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Transgender News

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    April Ashley awarded an MBE for services to trans rights by Edmund Broch 16
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      April Ashley awarded an MBE for services to trans rights

      by Edmund Broch
      16 June 2012, 9:48pm

      Actress and human rights campaigner, April Ashley, who was the first Briton to be openly identified as having undergone a gender realignment surgery, has been awarded an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for services to transgender equality.





      The Truth in Transgender: Will the Episcopal Church Amend Its Rules?

      Out of the Box documentary challenges the church on transgender inclusion

      By Elizabeth Drescher

      The Episcopal Church was not the first denomination to ordain women or lesbians and gays, or to name them to senior leadership positions. And while the denomination has recently moved toward the blessing of same-gender relationships, the practice was formally affirmed in the Unitarian Universalist church almost thirty years ago. All of which is to say that the Episcopal Church has not been entirely in the vanguard on these issues.





      It’s Official: Episcopal Church Welcomes Transgender People


      July 9 was a historic day for the Episcopal Church as it declared that gender identity and gender expression are not reasons for excluding someone from the discernment process for ordination, nor from any other activity or lay position in the Church.


      In 1994, the Episcopal Church expanded its non-discrimination rules to include “sexual orientation,” but it has taken a great deal of patient work from transgender people and their allies to bring the Church to this point. Integrity's President, Caroline Hall explained, “just as the Church began to accept gay and lesbian members and clergy as fellow members of the Church with just as real a relationship with God, so over the past five years, trans-men and -women have become visible. Their ministry among us has been exemplary and they have worked tirelessly to help the Church understand that to be transgender is as valid a human experience and as acceptable to God as to be happily heterosexual.”


      A few months before General Convention, Integrity released a new video in the acclaimed “Voices for Witness” series. Called “Out of the Box,” this video tells the story of transgender Episcopalians, both ordained and lay, in their own words. It was sent to all deputies and bishops before the Convention began, but demand has been high. Matt Haines, Integrity Vice-President for Local Affairs, said, “They’ve been going like hotcakes. People really love Out of the Box and want to take it home to share with their friends and parishes.” It is also available on YouTube.


      For more information contact:
      Louise Brooks, Director of Communications
      Integrity USA




      Optimism Grows for National Trans Discrimination Bill

      by Jason St. Amand

      Web Producer / Staff Writer

      Friday Jul 20, 2012

      One of the show’s contestants, Carmen Carrera, found out the discrimination that comes with being transgendered after she announced her status on a May 1 episode of ABC’s "What Would You Do?" When the reality star appeared on an episode of TLC’s "Cake Boss" on June 11, Carrera was tricked into flirting with a man who didn’t know she had transitioned.





      Transgender Advocates Seek New Diagnostic Terms

      by Lisa Leff

      Associated Press

      Monday Jul 23, 2012

      SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Does a woman who strongly believes she was meant to be a man have a mental condition or a medical problem? Is a man who cross-dresses in need of psychological help? What about a boy who pretends to be a girl in make-believe games and chooses only female playmates?





      US: Trans man’s doctor ‘failed to tell him he had cancer’

      by Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk
      8 August 2012, 11:39pm

      A New York transgender man has revealed that his doctor didn’t tell him he had breast cancer because he was confused by his patient’s transgender status.





      Transgender Pilot Wins Battle Against FAA

      by Catherine Pickavet

      Bay Area Reporter

      Wednesday Aug 29, 2012

      In a matter of weeks, Bay Area transgender pilot Tamsyn Waterhouse could once again be fully licensed to fly planes, because she challenged the Federal Aviation Administration and won.

      Waterhouse, 32, with support from the Transgender Law Center, the National Center for Transgender Equality, and the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force, waged a three-year battle against the federal agency, ultimately prompting it to ease restrictions against transgender pilots.





      Pakistan's Transgenders In A Category Of Their Own

      by Lauren Frayer

      Listen to the Story

      September 3, 2012

      Urban Pakistan assaults your senses: tangles of traffic; Pakistani pop competing with the mosque's call to prayer; pungent spices in the steamy air. And then there are the transvestites.

      At traffic lights, you see people draped in elegant pink and red clothing, with sparkling makeup. They tap their painted fingernails on your car window, asking for money. And that's when you notice the stubble on their chins.





      Some Notable Rulings on Transgender People

      Associated Press

      Thursday Sep 6, 2012






      US: First government trans awareness ad campaign launched

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      18 September 2012, 7:52pm

      A new campaign of adverts has launched in Washington DC, with a view to increasing awareness and understanding of the “non gender-conforming” community of the city.





