he deemed ”offensive” and “mean-spirited” statements on the website of a Christian group which receives federal funding for work in Uganda.





      Senate Approves Anti-Violence Against Women Act

      by Jim Abrams

      Associated Press

      Wednesday Feb 13, 2013


      By a robust bipartisan majority, the Senate voted Tuesday to renew the Violence Against Women Act with new assurances that gays and lesbians, immigrants and Native American women will have equal access to the act’s anti-domestic violence programs.





      Will the Next Pope Support Uganda’s ’Kill the Gays’ Bill?

      by Jason St. Amand

      Web Producer / Staff Writer

      Wednesday Feb 13, 2013


      One of the leading candidates to replace Pope Benedict XVI apparently supports Uganda’s controversial "Kill the Gays Bill," Gay Star News reports.






      Leahy Wants Immigration Benefits for Gay Couples

      by Alicia Chang

      Associated Press

      Thursday Feb 14, 2013


      Sen. Patrick Leahy want the government to start affording same sex, married couples the same immigration benefits that heterosexual couples now enjoy.





      Singapore Gay Couple Seeks to Abolish Gay Sex Law

      by Heather Tan

      Associated Press

      Thursday Feb 14, 2013


      A gay couple in Singapore seeking to abolish a long-standing law banning gay sex had their case heard in court Thursday, just days after a former department store manager sued his boss for alleged discrimination against homosexuals.





      US: Legal action threatened over school district’s policy banning same-sex prom dates

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      15 February 2013, 2:26am


      Legal action was threatened on Thursday against a school district in Missouri, after it was accused of discrimination for its policy banning same-sex dates for students attending school proms.





      VA Grants Burial Rights for Same-Sex Ore.Couple

      by Steven DuBois

      Associated Press

      Friday Feb 15, 2013


      The Department of Veterans Affairs has decided to allow the same-sex spouse of a member of the military to be buried in a U.S. national cemetery.





      Gays in Belarus Face Reprisals For Activism

      by Yuras Karmanau

      Associated Press

      Friday Feb 15, 2013


      Police in Belarus are going after gays, raiding their clubs and locking up clubbers overnight, and summoning gay activists for questioning. One activist accuses police of beating him during questioning, while others say they were interrogated about their sex lives. The leader of a gay rights organization was stripped of his passport just ahead of a planned trip to the United States.





      Plans For Prom Barring Gays Rocks Ind. Community

      by Pamela Engel

      Associated Press

      Friday Feb 15, 2013


      A small Indiana community best known for its parks and corn festival has become the center of a national discussion about intolerance over a group’s plans to host a "traditional" prom that bans gay students.





      Southern Missouri District Revises Prom Policy on Same-Sex Dates

      Associated Press

      Friday Feb 15, 2013


      A southern Missouri school district has rescinded a policy that prohibited same-sex couples from attending prom, a day after a national anti-discrimination group threatened to sue.





      37 US Senators urge President Obama to outlaw homophobic discrimination by federal contractors

      by Scott Roberts
      14 February 2013, 10:19pm


      37 US Senators have urged President Obama to sign an executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees.





      Ukraine promises to ban anti-gay discrimination

      by Lewis Rees
      13 February 2013, 9:42pm


      The Ukrainian foreign minister, Leonid Kozhara, has promised that the country will soon ban all anti-gay discrimination in an interview with a Polish newspaper.





      Gay Jamaican man challenges country’s anti-sodomy law

      February 12, 2013

      By Michael K. Lavers on February 12, 2013


      A Jamaican gay rights activist last week filed the Caribbean island’s first domestic challenge to its anti-sodomy law.


      AIDS-Free World on Feb. 7 filed the complaint with the Jamaica Supreme Court on behalf of Javed Jaghai, who said his landlord kicked him out of his home because of his sexual orientation. The Dartmouth College graduate talked about his case in a Facebook post on Tuesday.





      UK: Anti-abortion group claims extending IVF to gay couples is ‘social engineering’

      by Scott Roberts
      18 February 2013, 11:18am


      The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children has denounced plans to provide gay couples with greater access to IVF treatment and says it amounts to “politically correct social engineering.”




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      David Cameron to discuss Nigeria s new anti-gay law with country s politicians and leaders by Scott Roberts
      Message 2 of 18 , Jun 30 7:24 PM

        David Cameron to discuss Nigeria’s new anti-gay law with country’s politicians and leaders

        by Scott Roberts
        17 June 2013, 2:15pm


        Following the decision of Nigeria’s lawmakers to pass a new anti-homosexuality law, Prime Minister David Cameron says “nothing should be off the table” when it comes to foreign aid and protecting equal rights.





        Bermuda: Anti-discrimination law adopted amid equal marriage controversy

        by Corinne Pinfold
        15 June 2013, 5:13pm


        A change to Bermuda’s Human Rights Act prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of sexuality was passed on Friday, despite concerns that it would override the country’s ban on same sex marriage.





        German Cabinet adopts bill to give gay couples equal tax benefits

        by Corinne Pinfold
        15 June 2013, 2:30pm


        The German cabinet has adopted a bill granting same-sex couples in civil partnerships the same income tax benefit as married opposite-sex couples, which will now be considered by parliament.





