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    Another Major Minn. Company Comes Out Against Marriage Ban by Patrick Condon Associated Press
    Message 1 of 22 , Aug 27, 2012
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      Another Major Minn. Company Comes Out Against Marriage Ban

      by Patrick Condon

      Associated Press

      Sunday Jul 15, 2012

      The legal, business information and media company Thomson Reuters said Friday that an amendment to ban gay marriage in Minnesota would be bad for business.

      Prominent companies including General Mills and St. Jude Medical spoke out earlier against the proposed amendment, which goes to the voters in November. Minnesota already has a law against gay marriage, but gay marriage opponents say the amendment is necessary to put the ban in the state constitution.




      Advocates Weigh in on Lesbian Marriage Immigration Case

      by Les Spindle

      EDGE Contributor

      Saturday Jul 21, 2012

      A class-action suit filed by three residents of Irvine, California poses the latest of many challenges to Homeland Security’s ongoing discriminatory practices on the rights of green-card applicants who are married to same-sex spouses. Plaintiffs in the case are Jane DeLeon, a Philippines citizen whose employer is sponsoring her application; her 20-year partner, U.S. citizen, Irma Rodriguez, who DeLeon married in California prior to the passage of Proposition 8; and DeLeon’s son, 25-year-old Martin Aranas.




      Liberia: Senate votes to criminalise gay marriages

      by Stephen Gray
      23 July 2012, 10:38am

      The Liberian senate is reported to have approved a bill criminalising gay marriages in the west African state, but it is unclear whether the president would sign it into law.




      Scottish Government to Back Same-Sex Marriage

      Associated Press

      Wednesday Jul 25, 2012




      New Zealand Lawmakers to Debate Gay Marriage Bill

      Associated Press

      Thursday Jul 26, 2012




      Republicans join push for marriage equality in Maine

      by Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk
      24 July 2012, 10:26pm

      Twenty Republican leaders have joined a Republican group pushing for marriage equality in Maine.




      Petitions Challenging DOMA Piling Up

      by Justin Snow

      Metro Weekly

      Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

      Last week the Supreme Court received its fourth petition in less than a month asking the high court to review the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.

      On July 16, lawyers for Edith ’’Edie’’ Windsor filed the petition with the hope that the Supreme Court will consider the 83-year-old window’s case challenging Section 3 of DOMA on the grounds that it violates the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause by blocking same-sex couples from enjoying federal benefits.




      US: Democrats move to adopt same-sex marriage as official party platform

      by James Park
      30 July 2012, 11:32pm

      The Democrats are expected to back same-sex marriage part of their official party platform. The move comes little more than three months after President Barack Obama confirmed his own personal support for gay couples being granted the right to marry.




      Dems Move to Formally Back Gay Marriage

      by Julie Pace

      Associated Press

      Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

      WASHINGTON (AP) - The Democratic Party is moving to include support for gay marriage in the official party platform for the first time, a Democratic official said Monday, marking a key milestone for advocates of same-sex unions.

      The party’s platform drafting committee voted to include language backing gay marriage during a weekend meeting in Minneapolis, the official said. Democratic delegates will formally approve the platform during the party convention in Charlotte, N.C., in early September.




      Minn. Sunday School Students Raise Money For Gay Marriage With Lemonade Stand

      by Jason St. Amand

      Web Producer / Staff Writer

      Wednesday Aug 1, 2012

      Last weekend, children from the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis set up a lemonade stand to support marriage equality during the church’s fundraiser, the Golden Valley (Minn.) Patch reported.

      Church officials called the event the "Lemonade Stand-ing on the Side of Love." Young Sunday school students charged thirsty customers a quarter for a glass of lemonade. All of the proceeds went to the Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance, an organization that is fighting against a proposed amendment to the state’s constitution that would ban gay marriage.




      Connecticut federal court finds DOMA unconstitutional

      by Stephen Gray
      1 August 2012, 12:52pm

      A US federal court in Connecticut has become the latest to find the Defense of Marriage Act, which forbids recognition of gay marriages at the national level, unconstitutional.





      Gay Marriage Ban Backers Seek Supreme Court Review

      by Lisa Leff

      Associated Press

      Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

      SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Backers of California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday to overrule a federal appeals court that struck down the measure as unconstitutional.

      Lawyers for the coalition of religious conservative groups that sponsored the ban, known as Proposition 8, petitioned the Supreme Court to review the lower court’s finding that the 2008 amendment to the state constitution violated the civil rights of gay and lesbian Californians.




      US: Supreme Court asked to hear Proposition 8 appeal

      by Stephen Gray
      1 August 2012, 11:14am

      Proponents of Proposition 8, the voter-approved ban on gay marriages in the US state of California, have asked the Supreme Court to overturn two lower judgements that it was unconstitutional.




      Conn. Judge: US Gay Marriage Law Unconstitutional

      Associated Press

      Wednesday Aug 1, 2012




      Catholic Bishop: Government should make incest legal if it really believes in equality

      by James Park
      5 August 2012, 11:23am

      A senior Catholic Bishop in Scotland has stunned equal rights campaigners by suggesting that if the Scottish Government truly believed in equality it would make incest and polygamy legal.




      US to Weigh Gay Relationships in Deportation Cases

      by Amy Taxin and Lisa Leff

      Associated Press

      Monday Aug 6, 2012

      SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Amid pressure from Democratic lawmakers, Homeland Security officials reiterated Friday that a foreigner’s longstanding same-sex relationship with a U.S. citizen could help stave off the threat of deportation.

      Binational gay couples are eligible for consideration under a federal program designed to focus resources away from low-priority deportation cases and let officials spend more time tracking down convicted criminals, said Marsha Catron, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security.




      Gay Rights Group Donates $250,000 to Maine’s Gay Marriage Fight

      Associated Press

      Monday Aug 6, 2012




      US: Delaware governor says state could legalise marriage equality in 2013

      by Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk
      7 August 2012, 10:40pm

      The governor of Delaware is confident that his state will legalise marriage equality in 2013.




      Federal Judge Rules Against Hawaii Gay Marriage

      by Jennifer Sinco Kelleher

      Associated Press

      Thursday Aug 9, 2012

      HONOLULU (AP) - A federal judge ruled Wednesday against two Hawaii women who want to get married instead of enter into a civil union, handing a victory to opponents of gay marriage in a state that’s been at the forefront of the issue.




      Dems Draft Platform Backs Gay Marriage

      Associated Press

      Friday Aug 10, 2012

      WASHINGTON (AP) - A draft of the Democratic Party’s official party platform includes support for gay marriage for the first time, months after President Barack Obama said he was in favor of same-sex unions.

      The party platform draft includes support for "marriage equality" and efforts to bring "equal treatment under law for same-sex couples," according to a person who has seen the draft language. The person spoke on condition of anonymity and was not authorized to speak publicly ahead of a platform committee meeting in Detroit on Saturday.




      Seattle lawyers issue complaint against anti-marriage equality groups

      by Christopher Brocklebank
      17 August 2012, 12:40pm

      A Seattle law firm has filed a complaint against two anti-marriage equality groups for not declaring the source of their funding.




      Bishop of Buckingham: ‘Church should get its head around gay relationships and be @Out4Marriage’

      [There’s a print article under the video]


      The Bishop of Buckingham has become the most senior member of the Church of England to join the Out4Marriage campaign to introduce equal same-sex marriage in the UK. But a spokesman for the Church says that his message of equality is not the official view of the Church of England.






      Northern Ireland: Retired Church of Ireland cleric backs calls for marriage equality to be legalised

      by Christopher Brocklebank
      23 August 2012, 12:33pm

      A retired senior Church of Ireland cleric has called for marriage equality to be made legal. 




      Scottish Catholic Church: Today we can save marriage from ‘subversion’ by gays

      by James Park
      26 August 2012, 1:37pm

      The Catholic Church in Scotland has declared today ‘National Marriage Sunday’ and has this morning had a letter read out in 500 Catholic parishes condemning the Scottish government’s plans to legislate for equal same-sex marriage




      Catholic Cardinal calls for objective debate over gay marriage and abortion

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      26 August 2012, 9:06pm

      An Irish Catholic Cardinal has called for a calm and reasoned debate over gay marriage and abortion, but said the church was not prepared to move their position on the latter.




      Same-sex marriage bill to be introduced in France this October

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      26 August 2012, 5:47pm

      New legislation which will be introduced into the French Parliament as early as October will allow gay couples to marry.




      Republican Mayor of San Diego speaks out in favour of equal marriage

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      26 August 2012, 1:05am

      In a TV advert which is to be broadcast during the Republican National Convention, The Mayor of San Diego, California, has spoken urging voters to support equal marriage for all.




      Supporters of deportee protest immigration office

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      27 August 2012, 8:55pm

      A group of people opposed to the deportation of a Mexican man from Detroit, gathered outside a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement office today to protest in favour of his release.