      Mass. Inmate Sex-Change Ruling Praised, Condemned

      by Denise Lavoie, AP Legal Affairs Writer

      Associated Press

      Saturday Sep 8, 2012

      BOSTON -- A ruling ordering Massachusetts prison officials to provide sex-reassignment surgery to an inmate is being praised by advocates as important recognition that the surgery is a legitimate treatment for gender-identity disorder, even as critics including Sen. Scott Brown call it "an outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars."

      U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf ruled Tuesday in the case of Michelle Kosilek, a transgender inmate serving life in prison for murder. Wolf said the Department of Correction must provide the taxpayer-funded surgery because it is the only way to treat Kosilek’s "serious medical need."





      Terrence Higgins Trust launches new transgender online resource

      by Scott Roberts
      18 September 2012, 2:04pm

      HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust has launched two new support guides for the UK’s transgender community.

      While research into trans health remains patchy, there is a growing consensus that transgender people are at a dramatically increased risk of HIV and poor sexual health.





      No Military Welcome for Transgender Americans

      by Justin Snow

      Metro Weekly

      Tuesday Sep 25, 2012

      The repeal of ’’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’’ ushered in a new era of acceptance in the armed forces for thousands of Americans. For almost two decades, the ban on out gay servicemembers was an issue fueling the LGBT-rights movement. With President Barack Obama’s signature - following a Pentagon working group, surveys, and approval from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the secretary of defense - the ban became a thing of the past.





      US: State to appeal against gender reassignment ruling for trans prisoner

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      26 September 2012, 11:12pm

      The Department of Correction is to appeal against a judge’s ruling that a trans woman incarcerated in a male-only prison should be given gender reassignment surgery as the only suitable way to treat her condition.





      Mass. to Appeal Inmate Sex Change Surgery Ruling

      by Steve LeBlanc

      Associated Press

      Thursday Sep 27, 2012

      BOSTON - Massachusetts will appeal a federal judge’s decision to grant a convicted murderer’s request for sex reassignment surgery, prison officials announced Wednesday.

      The state Department of Correction said that it believes the medical care Michelle Kosilek is receiving is adequate and that the court didn’t address what it says are legitimate safety concerns of protecting her in prison.




      Mass. Appeals Inmate Sex Change Surgery Ruling

      Associated Press

      Wednesday Oct 3, 2012

      BOSTON - Massachusetts has filed an appeal of a judge’s decision to grant a convicted murderer’s request for a taxpayer-funded sex reassignment surgery.





      US: Trans woman’s health insurance will pay for gender-reassignment surgery

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      3 October 2012, 10:36pm

      A New York trans woman has been granted the right to have gender-reassignment surgery paid for by her health insurance, following an out of court settlement with her insurance company.



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      Transgender Coloradans Face Daunting Obstacles by Lindsay Miller EDGE Contributor Thursday Nov 8, 2012 According to the Colorado findings of the National
      Message 2 of 10 , Jan 3, 2013

        Transgender Coloradans Face Daunting Obstacles

        by Lindsay  Miller

        EDGE Contributor

        Thursday Nov 8, 2012

        According to the Colorado findings of the National Transgender Discrimination Study, transgender Coloradans still face serious obstacles in the form of discrimination that affects nearly every aspect of their lives, from workplace discrimination to unemployment to homelessness to health care inequalities.




        San Francisco Plans to Provide Transgender Surgeries

        by Lisa Leff

        Associated Press

        Friday Nov 9, 2012

        SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco is preparing to become the first U.S. city to provide and cover the cost of sex reassignment surgeries for uninsured transgender residents.

        The city’s Health Commission voted Tuesday to create a comprehensive program for treating transgender people experiencing mental distress because of the mismatch between their bodies and their gender identities. San Francisco already provides transgender residents with hormones, counseling and routine health services, but has stopped short of offering surgical interventions, Public Health Director Barbara Garcia said Thursday after the vote was announced.




        Transgender Pakistanis Face Society’s Scorn

        by Anjum Naveed

        Associated Press

        Friday Nov 9, 2012

        RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - Dressed up in elaborate, feminine outfits and artfully applied makeup, they are showered with money while dancing at all-male wedding parties. But the lives of transgender people in Pakistan are also marked by harassment, rejection and poverty.




        Canada: Trans student banned from using male toilets

        by Scott Roberts
        15 November 2012, 7:26pm

        A transgender male student in Ontario, Canada, has allegedly been barred from using the men’s toilet at school.




        Transgender Woman First to Win Office in Cuba

        by Andrea Rodriguez

        Associated Press

        Saturday Nov 17, 2012

        HAVANA -- Adela Hernandez, a biologically male Cuban who has lived as a female since childhood, served two years in prison in the 1980s for "dangerousness" after her own family denounced her sexuality.