        US: Psychotherapists slam ‘gay cure’ app still available from Google app store

        by Joseph Patrick McCormick
        13 June 2013, 5:56pm


        An app still available in the Google Play app store, despite an international outcry, which prompted Apple to remove it from its app store in under 24 hours, has been condemned by LGBT psychotherapists as dangerous.





        Obama Urges LGBT Acceptance at Brandenburg Gate

        Wednesday Jun 19, 2013


        President Barrack Obama returned to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin today nearly 50 years to the day after John F. Kennedy’s famous "ich bin ein Berliner" speech at the height of the Cold War. In an address with topics ranging from U.S. and Russian nuclear disarmament to closing Guantanamo Bay, Obama drew cheers from the crowd of thousands when speaking of the need to fight intolerance, specifically mentioning anti-LGBT discrimination.





        LGBTs A Focus of World Refugee Day

        by Will O’Bryan

        Metro Weekly

        Saturday Jun 22, 2013


        Outside, it was a seasonally sunny day in D.C., with spring giving way to summer. Inside, in a meeting room of the Open Society Institute, on Pennsylvania Avenue a stone’s throw from the White House, there were tears and turbulence, as well as bright spots.


        The June 17 occasion was ’’Pathways to Protection: The unseen struggles of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex refugees and asylum seekers,’’ a panel discussion presented by the San Francisco-based Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration (ORAM), marking World Refugee Day, June 20.





        Malta: Bill introduced to increase protections against sexual orientation discrimination

        by Joseph Patrick McCormick
        20 June 2013, 6:28pm


        A private member’s bill has been introduced in Malta in order to amend the country’s Constitution to increase protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation.





        Survey: Quarter of San Francisco’s Homeless Identify as Gay

        Associated Press

        Sunday Jun 23, 2013


        SAN FRANCISCO -- More than one-quarter of the homeless people counted in San Francisco this year identified themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, a proportion that surprised veteran advocates for the homeless who say that gays are overrepresented in the ranks of homeless youth and elderly.





        Jamaica Church Leaders Rally For Anti-Sodomy Law

        by David McFadden

        Associated Press

        Sunday Jun 23, 2013


        KINGSTON, Jamaica -- Several church pastors in Jamaica led a revival meeting Sunday to oppose efforts to overturn the Caribbean country’s anti-sodomy law and turn back what they see as increasing acceptance of homosexuality.


        Roughly 1,500 people in their Sunday best gathered in a central Kingston park for a spirited religious service two days before a rare court challenge to Jamaica’s anti-sodomy law. The island’s Supreme Court is scheduled to begin hearing on Tuesday a petition by a gay rights activist who hopes to challenge the constitutionality of the 1864 law under a charter of rights revamped in 2011.





        Poll: Majority of Americans support discrimination protections for gay and lesbian people

        by Joseph Patrick McCormick
        22 June 2013, 6:10pm


        A new poll has found that a majority of Americans support laws banning workplace discrimination against gay and lesbian people.





        Column: Acceptance and Pragmatism, American Style

        by Liz Sidoti

        Associated Press

        Monday Jun 24, 2013


        WASHINGTON -- It’s a counterintuitive notion in an era where it’s easy to feel like Americans are sitting in judgment of one another every day. Yet here it is right in front of us: When it comes to social policy in the United States, a new pragmatism prevails in a number of surprising ways.


        In a relatively short span, American views have shifted on everything from gay marriage to marijuana legalization to illegal immigration and, perhaps, more. New laws, predictably, have followed. And, today, parts of this country now allow gays to wed and people to smoke marijuana for fun, while Congress is debating whether to permit millions of people in the country unlawfully to stay.





        Obama Walks Tightrope on Gay Rights in Africa

        by Robbie Corey-Boulet

        Associated Press

        Monday Jun 24, 2013


        ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast -- A young man wearing rainbow suspenders entered the heavily-guarded residence of the United States ambassador to Ivory Coast. So did a transgender woman in a ruffled, purple gown, as well as seven men wearing matching baby blue pants and neckties.


        The U.S. embassy here made history earlier this month by hosting a gay pride reception attended by about two dozen openly gay Ivorians. Despite the groundbreaking nature of the event, reporters were barred from attending, and the only mention of it was a short blurb on the embassy website posted the following week.





        UK: Muslim group seeks mosques for all sexualities

        by Corinne Pinfold
        15 June 2013, 5:51pm


        A group called the Inclusive Mosque Initiative (IMI) are looking to set up mosques in the UK that would be open to LGBT members and women.





        News Summary: Africa’s Anti-Gay Legislation

        Associated Press

        Monday Jun 24, 2013


        In December 2011, President Barack Obama signed a memorandum instructing federal agencies to promote the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people overseas. The memorandum coincided with a speech by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Human Rights Council in Geneva declaring that "gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights." Here are some developments concerning anti-gay legislation in Africa since the memorandum was issued:

        UGANDA: A bill originally calling for the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality" was re-tabled in February 2012. "Aggravated homosexuality" includes engaging in gay sex three times or while HIV-positive. The bill would also punish Ugandans who fail to turn in homosexuals to the authorities. President Obama called the bill "odious" in 2010. Its author has since said the death penalty provision has been removed.

        LIBERIA: Lawmakers introduced two bills in 2012 that would strengthen existing anti-gay provisions in the criminal code. A bill banning same-sex marriage was unanimously passed in the Senate but has yet to be taken up by the House of Representatives. A bill in the House of Representatives is broader, and includes a provision banning the "promotion" of gay sex. The bill has yet to be voted on.