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      Marriage Equality Likely in France Next Year by Jason St. Amand Web Producer / Staff Writer Wednesday Aug 29, 2012 Same-sex couples in France could legally tie
      Message 2 of 22 , Oct 7 5:41 PM
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        Marriage Equality Likely in France Next Year

        by Jason St. Amand

        Web Producer / Staff Writer

        Wednesday Aug 29, 2012

        Same-sex couples in France could legally tie the knot in 2013. France’s Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault confirmed on Saturday that the country’s government officials plan to introduce legislation that would legalize gay marriage, UPI reported.

        "In October, we will send a bill to the National Assembly and the Senate to allow same-sex couples to marry," Ayrault told fellow Socialist Party members last weekend. "It would also allow them to form families and adopt children."





        Maryland Pro-Marriage Forces Begin Fall Campaign Leg

        by John Riley

        Metro Weekly

        Tuesday Aug 28, 2012

        It’s officially in ink, and headed to a voting booth near you come November.

        The Maryland State Board of Elections on Aug. 20 released the wording for the ballot referendum on the Civil Marriage Protection Act, which grants same-sex couples in the Free State the rights to marry, as both supporters and opponents ready themselves for a final push ahead of the Nov. 6 election.





        New Zealand Passes 1st Stage of Gay Marriage Law

        by Nick Perry

        Associated Press

        Wednesday Aug 29, 2012

        WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) - New Zealand lawmakers on Wednesday overwhelmingly cast a first vote in favor of a gay marriage law that was given impetus by President Barack Obama’s public support of the issue.

        The 80 to 40 vote in front of a packed and cheering public gallery was the first of three votes Parliament must take before the bill can become law, a process that typically takes several months and allows the public to weigh in. Only a simple majority was needed to ensure a second vote, and the margin is a strong indication that the law will be passed.





        Maori organisation in New Zealand support marriage equality bill

        by Christopher Brocklebank
        30 August 2012, 3:53pm

        New Zealand’s Maori child advocacy organisation Ririki has said they are in favour of MP Louisa Wall’s marriage equality bill.





        Support for marriage equality among African-Americans in Nevada has increased over a quarter

        by Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk
        30 August 2012, 3:08pm

        According to a poll, support for marriage equality among African-American voters in Nevada has increased just over a quarter since President Obama said in May that he supports such unions.





        Judge suggests Detroit lesbian couple challenge state’s marriage equality ban for full parenting rights

        by Christopher Brocklebank
        30 August 2012, 12:11pm

        A federal judge in Detroit this week suggested a lesbian couple challenge the state of Michigan’s ban on marriage equality – which is preventing them both being registered as their children’s parents.





        Tasmania: equal marriage bill passes in first stage of parliament

        by Joseph Patrick McCormick
        30 August 2012, 8:35pm

        Tasmanian advocators of equal marriage celebrated today, as a bill to legalise same-sex marriage was passed in the first chamber of parliament.





        New Zealand: Churches vow not to officiate same-sex weddings

        by Joseph Patrick McCormick
        31 August 2012, 8:48pm

        A majority of New Zealand churches have said that they will not officiate same-sex marriages, following news that an equal marriage bill has jumped the first hurdle towards becoming law.





        Poland moves towards introducing civil partnerships

        by Scott Roberts
        3 September 2012, 1:00pm

        Poland’s ruling centre-right party, Platforma Obywatelska (PO), has announced that it will introduce legislation allowing gay couples to have civil unions.





        Dublin City Council votes to support equal marriage

        by Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk
        4 September 2012, 10:39am

        Dublin City Council has passed motions in support of opening up civil marriage to all citizens “regardless” of their sexuality.





        Minnesota: Bishop urges Catholics to support equal marriage ban

        by Scott Roberts
        4 September 2012, 12:52pm

        The archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis has written an open letter asking Catholics in the US state of Minnesota to vote in favour of a pending constitutional ban on equal marriage.





        Australian Christian lobbyist: Gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry because they are more likely to smoke

        by Scott Roberts
        5 September 2012, 12:48pm

        The head of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) appears to have come up with a whole new reason for why Australia should be against equal marriage.





        UK Catholic Bishop says equal marriage is a ‘gathering storm’ for Christians

        by Scott Roberts
        5 September 2012, 11:06am

        The Bishop of Shrewsbury, Rt Rev Mark Davies, has launched another attack on the government’s plans to introduce equal marriage.





        In Surprise Move, Poland’s Conservative Party to Introduce Civil Unions

        by Jason St. Amand

        Web Producer / Staff Writer

        Friday Sep 7, 2012

        Officials from the country’s center-right part, Platforma Obywatelska, announced that they plan to introduce a legislation that would legalize civil union relationships for same-sex couples, On Top Magazine reported.





        Update: Maryland pro-equality footballer backed by team after delegate requested his silence

        by Joseph Patrick McCormick
        8 September 2012, 2:18am

        An American Football team who were asked by a Maryland delegate to take action against one of their players who stood up for equal marriage rights, has declined to do so.





        Lesbian couple escalate adoption rights battle, attempt to have equal marriage ban deemed unconstitutional

        by Joseph Patrick McCormick
        7 September 2012, 7:40pm

        A US couple have escalated their same-sex adoption battle to encompass their state’s ban on same-sex marriages. The couple said they are fighting for equality not for themselves, but for the rights of their children.





        Connecticut, New York and Vermont to challenge anti-equality law

        by Joseph Patrick McCormick
        8 September 2012, 7:59pm

        Vermont is the latest US state to sign a legal bid requesting an appeals court to rule that the legal definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman, is unconstitutional.





        More States Challenge US Anti-Gay Marriage Law

        Associated Press

        Monday Sep 10, 2012






        Oy Vey! Conservative Jewish Women Compare Same-Sex Marriages to Their Own

        by Jason St. Amand

        Web Producer / Staff Writer

        Tuesday Sep 11, 2012

        The New York Post reported that a committee that creates laws for Conservative Jews has recently approved two ceremonies for gay couples that do not mention ownership, makes double-ring ceremonies officially part of the wedding and allows either person in the relationship ask for a divorce. These three items have long been hot-button issues for Jewish brides.





        Game Change :: Outspoken Players Impact NFL Image

        by Jason St. Amand

        Web Producer / Staff Writer

        Tuesday Sep 11, 2012

        The New York Times reports that a Baltimore Ravens linebacker’s support for marriage equality may have impacted not only the LGBT community but the NFL as well.

        The Times article points out that the NFL "has long fought the stigma of having homophobic culture." Currently, there has yet to be a football player that has come out during his career.





        Gay Marriage Proponents, Foes Gear Up For Another Battle in Maine

        by David Sharp

        Associated Press

        Tuesday Sep 11, 2012

        PORTLAND, Maine - After months of mostly one-on-one campaigning, gay marriage supporters are rolling out television advertising, bumper stickers, and yard signs as they seek to make Maine the first state to legalize same-sex marriage through a statewide vote. Opponents also are stepping up their efforts.





        France moves closer towards equal marriage and same-sex adoption rights

        by Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk
        12 September 2012, 11:09am

        The French government has confirmed plans to introduce equal marriage and adoption rights for same-sex couples.





        Pro Athletes Becoming Outspoken Gay-Rights Advocate

        by Patrick Condon

        Associated Press

        Saturday Sep 15, 2012

        NFL punters are only seen on fourth down and heard from less than that. But with Minnesota voters weighing whether to ban gay marriage this fall, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has emerged as a high-profile gay rights champion - and a symbol of changing attitudes toward homosexuality in the sports world.





        US: Support for equal marriage increasing, according to latest polls

        by Scott Roberts
        18 September 2012, 1:40pm

        Two new national polls show that support for marriage equality in the US is steadily increasing.





        Australia votes against legalising equal marriage

        by Scott Roberts

        (Message over 64 KB, truncated)

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        Former Alabama Chief Justice: Gay marriage will be ultimate destruction of our country Staff Reports Former
        Message 3 of 22 , Oct 27 4:11 PM
        • 0 Attachment

          Former Alabama Chief Justice: Gay marriage will be 'ultimate destruction of our country'

          Staff Reports


          Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who is seeking to regain the office of chief justice, denounced same-sex marriage and predicted it would be the downfall of the country.


          Speaking at a Tea Party rally in Fort Payne, Ala., on Saturday, the previously ousted justice said the nation must return to its moral and constitutional roots, reported the Birmingham News.





          Comment: “It was an amazing push for marriage equality”

          by Gary Spedding
          9 October 2012, 1:43pm


          Despite last week’s equal marriage defeat in the Northern Ireland Assembly, in a comment piece for PinkNews.co.uk, Gary Spedding says there are reasons to be optimistic when it comes to securing LGBT equality in Northern Ireland.





          David Cameron determined to press ahead with equal marriage

          by Scott Roberts
          9 October 2012, 11:29am


          Despite Monday’s high-profile anti-equal marriage protest against the backdrop of the Conservative Party Conference, Prime Minister David Cameron remains determined to press ahead with marriage reform.