        This month she made history by becoming the first known transgender person to hold public office in Cuba, winning election as a delegate to the municipal government of Caibarien in the central province of Villa Clara.




        Documentary follows trans teen during Miss England competition

        by Joseph Patrick McCormick
        21 November 2012, 1:28am

        A trans teenager is the focus of a new BBC documentary, which follows her though the heats of a beauty pageant, the prestige of which she wants to use to become a role model for young trans people.




        Transgendered Student to Return to Kan. Elementary School

        by Jason St. Amand

        Web Producer / Staff Writer

        Friday Dec 14, 2012

        According to TLDEF, the child (named "Emma" here to protect her identity; nor was the school identified), was diagnosed with Juvenile Gender Identity Disorder. Her parents had requested the school district to transfer her to a new elementary school that would allow her to wear girls’ clothes and to be called by her own name rather than her male birth name.




        Transgender College Hoops Player Keeps Head High

        by Lisa Leff

        Associated Press

        Friday Dec 14, 2012

        SANTA CLARA, Calif. - The women’s basketball team at Mission College expected the bleachers to be full and the hecklers ready when its newest player made her home court debut.

        In the days leading up to the game, people had plenty to say about 6-foot-6-inch, 220-pound Gabrielle Ludwig, who joined the Lady Saints as a mid-season walk-on and became, according to advocates, the first transsexual to play college hoops as both a man and a woman.




        U.S. Psychiatrists: Transgender No Longer a Mental ’Disorder’

        by Jason St. Amand

        Web Producer / Staff Writer

        Monday Dec 31, 2012

        Before the term was removed, the manual, known as DSM-5, classified a man who believe he was supposed to be a woman as someone who was mentally ill. Now, the updated DSM refers to "gender dysphoria," which is for individuals who feel distressed by their gender identity.


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        Trans woman accuses Post Office of discrimination for refusing to open a savings account by Joseph Patrick McCormick
        Message 3 of 10 , Jan 16, 2013

          Trans woman accuses Post Office of discrimination for refusing to open a savings account

          by Joseph Patrick McCormick
          12 January 2013, 10:33pm


          Fiona said she was unable to open an account, and feared that some of her initial deposit would be lost

          A trans woman from Lancaster has accused the Post Office of discrimination, after she was denied a savings account because her drivers license still contained her former name.





          Oregon & California health insurance companies told to cover transgender patients

          by Scott Roberts
          15 January 2013, 1:31pm


          Regulators in Oregon and California have directed several health insurance companies to stop denying coverage for transgender patients because of their gender identity.





          Ore., Calif., Require Transgender Health Coverage

          by Jonathan J. Cooper

          Associated Press

          Tuesday Jan 15, 2013


          Regulators in Oregon and California have quietly directed some health insurance companies to stop denying coverage for transgender patients because of their gender identity.


          The states aren’t requiring coverage of specific medical treatments. But they told some private insurance companies they must pay for a transgender person’s hormone therapy, breast reduction, cancer screening or any other procedure deemed medically necessary if they cover it for patients who aren’t transgender.




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          Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Act Introduced in Maryland Senate by John Riley Metro Weekly
          Message 4 of 10 , Feb 9, 2013

            Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Act Introduced in Maryland Senate

            by John Riley

            Metro Weekly

            Thursday Jan 31, 2013


            LGBT allies in the Maryland General Assembly introduced a bill Tuesday that would extend nondiscrimination protections to transgender individuals in the Free State, prohibiting the denial of employment, housing or credit based solely on a person’s gender identity or expression.





            UK: Housing association refuse to relocate trans woman away from phobic neighbours and say it is ‘lifestyle choice’

            by Corinne Pinfold
            1 February 2013, 10:13am


            A trans woman in Middlesbrough who tried to change her housing after being harassed by neighbours was refused help by staff, who told her it was her “choice” to be transgender.





            Polish Transgender Lawmaker Loses Shot at Top Post

            by Vanessa Gera

            Associated Press

            Friday Feb 8, 2013


            As a man, she once wore a thick beard. Now, Poland’s first transsexual lawmaker favors big dangly earrings, her hair in a bob.



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            Oregon, California regulators require transgender health coverage Associated Press SALEM, Ore. -
            Message 5 of 10 , Feb 18, 2013

              Oregon, California regulators require transgender health coverage

              Associated Press


              SALEM, Ore. — Regulators in Oregon and California have quietly directed some health insurance companies to stop denying coverage for transgender patients because of their gender identity.