        A Long Way From Stonewall, and Sometimes a Slog

        by Calvin Woodward

        Associated Press

        Thursday Jun 27, 2013


        From Stonewall in New York in 1969 to the marble walls of the Supreme Court, the push to advance gay rights has moved forward, often glacially but recently at a quickening pace. A look at episodes in the modern history of that movement and how attitudes have changed along the way in the larger culture:





        Obama Promotes Gay Rights in Africa, Praises Court

        by Nedra Pickler

        Associated Press

        Thursday Jun 27, 2013


        President Barack Obama on Thursday praised the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage as a "victory for American democracy" but clashed with his African host over gay rights in a sign of how far the movement has to go internationally.

        Obama said recognition of same-sex unions in the United States should cross state lines and that equal rights should be recognized universally. It was his first chance to expand on his thoughts about the ruling, which was issued Wednesday as he flew to Senegal, one of many African countries that outlaw homosexuality. Senegalese President Macky Sall rebuffed Obama’s call for Africans to give gays equal rights under the law.





        Court Rejects Gay Rights Cases From Ariz., Nev.

        Associated Press

        Thursday Jun 27, 2013


        The Supreme Court has rejected appeals from Arizona and Nevada involving the rights of same-sex couples.



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        Russia’s Putin Signs Anti-Gay Measures into Law Associated Press Sunday Jun 30,
        Message 3 of 18 , Jul 14, 2013

          Russia’s Putin Signs Anti-Gay Measures into Law

          Associated Press

          Sunday Jun 30, 2013


          Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a measure that stigmatizes gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality.

          The lower house of Russia’s parliament unanimously passed the Kremlin-backed bill on June 11 and the upper house approved it last week.





          Lebanon: Human Rights Watch details anti-LGBT police brutality in new report

          by Aaron Day
          28 June 2013, 5:57pm


          A report issued by Human Rights Watch this week has revealed abuse, torture and ill-treatment of both trans and gay people by Lebanese internal security forces, including physical violence, intimidation, humiliation, and forced confessions.





          Ugandan Bishop calls for end to ‘punishment’ of HIV positive LGBT people

          by Corinne Pinfold
          28 June 2013, 2:46pm


          A Bishop from Uganda has warned that LGBT people living with HIV/AIDs face hardship and prejudice because of their identity, leading many to hide their health conditions and avoid proper treatment.





          Russia: Putin signs anti-’gay propaganda’ bill into law

          by Corinne Pinfold
          30 June 2013, 4:09pm


          An official publication has reported today that President Vladimir Putin has signed into law an anti-”propaganda” bill targeting non-traditional relationships, which was recently approved by both house of the Russian Parliament.





          UN condemns Nigeria’s Parliament for passing anti-gay law

          by Scott Roberts
          1 July 2013, 1:37pm


          The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has condemned Nigeria’s Parliament for passing a law that further criminalises homosexuality by punishing those who try to enter same-sex marriages.





          Feds To Process Same-Sex Immigration Benefits

          Associated Press

          Monday Jul 1, 2013


          WASHINGTON -- Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says the government will start reviewing applications for green cards and other immigration benefits for same-sex couples.

          Napolitano says her agency is taking the action in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling last week that extends federal benefits to same sex couples in states where they are legally married.





          June 26, 2013 5:55PM

          From Voting Rights Act to Today’s DOMA Repeal—LGBT Orgs Are Missing the Rainbow

          Post by Pamela R. Lightsey


          Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down key parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


          The legislation prohibiting voting practices that discriminate against persons based on their race was signed into law after relentless work of civil rights advocates such as the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Julian Bond, the late Rev. Bruce Klunder, the late James Earl Chaney, the late Andrew Goodman and the late Michael Henry Schwerner.


          The law—which has helped stop recent discriminatory voter identification mandates—is the very law that helped put into office President Obama and the numerous and remarkable women and people of color who serve as leaders on Capitol Hill and who have helped usher in this great moment in United States history.





          Russia’s Putin Signs Law Limiting Adoption By Gays

          Associated Press

          Wednesday Jul 3, 2013


          President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill that sharply limits the adoption of Russian children by people from countries that allow same-sex marriage.

          The new law prohibits adoption by same-sex foreign couples whose homeland recognizes their union as marriage, as well as by single people or unmarried couples from those countries.





          The Top 5 LGBT Court Cases

          by Lisa Keen

          South Florida Gay News

          Wednesday Jul 3, 2013


          The two high-profile opinions pending release this month from the U.S. Supreme Court could end up being as historic as the Loving v. Virginia decision, which struck down laws against marriage for interracial couples in 1967. They could be as dramatic as Roe v. Wade, which struck down most restrictions against abortion in 1973. And, they’re already getting as much attention now, if not more, than pending decisions on the Voting Rights Act and affirmative action.





          Russia: Putin signs same-sex adoption ban into law

          by Aaron Day
          3 July 2013, 4:12pm


          Vladimir Putin has banned same-sex couples from adopting children in Russia, the Kremlin Press Service announced on Wednesday.





          Gay Married Man Gets Green Card

          by Sue O’Connell

          Bay Windows

          Thursday Jul 4, 2013


          Late Friday, just two days after the US Supreme Court released their decision gutting the Defense of Marriage Act, a permanent visa, aka green card, was issued to Traian Popov, a Bulgarian man married to Florida-based club DJ Julian Marsh.