          NAACP to launch pro marriage equality radio adverts ahead of Maryland referendum

          by Joseph Patrick McCormick
          9 October 2012, 12:48am


          The National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People in Maryland will launch a series of radio adverts on Tuesday, urging voters to support equal marriage for same-sex couples in the state referendum on 6 November.





          Video: Anti-equal marriage advert aired in Maryland

          by Scott Roberts
          8 October 2012, 3:25pm


          Ahead of next month’s referendum on whether to ban same-sex marriage in the US state of Maryland, opponents have produced a new campaign video that has been shown on state television.





          Vote on Iowa Justice Seen as Test for Gay Marriage

          by Ryan J. Foley

          Associated Press

          Tuesday Oct 9, 2012


          IOWA CITY, Iowa - Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins isn’t well known outside the legal community of his state, and even inside that group, isn’t particularly popular.

          But the question of whether he should keep his job has become one of the most fiercely contested judicial issues on the Nov. 6 ballot because of what he symbolizes in the debate over gay marriage and the role of courts.





          Getting To Yes On Gay Marriage, One Voter At A Time

          by Michael May

          Listen to the Story

          All Things Considered

          October 9, 2012


          Rion Tucker is covering a lot of ground in his home state of Maine these days. The 20-year-old is a canvasser for Equality Maine, and he's been knocking on lots of doors in an effort to make sure that voters in his state pass a ballot initiative in November legalizing same-sex marriage.





          Yvette Cooper: ‘Get on with legalising same-sex marriage’

          by Scott Roberts
          12 October 2012, 11:41am


          Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary and Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities Yvette Cooper says

          David Cameron needs to “show a bit of backbone” over the issue of equal marriage.





          Video: Anti-equal marriage advert ‘Not about Equality’ airs in Washington

          by Joseph Patrick McCormick
          11 October 2012, 11:15pm


          With the vote on equal marriage growing ever closer, anti-equal marriage groups have begun to show TV adverts in the state of Washington.





          Rick Santorum: Equal marriage would destroy churches, families and ‘disintegrate’ marriage

          by Joseph Patrick McCormick
          11 October 2012, 3:25am


          Ex-US Senator, Rick Santorum, has joined the campaign against equal marriage in the state of Washington, and has said that if it became a reality, churches and families would be destroyed.





          Wash. Group Opposed to Gay Marriage Releases TV Ads

          by Rachel La Corte

          Associated Press

          Friday Oct 12, 2012


          OLYMPIA, Wash. - The group fighting to overturn Washington’s gay marriage law started running its first TV ads in the state on Thursday.





          Former SNP leader says equal marriage is a step towards ‘fascism’

          by Scott Roberts
          15 October 2012, 10:54am


          The former leader of the Scottish National Party Gordon Wilson has once again criticised the leadership of the SNP for supporting equal marriage.





          US: Companies confirm support for equal marriage in Washington, in full page newspaper advert

          by Joseph Patrick McCormick
          14 October 2012, 11:36pm


          A large number of Washington-based companies have confirmed their support for Referendum 74, the equal marriage bill, which will be voted on next month in the state, by signing up to a newspaper advert.





          At 0-32, Gay-Marriage Forces Seek 1st Win at Polls

          by David Crary

          Associated Press

          Monday Oct 15, 2012


          BOWIE, Md. - Irene Huskens has the wedding venue picked out: a charming bed-and-breakfast in southern Maryland. But the wedding is no sure thing.





          October 15, 2012 1:33PM

          Will Catholic Voters Support LGBT Rights in Washington State?

          Post by Joanna Brooks


          This fall, voters in the state of Washington may be among the first in the nation to support marriage equality for LGBT people by popular referendum. Polls suggest that Referendum 74 has an edge among Washington voters. Then again, four years ago in California, polls predicted Proposition 8 was headed for defeat. I spoke today with Kathy Morefield, one of the founders of Washington Catholics for Marriage Equality, to get a sense for the role of faith in the campaign.





          Out Female Minn. Basketball Player Speaks Against State’s Marriage Amendment

          by Jon Krawczynski

          Associated Press

          Tuesday Oct 16, 2012


          MINNEAPOLIS - Seimone Augustus has always preferred to stay out of the public eye even as her basketball career has taken her to the heights of an Olympic gold medal and a WNBA championship.





          NY appeals court nixes Defense of Marriage Act

          by Larry Neumeister

          Associated Press

          Thursday Oct 18, 2012


          NEW YORK - A divided federal appeals court in Manhattan struck down the Defense of Marriage Act Thursday as unconstitutional, joining an appeals court in Boston in rejecting the law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The Supreme Court is expected to take up the case in the next year.





          Most U.S. Catholics Back Marriage Equality, But Knights of Columbus Pour Millions into Opposition

          By Peter Montgomery


          Quick, what organization was founded to support justice for immigrants, boasts nearly two million (all-male) members, and loves a good parade? The Knights of Columbus still support immigrants’ rights, but those sober-faced men marching down Main Street in full parade regalia are also part of an organization that was the single largest donor in support of California’s Proposition 8. 


          This venerable fraternal order has taken up the anti-equality baton in a big, flamboyant way.





          Marriage Law Likely Headed To Supreme Court

          by Nina Totenberg

          Listen to the Story

          All Things Considered

          [4 min 3 sec]

          October 19, 2012


          A federal appeals court ruling on Thursday has catapulted a New York case to the head of the line, as the Supreme Court considers which of many cases it should use to decide whether the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is constitutional.


          For more than a year, the lower courts have been issuing decisions striking down DOMA, declaring the law's provisions to be unconstitutional discrimination. The statute defines marriage as being only between a man and a woman, meaning that the federal government is barred from recognizing same-sex marriages even when they are legal and recognized by state law.





          US: Same-sex marriage scam angers former couple who thought they were married

          by Joseph Patrick McCormick
          20 October 2012, 11:56pm


          A Florida man has spoken out about his anger at being issued an invalid marriage license by an Iowa courthouse, and says his case represents wider problems faced by gay couples who cannot marry in their home states.





          France Delays Debate on Gay Marriage

          Associated Press

          Monday Oct 22, 2012


          PARIS - France is delaying debate on a draft law authorizing gay marriage, as the government grapples with increasingly vocal opposition to the idea.





          US: Top New York court rejects appeal against equal marriage law

          by Joseph Patrick McCormick
          23 October 2012, 11:57pm


          Governor Cuomo said Tuesday's decision secured equal marriage "for generations to come"

          On Tuesday, the New York Court of Appeals refused to hear a challenge against the 2011 law which legalised equal marriage in the state.





          NYC’s Bloomberg: $500K to Gay Marriage Campaigns

          by Jennifer Peltz

          Associated Press

          Tuesday Oct 23, 2012


          NEW YORK - Mayor Michael Bloomberg is poised to spend $500,000 of his personal fortune on gay marriage campaigns in Maine, Minnesota and Washington state, he said Monday, following up on a major political spending push the billionaire businessman-turned-politician announced last week.





          US: Equal marriage opponent leader downplays ‘deserving of death’ comment by pastor

          by Joseph Patrick McCormick
          25 October 2012, 12:07am


          The leader of the group in opposition to equal marriage becoming legal in the state of Maryland, downplayed a pastor’s reading from a scripture which said gay people were “deserving of death”.





          Video: Google promotes equal marriage video ahead of ballots

          by Scott Roberts
          26 October 2012, 7:44pm


          Google is raising awareness of the equal marriage public ballots that are due to take place in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington next month with a new campaign video featuring its staff.






          DOJ asks Supreme Court to prioritize Windsor’s DOMA challenge

          By Chris Johnson
          Washington Blade


          The Obama administration is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to make the case of an 83-year-old New York lesbian who had to pay $363,000 in estate taxes its highest priority among the pending lawsuits challenging the Defense of Marriage Act.


          In an 11-page supplemental brief filed on Friday, U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli writes that the case of Windsor v. United States — which recently led the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals to conclude DOMA is unconstitutional — should take precedence among other pending lawsuits challenging the anti-gay law.



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          We Win the Jackpot! Maryland, Maine, Iowa, Washington State, Minnesota by Steve Weinstein EDGE Editor-In-Chief Wednesday Nov 7, 2012 If tonight proves
          Message 4 of 22 , Jan 5, 2013
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            We Win the Jackpot! Maryland, Maine, Iowa, Washington State, Minnesota

            by Steve Weinstein

            EDGE Editor-In-Chief

            Wednesday Nov 7, 2012

            If tonight proves anything, it’s that American voters have definitely, decidedly and determinedly rejected the religious right on the subject of same-sex marriage.

            Adding to the big victory in Maine, where voters reversed themselves and approved same-sex marriage was the vote in Maryland.




            Preaching to the ‘Moveable Middle’: Bishop Gene Robinson on Marriage Equality and the Election

            An interview with Bishop Gene Robinson

            By Candace Chellew-Hodge

            When Gene Robinson became the Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003, he wore a bulletproof vest under his vestments during his ordination service. Robinson was the first openly gay person to be elected as a bishop within the Episcopal Church, and his ordination became a touchstone in the battle for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people within both the Church and larger society.