              Brown University to Cover Sexual Reassignment


              by Jason St. Amand

              Web Producer / Staff Writer

              Monday Feb 11, 2013


              The Brown Daily Herald, Brown University’s student newspaper, has announced that the college’s new health insurance plan will cover "14 different sexual reassignment surgery procedures starting in August."


              Brown University Director of Insurance and Purchasing Services Jeanne Herbert confirmed the health plan change in an email to the newspaper. "We identified this as an important benefit for students to have access to," Hebert wrote.





              Terrence Higgins Trust launches extensive online trans health service

              by Amy Ashenden
              12 February 2013, 5:09pm


              UK HIV and sexual health charity, the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), announces its launch of a new health and wellbeing advice service for transgender people.





              Mass. Department of Education issues rules in support of transgender pupils

              By JAY LINDSAY
              Associated Press


              BOSTON — The Massachusetts Department of Education on Friday issued directives for handling transgender students, including allowing them to use the bathrooms or play on the sports teams that correspond to the gender with which they identify.





              Trans MP Anna Grodzka says homophobia and transphobia means people are leaving Poland

              by Dom Sansalone
              18 February 2013, 12:48pm


              Anna Grodzka, Europe’s first transgender MP spoke out about poverty and social exclusion in the LGBT community on Sunday at the National Lesbian and Gay Federation Conference in Dublin.




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              UK: National Transgender Memorial vandalised by Scott Roberts 7
              Message 6 of 10 , Aug 18, 2013

                UK: National Transgender Memorial vandalised

                by Scott Roberts
                7 August 2013, 2:14pm


                A memorial to remember victims of transphobic hate crime has been vandalised in Manchester.




                Turkish Government urged to protect transgender women from murder

                by Scott Roberts
                6 August 2013, 7:07pm


                The Greek Transgender Support Association (GTSA) has condemned a series of violent attacks and murders against transgender women in Turkey and has called on the Turkish Government to respond.




                California Governor Signs Transgender-Student Bill

                by Tom Verdin

                Associated Press

                Monday Aug 12, 2013


                SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California on Monday became the first state to enshrine certain rights for transgender K-12 students in state law, requiring public schools to allow those students access to whichever restroom and locker room they want.




                Transgender students to be granted more rights in California

                by Daniel Carter
                13 August 2013, 1:41pm


                Legislation passed in California will grant sweeping new rights to transgender students attending public schools in the state.



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                Germany: Birth certificates to gain third gender option by Corinne Pinfold 18
                Message 7 of 10 , Sep 5, 2013

                  Germany: Birth certificates to gain third gender option

                  by Corinne Pinfold
                  18 August 2013, 11:34am

                  From November this year, Germany will become the first country in Europe to introduce a third option for assigning gender on birth certificates, giving parents the choice to leave the child’s gender indeterminate.




                  German Law Change to Brings Recognition to a Third Sex

                  by Sergio N. Candido

                  South Florida Gay News

                  Wednesday Aug 21, 2013


                  Germany is about to join the small list of countries who legally recognize intersex people.

                  According to The Local, a ruling from the Federal Constitutional Court will come into effect this November, which will allow intersex people to decide their own sex when they decide to do so.




                  August 20, 2013 7:00AM

                  The Religious Right's New Target: Transgender People

                  Post by Candace Chellew-Hodge


                  One of the most frustrating, and often infuriating things about religious conservatives is their stubborn penchant for dividing the world into either/or categories. People are either straight or gay, white or black, male or female, religious or atheist. And of course if you're on the right side of the dichotomy, you're on the right side of God. Anyone else is at best inferior and at worst, a sinner damned to hell.



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                  Well, we have no explanation for it. Life got complicated, and we ve let some of the news pile up for a bit. Inspirational mother explains challenges of
                  Message 8 of 10 , Jan 9, 2016

                    Well, we have no explanation for it.  Life got complicated, and we’ve let some of the news pile up for a bit.



                    Inspirational mother explains challenges of raising a trans child



                    Nancy Pelosi warns about ‘heartbreaking’ spike in transgender murders




                    Attorneys for Transgender Student Ask for New Judge

                    by Larry O'Dell

                    Associated Press

                    Wednesday Oct 21, 2015




                    Stonewall sets up trans advisory board to guide transgender campaign work




                    Beautiful children’s book about a trans teddy takes world by storm

                    The new children’s book which explores issues faced by transgender people has garnered international praise. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2015/10/28/beautiful-childrens-book-about-a-trans-teddy-takes-world-by-storm/



                    Obama administration backs transgender boy’s right to use men’s bathroom

                    The Obama administration has spoken out in favour of a trans boy in Virginia – after he was banned from using male toilets. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2015/10/30/obama-administration-backs-transgender-boys-right-to-use-mens-bathroom/



                    US: School district violated transgender student's rights

                    By HERBERT G. McCANN

                    Nov. 2, 2015 10:45 PM EST

                    CHICAGO (AP) — The U.S. Department of Education said Monday that a suburban Chicago school district is violating the rights of a transgender student by refusing to allow her the unrestricted use of a girls' locker room.