          According to published reports, the notice of approval came via email. The New York Times reports that the approval is "evidence that the Obama administration was acting swiftly to change its visa policies in the wake of the court’s decision on Wednesday invalidating the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA."





          Lithuania: Court overturns ban on Baltic Pride

          by Scott Roberts
          5 July 2013, 1:57pm


          Campaigners have welcomed a decision to reverse this month’s ban on Baltic Pride in Lithuania.





          Australia: Bill will stop faith schools from expelling students based on sexual orientation

          by Joseph Patrick McCormick
          6 July 2013, 7:36pm


          A private members bill will soon be introduced in the New South Wales State Parliament, which would remove the right of religious schools to expel students who come out as gay.





          Gays And Lesbians Turn Fight To Workplace Discrimination Ban

          July 09, 2013 6:00 PM


          With new momentum for same-sex marriage from the , gays and lesbians are hoping for progress in another sphere: the workplace. In more than half the country, it's still legal to fire people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

          On Wednesday, Senate lawmakers will once again debate a bill that would change that.





          African religious leaders reject Obama’s call to decriminalize homosexuality

          Fredrick Nzwili | Jul 5, 2013


          NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) Religious leaders in Africa strongly rebuked President Obama’s call to decriminalize homosexuality, suggesting it’s the reason why he received a less-than-warm welcome during a recent trip to the continent.


          In a news conference in Senegal during his three-nation tour, just as the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a federal ban on same-sex marriage, Obama said African nations must grant equal protection to all people regardless of their sexual orientation.





          July 5, 2013 2:01AM

          LGBT in Africa: Persecution and Persistence

          Post by Peter Montgomery


          While some LGBT equality advocates settled in for a night on the sidewalk in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on the eve of its marriage rulings, others gathered in the Capitol Visitors Center for a screening of Born this Way, a new documentary about LGBT people in Cameroon, a country with laws that criminalize homosexuality.


          The documentary introduces viewers to several courageous gay men and lesbians willing to go on camera to share their stories and the lives that leave them vulnerable to threats of violence, arrest, and jail time for the crime of being gay. Also prominently featured is Alice Nkom, a prominent human rights lawyer who advocates on behalf of people who are prosecuted under anti-gay laws. 





          Senate Panel OKs ENDA

          by Sam Hananel

          Associated Press

          Wednesday Jul 10, 2013


          Gay rights advocates won another victory Wednesday after a Senate panel approved a bill that would prohibit employers from discriminating against workers on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.


          The measure won support from all the Democrats and three Republicans on the 22-member committee, signaling it has a strong chance of passage in the full Senate.





          Lebanon: Being gay is not a disease and needs no treatment

          First Arab country to declassify being gay as a ‘disease’

          DAN LITTAUER | LGBTQ Nation

          Friday, July 12, 2013


          BEIRUT, Lebanon — Homosexuality is not a mental disorder and does not need to be treated, the Lebanese Psychiatric Society (LPS) said Thursday in a statement published by the Ministry of Information.


          “Homosexuality in itself does not cause any defect in judgment, stability, reliability or social and professional abilities,” LPS said, in response to recent arrests and mistreatment of LGBT people in Lebanon.


          “The assumption that homosexuality is a result of disturbances in the family dynamic or unbalanced psychological development is based on wrong information.,” the organization said.




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          Gay man faces deaths threats in Zambia after UK civil partnership by Scott Roberts 12
          Message 4 of 18 , Jul 22, 2013

            Gay man faces deaths threats in Zambia after UK civil partnership

            by Scott Roberts
            12 July 2013, 3:51pm


            An Englishman living in Zambia has been forced to leave the country for good after details of his civil partnership in the UK generated a storm of controversy.




            Former Attorney General Lord Goldsmith to challenge Singapore over its anti-gay laws

            by Scott Roberts
            11 July 2013, 3:15pm


            Tony Blair’s former attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, is to challenge the government of Singapore over its laws banning sex between men.




            Prominent Gay Rights Activist Killed in Cameroon

            Associated Press

            Tuesday Jul 16, 2013


            A rights group says a prominent gay rights activist in Cameroon has been tortured and killed just weeks after issuing a public warning about the threat posed by "anti-gay thugs."




            Sinn Fein criticises Russian Government for passage of anti-gay laws

            by Joseph Patrick McCormick
            16 July 2013, 6:08pm


            A spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Trade and Diaspora from Sinn Féin has criticised the Russian Government for introducing anti-gay legislation, including a law banning homosexual “propaganda”.




            Australia: Sister of PM Kevin Rudd calls for Russian-style anti-gay propaganda law

            by Corinne Pinfold
            14 July 2013, 11:39am


            The sister of recently re-established Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has told journalists she believes the law should protect Australian children from being told that homosexuality is “normal”.




            Groups Condemn Threats Against Haiti’s Gay Society

            Associated Press

            Wednesday Jul 17, 2013


            Watchdog groups in Haiti on Wednesday condemned what they say has been a series of threats targeting the Caribbean nation’s small gay community.

            Attorney Mario Joseph and gay rights advocate Charlot Jeudy told a news conference that people who are gay or lesbian should be able to live freely without being harassed or attacked.