            France unveils same-sex marriage bill

            by Scott Roberts
            7 November 2012, 4:16pm

            French President Francois Hollande’s government has approved a bill to legalise equal marriage and allow gay couples to adopt.




            Spanish court protects equal marriage law

            by Scott Roberts
            6 November 2012, 7:52pm

            Spain’s Constitutional Court has upheld the country’s seven-year-long equal marriage law.




            Civil partnership defeat for Slovakia

            by Scott Roberts
            6 November 2012, 4:59pm

            Lawmakers in Slovakia, an EU member state, have rejected plans by the country’s opposition party to legalise civil partnerships for gay couples.




            Gay-Marriage Backers End Losing Streak, Look Ahead

            by David Crary

            Associated Press

            Thursday Nov 8, 2012

            NEW YORK - For years, foes of same-sex marriage had a potent talking point: They’d won every time the issue went to a popular vote. That winning streak has now been shattered in a multi-state electoral sweep by gay marriage supporters - a historic tipping point likely to influence other states and possibly even the Supreme Court.




            Vatican Digs In After Gay Marriage Advances

            by Nicole Winfield

            Associated Press

            Saturday Nov 10, 2012

            VATICAN CITY -- The Vatican is digging in after gay marriage initiatives scored big wins this week in the U.S. and Europe, vowing to never stop insisting that marriage can only be between a man and a woman.




            Liberia: Christians and Muslims unite to campaign against equal marriage

            by Joseph Patrick McCormick
            11 November 2012, 1:49am

            Several hundred people from the Christian and Muslim faiths, and from civil society organisations, gathered in Monrovia, Liberia to mark the start of a campaign to press the government into banning equal marriage.




            [Called Out Editors’ Note – We pass on some articles just to show the violence of the language being used against us.  This is one such article.]

            Video: Tony Perkins: Same-sex marriage is tearing America apart

            by Scott Roberts
            9 November 2012, 10:59pm

            The firebrand media opponents of gay rights have been taking to the airwaves to denounce Tuesday’s historic equal marriage victories in several US states.




            Analysis: A new dawn for LGBT America

            by Scott Roberts
            8 November 2012, 9:40pm

            After an extraordinary US election result with voters in three states passing equal marriage rights for gay couples, Scott Roberts sums up the highlights of an incredible week for America.




            Study: Same-sex weddings in three US states could increase spending by $166 million

            by Joseph Patrick McCormick
            12 November 2012, 7:56pm

            A US think-tank has predicted that, as a result of the three new states which legalised equal marriage last week, large amounts of new spending will be generated.




            Same-sex unions gain support in U.S. elections

            A UMNS Report
            By Kathy L. Gilbert*

            3:00 P.M. ET Nov. 16, 2012


            Maine, Maryland and Washington approved same sex marriage at the ballot box. Minnesota reject an amendment that would have defined marriage as only between a man and a woman. UMNS photo illustrations by Kathleen Barry. View in Photo Gallery

            United Methodists have been grappling with acceptance of same-sex marriage for decades and many United Methodists were on both sides of the issue in the voting booth Nov. 6 as the vote in four states indicated support for same-sex unions.




            Some Minn. Lawmakers Face Gay Marriage Conflict

            Associated Press

            Wednesday Nov 14, 2012

            ST. PAUL, Minn. - More valuable than any poll, Minnesota lawmakers got a strong pulse of their constituents this week on gay marriage through district-by-district, town-by-town results of a vote that rejected a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

            It will give some legislators cover and others concern should new legislative fronts open in the gay rights debate, including an all-out push for legalization of gay marriage.




            Uruguay Congress Considers Same-Sex Marriage Law

            by Pablo Fernandez

            Associated Press

            Thursday Nov 15, 2012

            MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay - Uruguay’s congress is considering a gay marriage law that would give same-sex couples all the same rights and responsibilities of heterosexual married couples.

            The country already has a civil unions law and has stood out in Latin America lately for legalizing abortion and planning to sell government-grown marijuana to any citizen who wants it.




            Attorney Boies Discusses Prop 8 options

            by Chris Carson

            Bay Area Reporter

            Saturday Nov 17, 2012

            The excitement of the presidential election is passed; it is time for Washington, D.C. to get back to work. At the top of the schedule is a conference of the Supreme Court justices on November 30, where they will discuss whether to take cases involving the Defense of Marriage Act and the federal challenge to Proposition 8.

            The justices had indicated they would consider the marriage cases next week, but on Tuesday said that they would be on the conference schedule at the end of the month.




            Anti-Gay Marriage Marchers Take to French Streets

            Associated Press

            Monday Nov 19, 2012

            PARIS - Groups opposed to President Francois Hollande’s plans to legalize gay marriage and gay adoptions took to the streets Saturday across France.

            Hollande said he would enact his "marriage for everyone" plan within a year of coming to power in May, but vocal opposition from religious leaders, some politicians and parts of rural France has divided the country.




            No Father, The Gay Sky Isn’t Falling

            By Jay Michaelson


            If we’re going to legalize alcohol, why not legalize crack cocaine?

            If boxing is a legal sport, why not fights to the death with chainsaws?

            And if same-sex marriage is recognized by law, why not polygamy and polyandry?

            This is the desperate reasoning one hears from Catholic Church spokesmen [sic] these days, affirming the Vatican’s staunch opposition to civil same-sex marriage. Quoth Fr. Federico Lombardi, Director of the Vatican Television Centre (if we watch television, why not also visit strip clubs?):

            It is a question of admitting that a husband and a wife are publicly recognized as such; and that children w

            (Message over 64 KB, truncated)

          • UMAffirmation
            David Cameron: We haven t made it clear enough that churches won t be forced to marry gay couples by PinkNews.co.uk Staff Writer
            Message 5 of 22 , Jan 8, 2013
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              David Cameron: We haven’t made it clear enough that churches won’t be forced to marry gay couples

              by PinkNews.co.uk Staff Writer
              7 January 2013, 11:28am

              David Cameron has reaffirmed his commitment to same-sex marriage but said that the Government hasn’t communicated the changes very well to those who fear changes being imposed on churches.




              Primate of Kenya warns Church of England against ordaining gay bishops

              by Scott Roberts
              7 January 2013, 11:11am

              The leader of a global group of traditional Anglicans in Kenya has condemned the Church of England for dropping its prohibition on gay clergy becoming bishops, providing they are in celibate or in celibate civil partne




              Mario Monti: Decision on Italian marriage equality should be made by parliament

              by Joseph Patrick McCormick
              6 January 2013, 4:38pm

              The Italian Premier, Mario Monti, who is backed by the Vatican for his re-election bid, has said that gay rights issues, including marriage equality, should be decided by parliament, not his governement, if he is successful.




              Chile: Marriage equality becomes a key issue in presidential debates

              by Joseph Patrick McCormick
              6 January 2013, 1:11am

              The issue of marriage equality became majorly divisive during the first televised debate between two potential presidential nominees for the Chilean Christian Democrat party.




              France: A majority of French people would like a referendum on equal marriage

              by Joseph Patrick McCormick
              5 January 2013, 1:17am

              A new survey has revealed that more than two thirds of French people would like a referendum on marriage equality and adoption rights for same-sex couples.




              Italy’s Prime Minister: Gay Marriage Up to Parliament

              Associated Press

              Monday Jan 7, 2013

              Italian Premier Mario Monti, who is being backed by the Vatican in his bid for re-election, says gay rights issues - including gay marriage -should be decided by Parliament, not his government if he wins.




              Court to Hear 2 Days of Arguments on Gay Marriage

              Associated Press

              Monday Jan 7, 2013

              The Supreme Court says it will hear two days’ worth of arguments over laws affecting gay marriage during the last week of March.



            • UMAffirmation
              National Cathedral to Perform Same-Sex Weddings by Brett Zongker Associated Press
              Message 6 of 22 , Jan 16, 2013
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                National Cathedral to Perform Same-Sex Weddings

                by Brett Zongker

                Associated Press

                Wednesday Jan 9, 2013


                The Washington National Cathedral, where the nation gathers to mourn tragedies and celebrate new presidents, will soon begin performing same-sex marriages.





                US: Florida Senate to consider gay ‘domestic partnership’ bill

                by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                10 January 2013, 12:40am


                A bill which would allow gay couples to enter into “domestic partnerships,” with a view to extending some marital rights to same-sex couples, was filed in the Florida Senate on Wednesday.





                Bishop supports Illinois same-sex bill

                by Heather Hahn

                A UMNS Report

                By Heather Hahn*


                United Methodist Bishop Sally Dyck speaks about the importance of “holy conversation” about contentious issues facing The United Methodist Church during its pre-General Conference news briefing in January 2012 at the Tampa Convention Center in Florida. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.