                    For transgender community, Argentine girl sign of hope

                    By PETER PRENGAMAN

                    Nov. 4, 2015 1:50 PM EST

                    MERLO, Argentina (AP) — Luana grabs her sparkly blue dress with one hand and spins, using her other hand as a guide while a strand of tulle floats around her body.




                    Reform Jews Approve Far-Reaching Transgender Resolution

                    The largest movement of Judaism in the U.S. passed the most far-reaching resolution in support of transgender rights of any major religious organization, saying Thursday that it's a continuation of a tradition of inclusion in the Reform Jewish movement. http://www.edgemedianetwork.com/?188408



                    US: School District Violated Transgender Student's Rights

                    The U.S. Department of Education said Monday that a suburban Chicago school district is violating the rights of a transgender student by refusing to allow her the unrestricted use of a girls' locker room.




                    Transgender woman in Zambia convicted of sodomy

                    A report indicates that a transgender woman in Zambia faces 15 years in prison after a judge found her guilty of sodomy.




                    The Perfect "Trans-storm"

                    Many people are familiar with the term, "the perfect storm" that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will impact a situation drastically. I truly believe we are now in "a perfect storm" for the fight for equality including workplace and health benefits for transgender people. Many positive recent happenings have now all aligned so that there is a tremendous focus on understanding and appreciating this misunderstood and often maligned segment of our population.




                    Comments on Lily Allen’s post about Trans Awareness Week show exactly why we need it

                    To mark Transgender Awareness Week, Lily Allen posted a meme to her Facebook page.

                    The post reads “gender is up here”, pointing to a brain, “not down there”, pointing to some underpants.

                    However the post attracted a number a transphobic comments.




                    First clinic for transgender veterans opens

                    The Department for Veterans Affairs has opened a clinic for transgender veterans, a first for the US. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2015/11/13/first-clinic-for-transgender-veterans-opens/



                    Transgender Driver Lawsuit to Move Forward in Michigan




                    NCTE Lauds HUD's Proposed Rule to Protect Transgender People in Shelters

                    The Department of Housing and Urban Development has proposed an important rule requiring shelters to treat transgender people according to their gender identity in emergency shelters.




                    Ind. College to Rebrand 14 Campus Restrooms as 'All Gender'

                    Associated Press

                    Thursday Nov 19, 2015

                    Officials at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis have announced a plan to re-label 14 restrooms across campus as "All Gender."




                    House Equality Caucus Holds Landmark Congressional Forum on Trans Violence

                    Wednesday Nov 18, 2015

                    The Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus hosted a landmark forum addressing issues of violence against the transgender community. The forum was held on November 17 at 2 p.m. in the Rayburn House Office Building. Members of Congress heard testimony from survivors of violence, community organizers, advocates and policy experts.




                    Homicides of Transgender Women in US Reach Alarming High

                    by David Crary

                    Associated Press

                    Sunday Nov 22, 2015

                    For a few transgender Americans, this has been a year of glamour and fame. For many others, 2015 has been fraught with danger, violence and mourning.




                    Transgender Driver Lawsuit to Move Forward in Michigan

                    Associated Press

                    Saturday Nov 21, 2015

                    A judge has denied a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a group of transgender people against Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.




                    Detroit Responds to Killing of Transgender Women

                    Friday Nov 20, 2015




                    Transgender Insurance Exclusions Lifted in Maryland

                    by John Riley

                    Metro Weekly

                    Saturday Nov 28, 2015

                    The majority of Maryland's transgender residents will be able to have medically necessary health care treatments covered by insurance, following a groundbreaking announcement by FreeState Legal.




                    Trans Victims Recalled at Day of Remembrance

                    by Cynthia Laird

                    Bay Area Reporter

                    Saturday Nov 28, 2015

                    A somber remembrance of transgender people who have been killed in the last year included some closure for one three-year old Oakland case as police announced that it had been solved.




                    Trans Employees Open Up About Workplace Issues

                    by Sari Staver

                    Bay Area Reporter

                    Saturday Nov 28, 2015

                    Accomplished opera singer Breanna Sinclaire, recently honored by Out magazine as one of the top 100 LGBT advocates of the year, still worries when she applies for a job or meets new co-workers.