            July 16, 2013 10:30AM

            Arson, Torture and Murder Devastate LGBT Activists in Cameroon

            Post by Peter Montgomery


            Earlier this month we reported on Born this Way, a documentary about LGBT rights activists working in Cameroon amid denunciations from religious leaders and threats of violence. Today comes the crushing news, via Human Rights Watch, that LGBTI activist Eric Ohena Lembembe has been tortured and killed, and that the headquarters of Alternatives-Cameroun, the HIV services organization featured in the documentary as a refuge for so many people, has been burned down.




            Cameroon Blasts Reporting of Gay Activist’s Death

            by Divine Ntaryike

            Associated Press

            Friday Jul 19, 2013


            Cameroon lashed out at the media on Friday for its reporting on the recent killing of a prominent anti-gay activist and warned that future "provocative commentary" on the case would be illegal.


            In the first official response to the killing of Eric Ohena Lembembe, government spokesman Issa Tchiroma said in a statement that journalists had engaged in "speculation and witch-hunting" in their coverage of the case, which has drawn expressions of concern from the U.S., France, Britain and the U.N.





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            President Mugabe attacks Obama for tying aid for Africa and the decriminalisation of homosexuality by Joseph Patrick McCormick
            Message 5 of 18 , Aug 4, 2013

              President Mugabe attacks Obama for tying aid for Africa and the decriminalisation of homosexuality

              by Joseph Patrick McCormick
              23 July 2013, 5:14pm


              Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has criticised US President Barack Obama for tying aid for African countries to the decriminalisation of homosexuality.




              SPLC Report: U.S. Groups Fan Anti-LGBT Hate in Caribbean

              Booth Gunter on July 25, 2013

              Caleb Orozco is a gay man in the tiny Caribbean country of Belize who is bringing an important legal challenge to a criminal statute that can land people in prison for 10 years for having gay sex.


              He has been threatened. He has been physically assaulted. Now, he fears for his life. “I cannot walk the streets among a crowd anymore,” he said.




              Archbishop Tutu: South Africa must reject homophobic discrimination

              by Scott Roberts
              26 July 2013, 2:36pm


              Archbishop Desmond Tutu, famous for his role in ending apartheid, has called on South Africa to reject homophobic discrimination as part of a new LGBT global public education campaign by the United Nations Human Rights Office.




              President Robert Mugabe: We should ‘chop off’ gay men’s heads

              by Scott Roberts
              26 July 2013, 11:28am


              Zimbabwe’s president has reportedly urged for the heads of gay men to be chopped off and now says gay people are worse than “pigs, goats and birds”.




              UN Human Rights Office Unveils Gay-Rights Campaign

              by David Crary

              Associated Press

              Sunday Jul 28, 2013


              Amid a surge of anti-gay violence and repression in several countries, the United Nations’ human rights office on Friday launched its first global outreach campaign to promote tolerance and greater equality for lesbians, gays, transgender people and bisexuals.

              Called Free & Equal, it’s an unprecedented effort by the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights to change public attitudes around the world on issues that have bitterly divided the U.N.’s own member states.




              Zimbabwe President Threatens to Behead Gay Citizens

              by Michael  Cox

              EDGE Contributor

              Monday Jul 29, 2013


              Addressing a rally of thousands of Zimbabwe African National Union supporters in Mutare, Zimbabwe last week, President Robert Mugabe vowed to continue to criminalize homosexuality, saying gay men and women "worse than pigs, goats and birds" and threatening to behead them, reported News Day.




              President Mugabe: ‘Never, never, never will we support homosexuality in Zimbabwe’

              by Scott Roberts
              29 July 2013, 11:18am


              Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has denounced Archbishop Desmond Tutu for speaking in support of LGBT rights and says his country will “Never, never, never” support homosexuality.




              LGBT Fairness Film to be Shown in Eastern Panhandle

              Associated Press

              Wednesday Jul 31, 2013


              A group devoted to fair treatment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender West Virginians is screening a film that features 14 personal stories. The film will be shown at two communities in the Eastern Panhandle.

              Fairness West Virginia Institute is launching the "Faces of Fairness" tour Thursday at Musical Grounds European Coffeehouse in Fayetteville, W.Va.





              [Called Out Editors’ Note:  Russia will enforce its laws against gay propaganda during the winter Olympics.  Russia will not enforce is laws against gay propaganda during the winter Olympics.  There have been two complete flip flop cycles at this point, if we’re keeping track properly.]

              Russia Will Enforce Anti-Gay Law During Olympics

              by Laura Mills

              Associated Press

              Thursday Aug 1, 2013


              Russia will enforce a new law cracking down on gay rights activism when it hosts international athletes and fans during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the country’s sports minister said Thursday, appearing to contradict assurances to the contrary from the International Olympic Committee.




              US Eases Process for Same-Sex Couples to Get Visas

              by Deb Riechmann

              Associated Press

              Friday Aug 2, 2013


              The U.S. State Department on Friday began processing visa applications from same-sex spouses in the same way that it handles those from heterosexual spouses.

              The change, announced by Secretary of State John Kerry while on diplomatic travel in London, comes in the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on same-sex marriage.




              US: Same-sex couples to be given equal immigration rights

              by Aaron Day
              2 August 2013, 4:58pm


              The policy means a foreign citizen married to a US citizen can more easily obtain a US entry visa.


              The United States is set to begin giving visa applications from same-sex spouses the same preferential treatment granted to opposite-sex spouses.