                “I believe in the institution of marriage as the source of emotional and legal stability and security for families and communities,” wrote Dyck, whose area encompasses the Northern Illinois Annual (regional) Conference.





                More House Republicans Support DOMA Repeal

                by Sergio N. Candido

                South Florida Gay News

                Friday Jan 11, 2013


                Another Republican joins the ranks of those supporting a bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

                Rep. Charles Bass of New Hampshire has just become the second House Republican within the last week to co-sponsor the Respect for Marriage Act, a bill that will be reintroduced in the House next year, according to the Advocate.





                Ill. GOP Chair Reiterates Support for Same-Sex Marriage

                by Jason St. Amand

                Web Producer / Staff Writer

                Friday Jan 11, 2013


                The chairman of Illinois’ Republican Party has been under fire from fellow GOPers after he announced he supports marriage equality and urged the state’s conservative lawmakers to do the same. The surprising revelation has some calling for his resignation, Illinois radio station WBEZ 91.5 reports.





                Poll: Strong support across Europe for equal marriage and adoption – but France divided

                by Scott Roberts
                11 January 2013, 12:52pm


                A majority of people in several European countries believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to get married and adopt children, but in France the public is divided, according to YouGov.





                Vatican Steps Up Anti Same-Sex Marriage Rhetoric

                by Nicole Winfield

                Associated Press

                Sunday Jan 13, 2013


                The Vatican is pressing its opposition to gay marriage, insisting Saturday that children should grow up with a father and a mother after Italy’s high court upheld a lower court ruling and granted custody of a child to his gay mother.

                In its decision Friday, the Court of Cassation said there was no "scientific certainty or experience-based data" to support the father’s claims that the child’s development was being damaged by living with his mother and her female partner. Such an argument was "mere prejudice," the court said.





                Church of England considering in-church blessings for ‘celibate’ gay couples

                by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                14 January 2013, 1:40pm


                Reports have suggested that the Church of England plans to consider allowing gay couples to have their civil partnerships blessed in churches.





                Monday, January 14, 2013 Social Issues

                Wendell Berry expounds on gay marriage


                A Kentucky farmer, essayist, writer and activist, sometimes described as a modern-day Thoreau, criticizes theological strategies used to marginalize gays.


                By Bob Allen


                Christian opponents to same-sex marriage want the government to treat homosexuals as a special category of persons subject to discrimination, similar to the way that African-Americans and women were categorized in the past, cultural and economic critic Wendell Berry told Baptist ministers in Kentucky Jan. 11.




                New Coalition to Push for Gay Marriage in RI

                Associated Press

                Monday Jan 14, 2013





                Survey: Three in five people in Wales support equal marriage

                by Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk
                14 January 2013, 7:18pm


                A major poll conducted by YouGov for Stonewall Cymru has revealed that three in five people in Wales support government plans to extend civil marriage to same-sex couples.





                Leading UK evangelist: The bible is inclusive and gay relationships are not sinful

                by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                15 January 2013, 1:49pm


                Steve Chalke said he had reevaluated his biblical interpretation of homosexuality (Image: Twitter)

                A leading evangelical has softened his views on homosexuality, questioning whether Christians could create a “nurturing” and “supportive” environment for gay people.





                US: Activists apply for unattainable marriage licenses in Southern states to push for equality

                by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                15 January 2013, 5:58am


                Gay couples in two North Carolina cities lined up at government counters to ask for marriage licenses they knew would be denied, in an effort to push the US South towards marriage equality, despite opposition being strong.





                Smallest State is Big Battleground on Gay Marriage

                by David Klepper

                Associated Press

                Tuesday Jan 15, 2013


                Supporters of same-sex marriage rights plan to assemble at the Rhode Island Statehouse to urge lawmakers to make the smallest state the 10th to allow gay and lesbian couples to wed - and the last to do so in New England.


                House Speaker Gordon Fox has called a vote on gay marriage legislation in his chamber by month’s end, making Rhode Island the latest state to address an issue whose supporters see things swinging their way after last November’s election.





                Rhode Island State House prepares for equal marraige vote

                by Corinne Pinfold
                15 January 2013, 7:16pm


                The diminutive American state of Rhode Island is set to stage a debate on whether to legalise equal marriage for same-sex couples, with a vote to be held by the House of Representatives later this month.





                Video: Hundreds protest against Rhode Island hearings on equal marriage

                by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                16 January 2013, 3:56pm


                As Rhode Island held hearings on whether to legalise equal marriage for same-sex couples, hundreds of demonstrators turned out to protest against the potential change at hearings.



              • UMAffirmation
                Austin church will offer Episcopal same-sex blessing By Juan Castillo American-Statesman Staff St. David’s
                Message 7 of 22 , Feb 9, 2013
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                  Austin church will offer Episcopal same-sex blessing

                  By Juan Castillo

                  American-Statesman Staff


                  St. David’s Episcopal Church in Austin will bless a same-sex couple next month, possibly becoming the first Episcopal church in Texas to perform the groundbreaking liturgical rite.


                  Located downtown on East Eighth Street, St. David’s is the largest Episcopal church in Austin, and gays and lesbians make up what its rector, the Rev. David Boyd, called a significant number of the church’s roughly 2,500 parishioners.





                  Same-Sex Military Couples Struggle for Recognition

                  by Michael Biesecker

                  Associated Press

                  Sunday Jan 20, 2013


                  Sgt. Karen Alexander fought for her country in Iraq, but back home she often feels the U.S. Army is fighting against her.

                  Married to another female soldier with a 4-year-old son, Alexander is denied the same housing allowance and other family-friendly benefits she would be entitled to if married to a man. As far as Uncle Sam is concerned, she’s still single.





                  Same-sex couples seek Va. marriage licenses

                  January 17, 2013 | icon-comment5 Comments


                  More than a dozen same-sex couples from across the South gathered outside the Arlington County Courthouse on Thursday to apply for marriage licenses.


                  Gays and lesbians from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and North and South Carolina submitted applications to Arlington Circuit Court Clerk Paul Ferguson in the complex’s plaza. A constitutional amendment that Virginia voters approved in 2006 defines marriage as between a man and a woman in the commonwealth, but those who participated in the action described their decision to take part as symbolic.





                  Taiwan: Gay couple withdraw lawsuit against the state for ban on equal marriage

                  by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                  23 January 2013, 2:13am


                  A gay couple in Taiwan who filed a lawsuit last year after being rejected in their application for marriage, have said they will withdraw their case tomorrow. 





                  US: Gay civil unions bill passes first vote in Colorado

                  by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                  24 January 2013, 1:57am


                  On Wednesday, a bill to legalise civil unions in the US state of Colorado passed its first vote, bring the state one step closer to allowing same-sex unions.





                  Same-sex marriage bill introduced in House of Commons

                  by Scott Roberts
                  24 January 2013, 11:37am


                  The government’s Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill for England and Wales has officially been introduced in the House of Commons by Culture Secretary Maria Miller.





                  Poland Rejects Draft Laws for Unmarried Couples

                  Associated Press

                  Friday Jan 25, 2013


                  Poland’s lawmakers have rejected three separate draft laws that were intended to give legal rights to unmarried couples, including same-sex ones.





                  Britain Introduces Same-Sex Marriage Bill

                  Associated Press

                  Friday Jan 25, 2013


                  The British government published a bill to legalize same-sex marriage Friday, and said lawmakers will get their first vote on it in Parliament next month.


                  The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill extends marriage to gay couples but excludes clergy in the Church of England - the country’s official faith - from having to carry out the ceremonies.





                  New Mexico Legislature to Vote on Gay Marriage Bill

                  by Sergio N. Candido

                  South Florida Gay News

                  Saturday Jan 26, 2013


                  The New Mexico state legislature is set to hear a bill that could make it legal for gay couples to marry in the state.





                  Peter Tatchell: The equal marriage bill is commendable, but flawed

                  by Peter Tatchell
                  26 January 2013, 11:42am


                  While legalising marriage equality is welcome and commendable, the government’s refusal to end discrimination against straight couples in civil partnership law is flawed and wrong. Opposite-sex couples are legally prohibited from having a civil partnership and for no rational reason David Cameron intends to keep it that way.




                  Passage of Marriage Bill in Rhode Island Hinges on Religious Exemptions

                  by Michelle Smith

                  Associated Press

                  Saturday Jan 26, 2013


                  The fate of gay marriage legislation in Rhode Island could hinge on the exemptions it affords religious groups that oppose it, the State Senate president said Friday, a day after the House overwhelmingly passed the bill.


                  Teresa Paiva Weed said she remains opposed to the bill and has heard that the sticking point for many senators is on how broad of a religious exemption is included in the only New England state that doesn’t allow same-sex marriage.





                  French Gay Marriage Bill Presented to Parliament

                  Associated Press

                  Tuesday Jan 29, 2013


                  The French government has presented a divisive plan to legalize gay marriage and adoption to Parliament for debate.