                    Wisc. School Bullied By Hate Group Into Cancelling Reading of Book About Trans Kid

                    Associated Press

                    Sunday Nov 29, 2015

                    MOUNT HOREB, Wis. -- A southern Wisconsin elementary school cancelled a planned reading of a children's book about a transgender girl after a group threatened to sue.




                    Asia’s first trans health and support centre opens in Bangkok

                    The centre will be dedicated to providing help, support and health treatment for the city’s trans community.




                    Religious Colleges Seek Waivers on Transgender Students

                    by Lisa Leff

                    Associated Press

                    Friday Dec 18, 2015

                    SAN FRANCISCO -- Nearly three dozen religious colleges and universities in 20 U.S. states have received federal waivers allowing them not to accommodate transgender students in admissions, housing and other areas of campus life, according to a report by the nation's largest LGBT rights group and documents obtained by The Associated Press.




                    Transgender Rights Group Sues State Over Care Limitation

                    by Kyle Potter and Brian Bakst

                    Associated Press

                    Friday Dec 18, 2015

                    A Minnesota gay rights advocacy group and a transgender man are seeking to overturn the state's bar on public health programs covering gender reassignment procedures in a lawsuit filed Thursday, arguing that ban treats transgender men and women as inferior.




                    Fraught Trans Process Exposed

                    by Jason Hanasik

                    Bay Area Reporter

                    Sunday Dec 20, 2015

                    Sweat is pooling beneath Eliot Daughtry's freshly-pressed white shirt, cerulean tie and khaki vest as he walks up and down Franklin Street in Oakland. It's 86 degrees and his jeans are beginning to stick. As the shutter from a camera releases, his furrowed brow softens and he grins. Click.




                    New York city government issues strong warning against transphobia

                    Transgender people have had some legal protection in New York since 2002 but the guidelines further clarify what qualifies as discrimination under ‘The New York City Human Rights Law’ and contains examples of transphobic discrimination that violates the law.




                    Transgender Man in Ecuador Makes History With Pregnancy

                    by Jacobo Garcia

                    Associated Press

                    Thursday Dec 24, 2015

                    A couple in Ecuador is making history with a unique pregnancy: The father-to-be is carrying the baby of his transgender partner.




                    Eddie Redmayne: Reading 'Danish Girl' Script Was Like Getting 'Sucker-Punched'

                    Updated December 28, 20151:51 PM ET Published December 24, 20154:16 PM ET

                    Actor Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar last year for playing Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. Now he's been nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in another biopic, The Danish Girl. The film tells the story of transgender woman Lili Elbe, one of the first people known to have had gender reassignment surgery.




                    New VA Clinic Opens For Transgender Vets

                    Updated December 29, 20158:17 PM ET Published December 29, 20154:07 PM ET

                    A Veterans Affairs hospital in Tucson, Ariz., is expanding treatment to a previously underserved faction of the armed services: transgender veterans.




                    The Year in Transgender Health

                    by Winnie McCroy

                    EDGE Editor

                    Wednesday Dec 30, 2015

                    From the high-profile but ultimately disappointing transition of Caitlyn Jenner to the excellent media representations of the transgender community by Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and their peers, to the everyday struggle of transgender folks in our own communities, it's been a very visible year for the transgender struggle.




                    State Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills Threaten Transgender Health

                    Tuesday Jan 5, 2016


                  • Affirmation: United Methodists
                    Probing The Complexities Of Transgender Mental Health http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2016/03/23/471265599/probing-the-co
                    Message 9 of 10 , Apr 19, 2016

                      Probing The Complexities Of Transgender Mental Health




                      Facebook, Apple Not Fans of Transgender Law




                      The Transgender Day of Remembrance each November recognizes the known killings of transgender people in the last year.  Keep an eye open for an event near you.

                      Trans Woman Shot Dead on LA's Skid Row




                      Delaware Prohibits Limits on Transgender Health Coverage




                      NYPD: Transgender woman sexually assaulted at Stonewall Inn




                      North Carolina's attorney general says he won't defend transgender law in court




                      Man Who Repeatedly Punched Transgender Woman Pleads Guilty




                      Wells Fargo NC Building Lights Up With Colors of Trans Flag




                      Anti-Gay Hate Group Bullies NJ School District Over Trans Policy




                      Activists Try to Calm Fears Over Transgender Bathroom Access




                      SC Bill Would Bar Requiring Transgender Choice of Bathrooms




                      Anti-Trans Restroom Bill Revived by Tennessee House Panel




                      After Being Assaulted, Calif. Trans Teen Critically Injured in Hit-and-Run




                      NYC Trans Man: Whole Foods Coworkers Called Me 'She, Her or It'




                      Why is America so angry about transgender people going to the toilet?