              Australia: LGBT and intersex anti-discrimination laws come into effect

              by Aaron Day
              2 August 2013, 12:58pm


              New Australian laws protecting LGBT and intersex people from religious discrimination by aged-care providers have come into effect, commencing August 1.




              IOC Official Calls for Diplomacy on Anti-Gay Law

              by Stephen Wilson

              Associated Press

              Saturday Aug 3, 2013


              WASHINGTON -- International Olympic officials should use "all the avenues possible" with the Russian government to ensure that athletes competing at next year’s Winter Games in Sochi aren’t affected by a new anti-gay law, IOC presidential candidate Richard Carrion said Friday.




              Olympic Gold medalist Matthew Mitcham: Russia’s treatment of gay people is horrific

              by James Park
              3 August 2013, 7:16pm


              Australian Olympic Gold medalist, Matthew Mitcham, who is openly gay, says Russia’s anti-gay law that could see athletes jailed if they take part in any gay rights related activities is “horrific”.



            • Affirmation: United Methodists
              DC Mayor Signs LGBT-Backed Bills by John Riley Metro Weekly Thursday Aug 8, 2013
              Message 6 of 18 , Aug 18, 2013

                DC Mayor Signs LGBT-Backed Bills

                by John Riley

                Metro Weekly

                Thursday Aug 8, 2013


                Surrounded by activists, Mayor Vincent Gray signed two pro-LGBT bills, the JaParker Deoni Jones Birth Certificate Equality Amendment Act and the Marriage Officiant Act, into law Tuesday afternoon  (Source:John Riley)


                Mayor Vincent Gray (D) signed into law Tuesday afternoon two measures aimed at expanding opportunity and choices for District’s LGBT community.


                With Gray’s signature, the JaParker Deoni Jones Birth Certificate Equality Amendment Act of 2013 and the Marriage Officiant Act of 2013 - both unanimously passed by the D.C. Council earlier this summer - will become law if, as expected, they pass the required 30-day congressional review period.

                Surrounded by activists, Mayor Vincent Gray signed two pro-LGBT bills, the JaParker Deoni Jones Birth Certificate Equality Amendment Act and the Marriage Officiant Act, into law Tuesday afternoon.




                Armenia: Police seek to ban discussion of gay and lesbian relationships

                by Aaron Day
                8 August 2013, 1:55pm


                Armenia has become the latest former Soviet state to seek to ban discussion of “non traditional sexual relationships”.




                ND US Attorney to LBGT Community: You Have An Ally

                by Dave Kolpack

                Associated Press

                Monday Aug 12, 2013


                North Dakota’s U.S. attorney told members of the Fargo area’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community Sunday that they will have a friend in government as long as he’s the top federal prosecutor in the state.




                Pakistan: New website helps gay men find ways to get around harsh anti-gay laws

                by Daniel Carter
                13 August 2013, 6:31pm


                In one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be gay, the gay community is finding ways to get around Pakistan’s anti gay laws.




                Puerto Rico to Debate New Gay Rights, Gender Bills

                by Danica Coto

                Associated Press

                Wednesday Aug 14, 2013


                Religious groups gathered Wednesday in front of Puerto Rico’s seaside capitol to protest proposed laws that would allow same-sex couples to adopt children and would establish a public school curriculum examining gender issues including sexual discrimination.



              • Affirmation: United Methodists
                President Mugabe attacks Obama for tying aid for Africa and the decriminalisation of homosexuality by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                Message 7 of 18 , Aug 18, 2013

                  President Mugabe attacks Obama for tying aid for Africa and the decriminalisation of homosexuality

                  by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                  23 July 2013, 5:14pm


                  Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has criticised US President Barack Obama for tying aid for African countries to the decriminalisation of homosexuality.




                  ABA Unanimously Passes Resolution Curtailing "Gay Panic" Defense

                  by Bobby McGuire

                  EDGE Contributor

                  Tuesday Aug 13, 2013


                  As reported in the ABA Journal, yesterday during the annual meeting of the American Bar Association in San Francisco, the House of Delegates - the ABA’s governing body, unanimously passed a resolution urging federal, state, local and territorial governments to pass legislation curtailing the availability and effectiveness of the use of "gay panic" and "trans panic" defenses by criminal defendants.




                  Judge: Uganda Gay Rights Suit can Continue

                  Associated Press

                  Thursday Aug 15, 2013


                  A federal judge won’t dismiss a Ugandan gay rights group’s lawsuit against a Massachusetts evangelical minister.




                • Affirmation: United Methodists
                  N.J. Gov. Christie To Sign Bill Banning Gay Conversion Therapy by Eyder Peralta August 19, 201311:44 AM New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie continues to eschew
                  Message 8 of 18 , Sep 5, 2013

                    N.J. Gov. Christie To Sign Bill Banning Gay Conversion Therapy

                    by Eyder Peralta

                    August 19, 201311:44 AM


                    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie continues to eschew convention: The Associated Press reports that he will sign a bill banning therapy that seeks to turn gay teens straight.




                    US: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to sign bill banning gay ‘cure’ therapy for minors

                    by Daniel Carter
                    19 August 2013, 1:54pm


                    New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie is today expected to sign into law a ban on therapist attempting to turn teenagers straight. New Jersey will be the second state to enact such a law after California.