                  HRC-Led Business Coalition Supports DOMA Repeal

                  by Sergio N. Candido

                  South Florida Gay News

                  Tuesday Jan 29, 2013


                  The Human Rights Campaign now counts with a new group of allies: a business coalition made up of companies like Marriott, eBay, and Armani Exchange.


                  The group, comprised of Fortune 500 and brand name companies, has vowed to stand behind the Respect for Marriage Act, a bill which repeals the Defense of Marriage Act and recognizes all marriages for legal purposes, according to the HRC.





                  Sweden: Married Ugandan men victims of ‘lottery’ asylum system

                  by Corinne Pinfold
                  29 January 2013, 6:05pm


                  Two Ugandan men living in Sweden, who claim they are the first gay couple from their country to get married, may be separated once again after a lucky reunion following a decision by the Swedish Migration Board.





                  Zimbabwe: New draft constitution includes equal marriage ban

                  by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                  29 January 2013, 5:12pm


                  A new Zimbabwean draft constitution includes a clause banning equal marriage for gay couples, reports suggest.





                  British Catholics Send One Million Anti-Gay Marriage Postcards to Parliament

                  by Sergio N. Candido

                  South Florida Gay News

                  Wednesday Jan 30, 2013


                  British Archbishop Peter Smith said he has distributed one million anti-gay postcards for churchgoers to mail to parliament as part of last resource effort to gain momentum against the bill.





                  Young gay New Zealanders say equal marriage would reduce youth suicides

                  by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                  30 January 2013, 4:30pm


                  Young gay men have made submissions to the New Zealand select committee dealing with the equal marriage bill, to say that legalising equal marriage would reduce the number of youth suicides.





                  French Gay Marriage Plans Stir Parenthood Debate

                  by Lori Hinnant

                  Associated Press

                  Thursday Jan 31, 2013


                  The French are all for sex and all for family - so long as you’re having sex to create one. Anything dealing with assisted reproduction makes a sizable portion of them uncomfortable, as the president’s plans to legalize gay marriage have unexpectedly exposed.

                  The debate over whether society and science are overreaching when it comes to parenthood has sent thousands into the streets, turned the bridges over the Seine into billboards and prompted charges that women’s bodies will soon be for rent in a society that still has surprisingly deep conservative roots.





                  Reuters: Major Anti-Gay Marriage Group in Financial Straits

                  by Jason St. Amand

                  Web Producer / Staff Writer

                  Friday Feb 1, 2013


                  A recent Reuters article exposes the financial cracks in ProtectMarriage.com, an anti-marriage equality group that is defending Proposition 8 before the Supreme Court. According to the news agency, the organization is in deep debt and is struggling to raise money to fight that case and to pay off other debts it has accumulated.

                  ProtectMarriage.com "showed a $2 million deficit in its legal fund at the end of 2011, the third year in a row that expenses exceeded donations, federal tax records show," the article says. ProjectMarriage.com has been spearheading the court fight to overturn a federal appeals court judge who ruled that the referendum, passed by California voters in 2008 to ban same-sex marriages in California, was not valid.





                  Polish MP opposes equal marriage because ‘gays are no use whatsoever to society’

                  by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                  1 February 2013, 1:40pm


                  An Member of Parliament for the right-wing Polish opposition party has made homophobic remarks in a speech at a recent debate around the legalisation of equal marriage in the country.





                  Wyoming fails to pass domestic partnership rights for gay couples

                  by Scott Roberts
                  31 January 2013, 3:59pm


                  A bill to extend domestic partnership rights to gay couples in the US state of Wyoming has been defeated.

                  The Republican-controlled house in Cheyenne voted down a bill on Wednesday night that would have given same-sex couples the same legal rights as heterosexuals.





                  LGBT people in French Polynesia follow French equal marriage and adoption debates

                  by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                  30 January 2013, 11:30pm


                  Now that the debate on France’s equal marriage and adoption law has gone before parliament, French Polynesia has begun watching the early stages closely.





                  French General Assembly votes to make same-sex marriage legal

                  by PinkNews.co.uk Staff Writer
                  2 February 2013, 12:14pm


                  The French National Assembly, the lower house of France’s Parliament has voted in favour of making same-sex marriage legal.





                  US: Mayor holds ‘wedding’ for 13 gay couples to protest against proposed equal marriage ban

                  by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                  1 February 2013, 2:23pm


                  The mayor of a city in the US state of Indiana has conducted a symbolic wedding for over a dozen gay and lesbian couples in protest to a proposed ban on civil unions and equal marriage.





                  Illinois: Gay Marriage Vote Very Likely

                  Associated Press

                  Tuesday Feb 5, 2013


                  Legislation legalizing same-sex marriage in Illinois is expected to come up in a Senate committee meeting Tuesday and could see a floor vote on Valentine’s Day.





                  British Lawmakers Vote in Favor of Gay Marriage

                  by Sylvia Hui

                  Associated Press

                  Tuesday Feb 5, 2013


                  British lawmakers on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill to legalize same-sex marriage championed by Prime Minister David Cameron, despite stronger-than-expected opposition from within his Conservative Party.


                  In a first House of Commons vote, lawmakers voted 400 to 175 in support of the legislation. There was strong support from the left-leaning Labour Party and Liberal Democrats party, but many Conservatives rejected the proposals.





                  Families First to Grant Domestic Partnerships to Florida Citizens

                  by Steffany Skelley Gilmer

                  EDGE Contributor

                  Wednesday Feb 6, 2013


                  LGBT citizens may soon find Florida to be a friendlier state, thanks to State Senator Eleanor Sobel (D). On January 9, Sobel filed a statewide bill appropriately nicknamed the "Families First" bill that would allow Florida citizens to enter into domestic partnerships.





                  British House of Commons Approves Gay Marriage

                  Luke Macgregor/Reuters

                  By JOHN F. BURNS and ALAN COWELL
                  Published: February 5, 2013


                  LONDON — The House of Commons voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to approve a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Britain, indicating that the bill is assured of passage as it moves through further legislative stages.





                  Alice Arnold: I will marry Clare Balding rather than ‘marrying’ her only in inverted commas

                  by Corinne Pinfold
                  6 February 2013, 11:21pm


                  Former Radio 4 presenter Alice Arnold has spoken of her plans to marry her civil partner, TV presenter and journalist Clare Balding, in the wake of the House of Commons vote on equal marriage.


                  (Message over 64 KB, truncated)

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                  MN Gov Dayton Endorses Gay Marriage in State of State Address 2-6-2013 While most of Dayton s speech focused on the budget, his brief mention of support for
                  Message 8 of 22 , Feb 18, 2013
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                    MN Gov Dayton Endorses Gay Marriage in State of State Address 2-6-2013


                    While most of Dayton’s speech focused on the budget, his brief mention of support for same-sex marriage marked a step forward for that issue’s prospects at the Capitol. Dayton has previously supported same-sex marriage but had been reluctant to endorse a planned legislative push on the issue in 2013.


                    Dayton stopped short of definitively demanding a gay marriage bill on his desk this year. But after the speech, Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk — who also had been tentative about a gay marriage push in the Legislature this year — said a bill could start moving at the Capitol in April, after lawmakers finish the budget. Bakk also said he would vote to legalize gay marriage if it gets to the Senate floor.





                    Freedom to Marry pledges $2 million for state marriage campaigns

                    February 7, 2013

                    By Michael K. Lavers on February 7, 2013


                    Freedom to Marry on Thursday announced it hopes to raise $2 million for various state same-sex marriage campaigns around the country this year.

                    The group said it will invest an initial $800,000 through the “Win More States Fund” to groups in Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey and Rhode Island fighting to allow gays and lesbians to tie knot.





                    Catholic Bishop of Shrewsbury warns that equal marriage supporters are ‘on wrong side of eternity’

                    by Corinne Pinfold
                    11 February 2013, 12:42pm


                    The Right Reverend Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury, has once again preached an attack on the government’s equal marriage bill, less than a week after it was supported by MPs in the House of Commons.





                    House of Lords may stage an anti-equal marriage rebellion

                    by Corinne Pinfold
                    11 February 2013, 12:33pm


                    More than half the Conservatives in the House of Lords are planning to vote against the same-sex marriage bill alongside “dozens” of Labour and Liberal Democrat peers, according to the Telegraph.





                    [Called Out Editors’ note – Really?  What age specifically?  We’re past our teens by more than a little bit and we haven’t grown out of it yet.]

                    Tory MP: Same-sex marriage will damage youth who will grow out of a ‘normal gay phase’

                    by PinkNews.co.uk Staff Writer
                    10 February 2013, 2:56pm


                    Conservative MP for Tonbridge and Malling, Sir John Stanley, has claimed that homosexuality is a ‘normal phase’ for youngsters before become heterosexual in later life.





                    Anti-gay group targets National Cathedral over gay marriage

                    February 11, 2013

                    By Lou Chibbaro Jr. on February 11, 2013


                    An organization started by religious right figure Ralph Reed is circulating an online petition demanding that the federal government halt all “current or future” funds for the Washington National Cathedral because of its recent decision to perform same-sex weddings.