                      UNC President: Transgender Law Could Hurt Schools




                      Parent Support May Help Transgender Children's Mental Health




                      China Panel Hears First Transgender Discrimination Case




                      Mich. Lawmaker Pushes Plan to Restrict Transgender Bathroom Use




                      South Carolina Senators to Hold Hearing on Transgender Bill




                      Transgender Bathroom Bill Delayed Amid Financial Questions




                      Florida Teacher Suspended After Quizzing Students on Gender




                      Bathroom Access for Transgender People Debated Across South




                      Transgender Advocates Fear Bill's Fallout Even If It Dies




                      Transgender Bathroom Bill Fails in Tennessee Legislature


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                      Because we re way behind, we re going to send out May articles, then work in June. After this we promise to try go get things out weekly. General Conference
                      Message 10 of 10 , Jul 1, 2016

                        Because we’re way behind, we’re going to send out May articles, then work in June.  After this we promise to try go get things out weekly.  General Conference took its toll.  Sigh…



                        Education Secretary Calls for Repeal of 2 Transgender Laws

                        by Jennifer C. Kerr and Christine Armario

                        Associated Press

                        Tuesday May 3, 2016




                        Chicago: Students Can Access Bathrooms By 'Gender Identity'

                        Associated Press

                        Tuesday May 3, 2016




                        Boston Traffic Reporter Comes Out as a Woman

                        by Mark Pratt

                        Associated Press

                        Wednesday May 4, 2016




                        Va. School Board Appeals Transgender Restroom Ruling

                        Associated Press

                        Wednesday May 4, 2016




                        Target Faces Backlash on Stance on Transgender Bathrooms

                        by Anne D'Innocenzio

                        Associated Press

                        Wednesday May 4, 2016




                        Tech Company Settles Transgender Discrimination Complaint

                        Associated Press

                        Thursday May 5, 2016




                        Illinois Families Sue Over Transgender Access to Locker Room

                        by Michael Tarm

                        Associated Press

                        Thursday May 5, 2016




                        Alabama City's Leaders Vote to Recall Bathroom Ordinance

                        by Phillip Lucas

                        Associated Press

                        Thursday May 5, 2016




                        Transgender Voices In North Carolina: Devastated By New Law

                        by Jonathan Drew

                        Associated Press

                        Saturday May 7, 2016




                        AG: NC Anti-LGBT Law is State-Sanctioned Discrimination

                        Associated Press

                        Monday May 9, 2016




                        ACLU Sues Mississippi Over 'Religious Rights' Law

                        by Emily Wagster Pettus

                        Associated Press

                        Monday May 9, 2016




                        California Assembly Passes Gender-Neutral Restrooms Bill

                        by Alison Noon

                        Associated Press

                        Tuesday May 10, 2016




                        Fort Worth superintendent says he won’t resign; stands by ‘bathroom policy’

                        May 10, 2016 10:47 AM




                        Fort Worth school superintendent stands his ground against critics

                        May 10, 2016 5:53 PM




                        Texas Lt. Gov. Targets Fort Worth Schools Chief Over Transgender Guidelines

                        May 10, 201612:08 PM ET




                        Debate Over Transgender Bathroom Access Spreads Nationwide

                        by David Crary

                        Associated Press

                        Tuesday May 10, 2016




                        Lynch: NC Transgender Law Part of Civil Rights Struggle

                        by Eric Tucker and Jonathan Drew

                        Associated Press

                        Tuesday May 10, 2016




                        Debate Over Transgender Bathroom Access Spreads Nationwide

                        by David Crary

                        Associated Press

                        Tuesday May 10, 2016




                        Lynch: NC Transgender Law Part of Civil Rights Struggle

                        by Eric Tucker and Jonathan Drew

                        Associated Press

                        Tuesday May 10, 2016




                        Philippines Elects First Transgender Politician to Congress

                        Associated Press

                        Wednesday May 11, 2016




                        What’s Behind the “Common Sense” Rhetoric of Bathroom Bill?