                    The 41 Commonwealth Nations where being gay can land you in prison

                    by Daniel Carter
                    20 August 2013, 11:35am


                    The Queen is the head of the Commonwealth of Nations, the international body that was created out of what was formerly the British Empire. The Commonwealth states that its core values are “democracy, freedom, peace, the rule of law and opportunity for all.” However, freedom, peace and the opportunity for all are clearly denied to LGBT people in 41 of the 54 countries that are member states.




                    Sexual Minority March in Nepal to Demand Rights

                    by Binaj Gurubacharya

                    Associated Press

                    Thursday Aug 22, 2013


                    KATMANDU, Nepal -- About 1,000 gays, lesbians, transgender people and their supporters, many dressed in colorful clothes and holding banners, marched through Nepal’s capital on Thursday to celebrate and demand rights for their community, in what has become an annual festival.




                    President Mugabe uses inauguration speech to say: ‘Homosexuality a filthy, filthy disease’

                    by Daniel Carter
                    23 August 2013, 10:40am


                    Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has launched a new attack on the West and Zimbabwe’s LGBT community.




                    Cameroon: Over a hundred take part in anti-gay rally targeting suspected gay friendly bars

                    by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                    21 August 2013, 6:33pm


                    Over a hundred have taken part in a rally against suspected gay friendly bars in Cameroon’s capital, and posted anti-gay messages on schools and bars.






                    Kenya criminalises homosexuality but allows for straight polyandry and polygamy

                    by Scott Roberts
                    27 August 2013, 12:43pm


                    When opponents claim same-sex marriage could lead to polygamy maybe they should look at Kenya – the country criminalises homosexuality – yet two Kenyan men have signed an agreement to marry the same woman.




                    Federal Court Backs Calif. Ban On Conversion Therapy For Minors

                    August 29, 2013 3:53 PM


                    California's pioneering law that prohibits treating young gay people with psychotherapy in an attempt to change their sexual orientation has cleared a constitutional challenge in federal appeals court. The in San Francisco ruled that the ban does not violate essential rights.




                    Michigan Town Approves Non Discrimination Ordinance

                    Associated Press

                    Thursday Aug 29, 2013


                    OSHTEMO TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Another southwestern Michigan community has approved an LGBT-inclusive ordinance that would ban discrimination in employment, public accommodation and housing practices.

                    The measure passed on a 6-1 vote Tuesday night by trustees in Kalamazoo County’s Oshtemo Township, reported the Kalamazoo Gazette.




                    Calif Court Upholds 1st Ban on Gay-to-Straight Therapy

                    Associated Press

                    Thursday Aug 29, 2013


                    A federal appeals court on Thursday upheld the nation’s first-of-its-kind law in California prohibiting health practitioners from offering psychotherapy aimed at making gay youth straight.


                    The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that the state’s ban on so-called conversion therapy for minors doesn’t violate the free speech rights of licensed counselors and patients seeking treatment.




                    US: Appeals court upholds California ban on ‘gay cure’ therapy

                    by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                    29 August 2013, 7:12pm


                    A federal appeals court in the US on Thursday upheld a ban in the US state of California on the extremely controversial practice of gay ‘”conversion” therapy for minors.




                    Procter and Gamble announces support for federal US employment nondiscrimination legislation

                    by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                    29 August 2013, 7:44pm


                    consumer goods company Procter and Gamble has joined a coalition of businesses backing a bipartisan effort of end workplace discrimination based on sexuality and gender identity.




                    Obama cites gay rights progress in Martin Luther King anniversary speech

                    by PinkNews.co.uk Staff Writer
                    29 August 2013, 12:52am


                    President Barack Obama addressed the United States today in a speech to mark the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I have a dream’ speech with a gay reference.




                    Man Killed For Being Gay in Yemen: Al-Qaeda Suspected

                    Friday Aug 30, 2013


                    A security official in Yemen told sources at AFP that a Yemeni man was shot and killed Thursday by Al-Qaeda gunmen. The official said that the man was targeted because the assassins believed that he was gay.




                    South Africa plans to introduce hate crime legislation to protect LGBT people

                    by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                    2 September 2013, 2:45pm


                    South Africa is set to introduce hate crime legislation, which would protect LGBT people against hate crimes, including laws to prosecute following physical or verbal attacks.




                    Jamaican police: Gay people are no more victims of crime than ‘the ordinary citizen’

                    by Aaron Day
                    3 September 2013, 10:53am

                    A Jamaican Assistant Commissioner of Police has said LGBT are no more at risk of criminal abuse than any other group in the country, despite its current upsurge of homophobic hate crimes.




                    Oman: Newspaper issues front page apology for publishing a sympathetic article about gay life

                    by Aaron Day
                    3 September 2013, 12:26pm

                    A newspaper in Oman has printed a front page apology for a sympathetic article it published last week on the story of a young gay man in the country.




                    Comment: With all eyes on anti-gay Russia, there are three countries with a shocking need for coverage

                    by Paul Canning
                    3 September 2013, 6:44pm


                    Paul Canning looks critically at media coverage of the LGBT situation in Russia, highlighting other areas around the globe where hate crimes and violence have also soared, yet where media coverage is still minimal.


                    It’s Russia, Russia, Russia when it comes to ‘foreign gay news’ these days. But it’s a much bigger and badder gay world out there.