                    In a statement released on Friday, the Faith and Freedom Coalition noted that in recent years the National Cathedral has received a $700,000 grant from the National Park Service’s “Save America’s Treasure’s” program, which funds efforts to preserve and maintain historic buildings.


                    “With this policy change, taxpayers are being asked to subsidize gay marriage ceremonies for a church that can readily access millions of their own,” the group said in its statement.





                    Marriage equality supporters seek to repeal Oregon’s ban on gay marriage

                    By JONATHAN J. COOPER
                    Associated Press


                    SALEM, Ore. — Supporters of same-sex marriage said Monday they’re aiming at a vote next year to reverse Oregon’s ban on gay marriage, which was approved in 2004.


                    The state’s leading gay-rights group, Basic Rights Oregon, said it’s formed a campaign organization to get a constitutional amendment on the November 2014 ballot. The group will need to collect at least 116,000 valid signatures.





                    French Assembly Passes Gay Marriage, Adoption Bill

                    Associated Press

                    Tuesday Feb 12, 2013


                    France’s lower house of parliament on Tuesday approved a sweeping bill to legalize gay marriage and allow same-sex couples to adopt children, handing a major legislative victory to President Francois Hollande’s Socialists on a divisive social issue.





                    Gay Marriage Backers Plan Oregon Vote in ’14 to Reverse Ban

                    by Jonathan J. Cooper

                    Associated Press

                    Tuesday Feb 12, 2013


                    Supporters of same-sex marriage said Monday they’re aiming at a vote next year to reverse Oregon’s ban on gay marriage, which was approved in 2004.

                    The state’s leading gay-rights group, Basic Rights Oregon, said it has formed a campaign organization to get a constitutional amendment on the November 2014 ballot. The group will need to collect at least 116,000 valid signatures.





                    French National Assembly approves equal marriage bill

                    by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                    12 February 2013, 4:20pm


                    The French National Assembly approved the country's equal marriage bill (Image: James Cridland)

                    France took a step closer to legalising equal marriage and adoptions for same sex couples, as its National Assembly approved a bill to do so, during its second reading today.





                    Update: Cincinnati teacher sacked for refusing to recant statement supporting equal marriage

                    by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                    11 February 2013, 5:06pm


                    The Assistant Principal at a Catholic school in Cincinnati has been sacked, for refusing to recant statements he made in support of equal marriage for gay people.





                    US: Mayor of Atlanta admits that he was ‘wrong’ to oppose equal marriage in the past

                    by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                    13 February 2013, 4:29pm


                    The Mayor of Atlanta, who recently announced he had changed his stance to support equal marriage, has said he feels he “was wrong” to have opposed equal marriage in the past, in favour of civil unions.





                    Illinois Senate Passes Marriage Bill

                    by Sara Burnett

                    Associated Press

                    Thursday Feb 14, 2013


                    Illinois moved closer Thursday to becoming the 10th state in the nation where same-sex couples can legally wed, after the Senate voted to lift a ban on gay marriage.





                    Associated Press reaffirms that gay married couples are ‘partners’ rather than ‘husbands’ and ‘wives’ in face of criticism

                    by Corinne Pinfold
                    15 February 2013, 5:44pm


                    A spokesman for the Associated Press (AP), the foremost authority on journalistic style and standards, has reaffirmed that it will be sticking to guidelines published on 11 February that state reporters should “generally” not refer to same-sex married couples as “husbands” or “wives”.





                    US: Illinois Senate passes equal marriage in Valentine’s Day vote

                    by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                    14 February 2013, 9:23pm


                    Updated 10:44pm - The Illinois Senate has approved a bill to legalise same-sex marriage – although it still has to pass the House before it becomes law.





                    Thailand: Public hearings on civil unions begin

                    by Corinne Pinfold
                    13 February 2013, 7:01pm


                    A series of public hearings held by a joint team of the Rights and Liberties Protection Department and the House committee on Legal Affairs, Justice and Human Rights - began in Thailand last week.





                    Same-Sex Marriage/Civil Union Bills Filed In Legislature

                    By Joey Palacios


                    As some states across the U.S. approve same-sex marriage by voters or legislatures, many are asking when conservative Texas will move forward on the issue. Several lawmakers filed bills this week that can be seen at least symbolic victories of progress.


                    In 2005, Texas voters approved a ban on same-sex partnerships, marriages and civil unions with 76 percent approving the ban. The resolution was known was Proposition II.  A couple years before that, in 2003, a bill by former state Sen. Jeff Wentworth of San Antonio passed the legislature altering the Texas Family Code limiting the union to one man and one woman; what was known as the Texas Defense of Marriage Act.



                  • Affirmation: United Methodists
                    Poll: 92% of Nigerians support proposed bill to criminalise same-sex marriage by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                    Message 9 of 22 , Jun 30, 2013
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                      Poll: 92% of Nigerians support proposed bill to criminalise same-sex marriage

                      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                      20 June 2013, 7:05pm


                      The poll found that 92% of respondents agreed with the bill to ban equal marriage

                      A new poll has found that 92% of Nigerians are in support of a proposed bill to make same-sex marriages punishable with 14 year prison sentences.





                      US Supreme Court Justice says the court should not rule on ‘moral’ issues like equal marriage

                      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                      22 June 2013, 5:37pm


                      Less than a week until the US Supreme Court is expected to make rulings in two key equal marriage cases, one of its justices has spoken out to say the court should not be ruling on such an issue.






                      U.S. High Court Rulings Impact Same-Sex United Methodist Couples

                      by Heather Hahn

                      June 26, 2013


                      A UMNS Report


                      The full ramifications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings Wednesday, June 26, on same-sex marriage still are being hashed out.

                      But on one thing many United Methodists agree: The decisions will add fuel to a longtime denominational debate on how the church ministers to gays and lesbians.


                      In the case Windsor v. United States, a 5-4 majority opinion by Justice Anthony Kennedy ruled Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, arguing that it is a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons as protected by the Fifth Amendment.





                      DOMA, SCOTUS and You

                      by Joey Reed

                      June 26, 2013


                      Today (June 26), the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) declared unconstitutional sections of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).


                      You likely have an opinion.


                      I do, too. I’d like our opinions to meet, have coffee, and learn from each other.


                      Here’s mine. The ruling of the Supreme Court makes perfect sense if you understand that the Constitution is the operative document.

                      The ruling of the Supreme Court makes no sense if you think that the Constitution is based on Scripture as the operative document.





                      Same-Sex-Marriage Fight Shifts Back To States

                      June 26, 2013 7:11 PM


                      The dual victories the Supreme Court to gay-marriage supporters Wednesday seemed to temporarily shift the focus of the fight from Washington to the states.


                      For instance, one of the more notable reactions to the Supreme Court decisions overturning the Defense of Marriage Act and upholding a lower court ruling that blocked California's Proposition 8 from taking effect came from the American Civil Liberties Union.





                      After DOMA: What's Next For Gay Married Couples

                      June 26, 201311:52 AM


                      The Supreme Court's 5-4 decision Wednesday to is a monumental victory for advocates of same-sex marriage.


                      But what happens now that the 1996 federal law that confines marriage to a man and a woman has been declared unconstitutional?


                      Will federal benefits flow only to same-sex married couples living in states that recognize their unions?


                      What about same-sex spouses who are legally married but living in states that ban such unions?





                      How The End Of DOMA Will Affect Obamacare, Federal Employees

                      by Joe Neel

                      June 26, 2013 5:19 PM


                      The Supreme Court's that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional will not only make a big difference in health benefits for some federal employees, it could also affect people who will be newly eligible for Obamacare beginning next year.


                      For lower-income people seeking coverage under Obamacare, marriage may not provide a financial advantage, tax experts say.


                      Once the dust settles and new policies can be drawn up, federal employees in same-sex marriages will be able to enroll their partners in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan. The Obama administration has extended several benefits to gay employees in recent years, but was prohibited by DOMA from providing FEHBP coverage.





                      Justice Kennedy At Center Of Gay Rights Decisions For A Decade

                      June 26, 2013 2:33 PM


                      Ten years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Texas "" law that criminalized some sexual acts.


                      Today, on the anniversary of that decision, the high court that defined marriage as between a man and a woman.


                      At the center of those landmark decisions has been Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wrote the court's majority opinions in both.





                      Supreme Court Strikes Down the Defense of Marriage Act

                      by Mark Sherman

                      Associated Press

                      Wednesday Jun 26, 2013


                      In a major victory for gay rights, the Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down a provision of a federal law denying federal benefits to married gay couples and cleared the way for the resumption of same-sex marriage in California.

                      The justices issued two 5-4 rulings in their final session of the term. One decision wiped away part of a federal anti-gay marriage law that has kept legally married same-sex couples from receiving tax, health and pension benefits.