                        By Stephanie Russell-Kraft May 12, 2016




                        Mayor: North Carolina City Won't Back Down On LGBT Equality

                        Associated Press

                        Thursday May 12, 2016




                        North Carolina's Transgender Law Creates Tangle of Lawsuits

                        by Jonathan Drew

                        Associated Press

                        Thursday May 12, 2016




                        Here's Exactly What The Administration Is Saying About Transgender Students

                        May 13, 201610:54 AM ET




                        White House Sends Schools Guidance On Transgender Access To Bathrooms

                        May 13, 20165:02 AM ET




                        California Catholic School Lets Transgender Teacher Keep Job

                        Associated Press

                        Friday May 13, 2016




                        Official: Texas Will Forego Federal Funds Over LGBT Policy

                        by Paul J. Weber

                        Associated Press

                        Friday May 13, 2016




                        National Center for Lesbian Rights Applauds Federal Guidance on Trans Students

                        Friday May 13, 2016




                        Kansas to Toughen Rules on Transgender Birth Certificates

                        by John Hanna

                        Associated Press

                        Friday May 13, 2016




                        ACLU Sues School District Over Transgender Bathroom Policy

                        Associated Press

                        Friday May 13, 2016




                        US Gives Directive to Schools on Transgender Bathroom Access

                        by Eric Tucker

                        Associated Press

                        Friday May 13, 2016




                        Massachusetts Senate Approves Transgender Rights Bill

                        by Steve LeBlanc

                        Associated Press

                        Friday May 13, 2016




                        Protecting kids from bullies is reason given for Fort Worth transgender rules

                        May 13, 2016 12:00 PM




                        We’ve fought about who should be allowed in public restrooms before — by race

                        May 13, 2016 9:49 AM




                        States dig in against directive on transgender bathroom use

                        By JONATHAN DREW and PAUL J. WEBER

                        May 13, 2016 9:19 PM EDT




                        ‘Straight into the paper shredder:’ Texans the first to decry Obama’s schools directive about transgender bathrooms

                        May 13




                        Here's Exactly What The Administration Is Saying About Transgender Students

                        May 13, 201610:54 AM ET




                        Why Conservative Evangelicals Won’t Let Us Pee in Peace

                        By Daniel Schultz May 13, 2016




                        Schools Offer Lessons on Accommodating Transgender Students

                        by Lisa Leff

                        Associated Press

                        Saturday May 14, 2016




                        Reaction to President Obama's Transgender Directive

                        by Bruce Schreiner and Pat Eaton-Robb

                        Associated Press

                        Saturday May 14, 2016




                        New Jersey's Anti-Discrimination Law Is 'Just A Tool' To Protect Gender Identity

                        May 16, 20166:12 PM ET




                        “Excruciatingly Different” Mississippi Religious Lib Law Specifies Beliefs

                        By Stephanie Russell-Kraft May 16, 2016




                        ACLU: Don't Enforce Transgender Bathroom Bill

                        Associated Press

                        Monday May 16, 2016




                        Mom Sues School District to Stop Transgender Bathroom Use

                        Associated Press

                        Tuesday May 17, 2016




                        Group Says Walmart's Silence on Trans Bathrooms Gives Bigotry a Free Pass

                        Tuesday May 17, 2016




                        Canada Introduces Bill to Protect Transgender Canadians

                        by Rob Gillies

                        Associated Press

                        Tuesday May 17, 2016




                        Miss. Governor Applauds Transgender Bathroom Reversal

                        Associated Press

                        Wednesday May 18, 2016




                        Mississippi School Chief Shelves Transgender Bathroom Policy

                        by Jeff Amy

                        Associated Press

                        Wednesday May 18, 2016




                        Transgender 'Milestones' Took Decades; More Lawsuits Likely

                        by Jessica Gresko

                        Associated Press

                        Wednesday May 18, 2016




                        Transgender Bathroom Choice Nothing New for Seattle Schools

                        by Walker Orenstein

                        Associated Press

                        Wednesday May 18, 2016




                        Georgia Governor Blasts Transgender Student Order

                        by Kathleen Foody

                        Associated Press

                        Wednesday May 18, 2016




                        Will “Do No Harm Act” Do Any Good in Religious Lib Battle?

                        By Stephanie Russell-Kraft May 19, 2016




                        Mississippi Superintendent Backtracks on Transgender Policy

                        by Jeff Amy

                        Associated Press

                        Thursday May 19, 2016




                        Do the Arguments Against Bathroom Equality Hold Water?

                        By Patricia Miller May 20, 2016




                        ACLU Seeks Federal Intervention on Tennessee Restroom Rule

                        Associated Press

                        Friday May 20, 2016




                        Yale's Gender Neutral Bathrooms Part of Changing Climate

                        by Pat Eaton-Robb

                        Associated Press

                        Saturday May 21, 2016




                        Superintendent: No Need to Obey Transgender Student Policy

                        by Kathleen Foody

                        Associated Press

                        Saturday May 21, 2016




                        22 Complaints Filed Under Utah's New LGBT Discrimination Law

                        by Michelle L. Price

                        Associated Press

                        Monday May 23, 2016




                        Nearly A Dozen States Sue U.S. Government Over Transgender Policies

                        May 25, 20163:03 PM ET


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