                    Although the video footage of gays being tormented by Russian Nazis is mainstream news, worse footage from Jamaica is failing to attract anything like the same attention. The Jamaican situation is getting so bad, with the government doing nothing about what seems to be a wave of murders and violent attacks, that the veteran, exiled gay leader Maurice Tomlinson is on the verge of calling for economic sanctions.


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                    American Counseling Association Condemns Passage of Tennessee Hate Bill http://www.edgemedianetwork.com/?197038 Tennessee Gov Signs Anti-Gay Religious
                    Message 9 of 18 , Jul 4, 2016

                      American Counseling Association Condemns Passage of Tennessee Hate Bill




                      Tennessee Gov Signs Anti-Gay Religious Counseling Bill Into Law

                      by Shelia Burke and Erik Schelzig

                      Associated Press

                      Thursday Apr 28, 2016




                      Alabama City Passes Anti-Transgender Bathroom Ordinance

                      Associated Press

                      Wednesday Apr 27, 2016




                      LGBT Editor In Bangladesh Murdered by Islamists—and More, In this Week’s Global LGBT Recap

                      By Peter Montgomery May 1, 2016




                      LGBT Rights Protesters Vow to Keep Fighting Mississippi Law

                      by Jeff Amy

                      Associated Press

                      Monday May 2, 2016




                      NC’s “Bathroom Bill” Shows Problem With “Religious Freedom” Label

                      By Stephanie Russell-Kraft May 3, 2016




                      Chicago: Students Can Access Bathrooms By 'Gender Identity'

                      Associated Press

                      Tuesday May 3, 2016




                      Education Secretary Calls for Repeal of 2 Transgender Laws

                      by Jennifer C. Kerr and Christine Armario

                      Associated Press

                      Tuesday May 3, 2016




                      Defense Bill Contains Stealth Attack on LGBT Rights

                      By Patricia Miller May 4, 2016




                      US Government: North Carolina LGBT Law Violates Civil Rights

                      Associated Press

                      Wednesday May 4, 2016




                      Charlotte Mayor Meets with NC State Lawmakers About Anti-LGBT Law

                      Associated Press

                      Thursday May 5, 2016




                      North Carolina Leaders Denounce Federal Threat on LGBT Law

                      by Gary D. Robertson and Emery P. Dalesio

                      Associated Press

                      Thursday May 5, 2016




                      Alabama Chief Justice Faces Ouster After Gay Marriage Fight

                      by Kim Chandler

                      Associated Press

                      Friday May 6, 2016




                      LGBT Community Braces for Impact of New Counseling Law (Tennessee)

                      by Sheila Burke

                      Associated Press

                      Friday May 6, 2016




                      LGBT community braces for impact of new counseling law

                      By SHEILA BURKE

                      May. 6, 2016 4:22 AM EDT





                      North Carolina Sues DOJ Over LGBT Law; DOJ Sues Back

                      May 9, 201610:06 AM ET




                      Another Challenge Filed to Mississippi Gay Marriage Law

                      by Emily Wagster Pettus

                      Associated Press

                      Tuesday May 10, 2016




                      ACLU Sues Mississippi Over 'Religious Rights' Law

                      by Emily Wagster Pettus

                      Associated Press

                      Monday May 9, 2016




                      Mich. School Board Meeting on LGBT Issues Attracts More Than 100 People

                      Associated Press

                      Wednesday May 11, 2016




                      Counseling Group Cancels Conference to Target Tenn. Anti-LGBT Law

                      by Sheila Burke

                      Associated Press

                      Wednesday May 11, 2016




                      NH Senate Passes Ban On Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

                      Associated Press

                      Friday May 13, 2016




                      World Congress of Families Blessed By Georgian Orthodox Patriarch and George W. Bush; Global LGBT Recap

                      By Peter Montgomery May 15, 2016




                      Will “Do No Harm Act” Do Any Good in Religious Lib Battle?

                      By Stephanie Russell-Kraft May 19, 2016



                      From the Ashes of Freedom to Marry, A New Group Emerges to Replace It

                      by Christiana Lilly

                      South Florida Gay News

                      Sunday May 22, 2016




                      Church of Scotland Votes to Allow Gay Marriage for Clergy

                      Associated Press

                      Saturday May 21, 2016




                      Mexican President Proposes Legalizing Gay Marriage

                      Associated Press

                      Tuesday May 17, 2016




                      Church of Scotland votes to allow gay marriage for clergy

                      May. 21, 2016 9:53 AM EDT




                      Competing Visions of Family & Freedom at UN; Methodists Try to Avoid Schism on Sexuality; Catholic Cardinal Denounces LGBT ‘Demonic Ideology’; Global LGBT Recap

                      By Peter Montgomery May 21, 2016




                      Will “Do No Harm Act” Do Any Good in Religious Lib Battle?

                      By Stephanie Russell-Kraft May 19, 2016




                      Northwestern Indiana City Approves LGBT Protections

                      Associated Press

                      Wednesday May 25, 2016




                      A state-by-state look at proposals dealing with LGBT rights

                      By The Associated Press

                      May. 26, 2016 1:19 PM EDT




                      Vermont Gov Signs Bill to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

                      Associated Press

                      Thursday May 26, 2016




                      Tutu’s Daughter Marries Woman & Loses Anglican Priest License; Romanian Anti-Marriage Activists Get 3 Million Signatures; Australian State Apologizes For Harmful Sodomy Laws; Global LGBT Recap

                      By Peter Montgomery May 27, 2016



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