                      (Message over 64 KB, truncated)

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                      Federal Marriage Benefits? Not for Everyone by Stephen Ohlemacher Associated Press
                      Message 10 of 22 , Jul 16, 2013
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                        Federal Marriage Benefits? Not for Everyone

                        by Stephen Ohlemacher

                        Associated Press

                        Sunday Jun 30, 2013


                        Like other married couples, same-sex couples are about to learn that federal benefits for being married might not be all they’re cracked up to be.

                        Social Security benefits for spouses can be generous, but only for couples with big disparities in their incomes. Taxes are a decidedly mixed bag, and there are still a lot of unanswered questions for the Internal Revenue Service.

                        Many middle-income couples should get welcome tax breaks now that they can change their filing status from "single" to "married filing jointly." The biggest benefits will go to couples in which one spouse makes more money than the other.





                        Tax Benefits and Penalties of Marriage

                        Associated Press

                        Sunday Jun 30, 2013


                        The Supreme Court has struck down part of a law that denied federal benefits to same-sex couples who were married in states that recognize their unions. The tax benefits of being married, however, are a mixed bag.





                        Prop 8 supporters accuse court of ‘lawlessness’ for allowing resume of same-sex weddings

                        by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                        29 June 2013, 5:26pm


                        Supporters of the now defunct Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriages in the US state of California, have claimed that the courts have acted in a “lawless” way, following the resume of same-sex weddings in the state.





                        US: Court gives green light to allow same-sex weddings to resume immediately in California

                        by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                        29 June 2013, 1:15am


                        Same-sex couples wishing to marry in the US state of California have been pleasantly surprised, as a crucial stay has been lifted, meaning the state can immediately begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.





                        Supreme Court rules on same-sex cases

                        Rulings do not change UMC definition of marriage

                        by Heather Hahn on July 01, 2013


                        (UMNS) — The full ramifications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings June 26 on same-sex marriage are being hashed out. But the rulings already are winning praise from some United Methodists even as they trouble others.


                        Decisions will likely add fuel to a long-time denominational debate.


                        On one thing many United Methodists agree: The decisions will likely add fuel to a long-time denominational debate on how the church ministers to gays and lesbians.





                        Judge: Trial Possible on Mich. Gay Marriage Ban

                        by Ed White

                        Associated Press

                        Tuesday Jul 2, 2013


                        DETROIT -- A judge signaled Monday that a trial is possible to determine whether Michigan’s ban on gay marriage is constitutional, nearly nine years after voters approved it by a wide margin.


                        U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed by nurses Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer, who are challenging a law that bars them from adopting each other’s children as well as a 2004 constitutional amendment that defines marriage only as between a man and a woman.





                        New Poll: Marriage Equality Support at Record High in Wake of SCOTUS Ruling

                        by Jason St. Amand

                        National News Editor

                        Tuesday Jul 2, 2013


                        According to a new USA Today poll conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates, a majority of Americans now support same-sex marriage - a record high, which comes after the Supreme Court’s landmark rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8.


                        "By an unprecedented 55 percent to 40 percent, Americans say marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized by law as valid, with the same rights of traditional marriage," USA Today writes. "That’s the highest level of support since Gallup began asking the question in 1996. Then, fewer than half that number, 27 percent, backed the idea."



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                        Same-Sex Ruling has Employers Tweaking Benefits by Sam Hananel Associated Press
                        Message 11 of 22 , Jul 22, 2013
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                          Same-Sex Ruling has Employers Tweaking Benefits

                          by Sam Hananel

                          Associated Press

                          Friday Jul 5, 2013


                          The Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on same-sex marriage has private employers around the country scrambling to make sure their employee benefit plans comply with the law.


                          The impact of the decision striking down part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act is clear in the 13 states and the District of Columbia where gay marriage is currently legal, or soon will be: Same-sex married couples must be treated the same as other spouses under federal laws governing tax, health care, pensions and other federal benefits.




                          ACLU Sues State of Montana Over Benefits for Gay Couples

                          Associated Press

                          Tuesday Jul 16, 2013


                          A civil rights organization filed a new lawsuit against the state Monday on behalf of seven gay couples in an attempt to win for them the same benefits that married couples receive in Montana.

                          The American Civil Liberties Union of Montana filed its amended complaint after the state Supreme Court rejected its first lawsuit in December for being too broad and not identifying specific laws that are discriminatory.




                          Lawsuit Seeks to Overturn Ark. Gay Marriage Ban

                          by Chuck Bartels

                          Associated Press

                          Tuesday Jul 16, 2013


                          Three gay couples filed a federal lawsuit Monday that seeks to overturn a 2004 Arkansas ban on same-sex marriage.


                          Two of the couples applied to get married in Pulaski County and were turned down. One couple was legally married in New York but "are treated as legal strangers in their home state of Arkansas," according to the lawsuit filed by attorney Jack Wagoner III of Little Rock.




                          Equal marriage bill passes final House of Commons stage and will receive Royal Assent

                          by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                          16 July 2013, 9:21pm


                          The equal marriage bill for England and Wales has once again been passed in the House of Commons, and will soon will be given Royal Assent to become law.




                          Britain Legalizes Gay Marriage

                          Associated Press

                          Wednesday Jul 17, 2013


                          Britain on Wednesday legalized gay marriage after Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal stamp of approval, clearing the way for the first same-sex weddings next summer.

                          Lawmakers cheered as House of Commons Speaker John Bercow said royal assent had been given - one day after the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in England and Wales cleared Parliament.

                          The queen’s approval was a formality and is the last step necessary for a bill to become law.




                          Gay Marriage Supporters Launch $2 Million Illinois Campaign

                          Associated Press

                          Wednesday Jul 17, 2013


                          Gay-marriage supporters are launching a $2 million statewide campaign to approve same-sex marriage in Illinois.

                          Illinois Unites for Marriage is a coalition representing gay rights, civil rights and political groups.




                          Tory MP Mike Freer: If gay people pay the same contributions, their pension rights must be the same

                          by Scott Roberts
                          17 July 2013, 7:23pm


                          Conservative MP Mike Freer raised the issue of pensions inequality during Tuesday’s same-sex marriage Commons debate and said it was right to settle the discrepancy “whatever the cost”.




                          Gay Marriage: Britain, France in Surprise Contrast

                          by Angela Charlton and Gregory Katz

                          Associated Press

                          Wednesday Jul 17, 2013


                          The French like to make fun of the British, joking about their repressed ways in matters of the heart. But when it came time to debate same-sex marriage, it was France that betrayed a deep conservative streak in sometimes violent protests - while the British showed themselves to be modern and tolerant.

                          With little fanfare or controversy, Britain announced Wednesday that Queen Elizabeth II - hardly a social radical - had signed into law a bill legalizing same-sex marriages in England and Wales. France has also legalized gay marriages, but only after a series of gigantic protests attracting families from the traditional heartland that revealed a deeply split society.




                          Equality Network calls on Scotland to legalise equal marriage following England & Wales Royal Assent

                          by Scott Roberts
                          17 July 2013, 3:13pm


                          Scottish campaigners have welcomed Wednesday’s Royal Assent of the same-sex marriage act for England and Wales, and are using it to redouble their efforts to achieve marriage equality in Scotland.




                          Equal marriage bill for England and Wales given Royal Assent and is now law

                          by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                          17 July 2013, 2:18pm


                          The equal marriage bill for England and Wales was today given Royal Assent, and is now officially law.




                          N.Y. official pushes feds to recognize same-sex marriages

                          MICHAEL GORMLEY | Associated Press

                          Friday, July 19, 2013


                          ALBANY, N.Y. — New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli is using the power of the state’s $160 billion pension system to urge President Barack Obama to order federal agencies and programs around the country to recognize gay marriages performed in New York.


                          DiNapoli’s idea is to adopt a “place of celebration” standard in federal government, meaning gay marriages that take place in New York would be recognized even in states that do not permit them. It could be a big push in DiNapoli’s effort to get major companies that do business with the state pension fund to adopt anti-discrimination measures when providing benefits for gay couples.




                          For some Minnesota Methodists, a same-sex marriage conundrum on Aug. 1

                          by Sasha Aslanian, Minnesota Public Radio

                          July 22, 2013


                          MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota's new marriage law goes into effect Aug. 1, creating new urgency for many faith communities about whether they will perform such weddings, particularly those that have been wrestling with how to address sexual orientation for decades.


                          Among those torn over the issue are Methodists, who have a unique history on the matter in Minnesota -- as retired pastor Roger Lynn would surely testify.




                          Same-sex marriage in Minnesota: A cross-section of faith communities' approaches

                          by Sasha Aslanian, Minnesota Public Radio,
                          Mike Cronin, Minnesota Public Radio

                          July 22, 2013


                          ST. PAUL, Minn. — Same-sex couples can legally wed in Minnesota on Aug. 1. Marriage in the eyes of the state's many faith communities, however, is a different matter.


                          Reactions from Minnesota religious organizations -- and sometimes from within those organizations -- vary widely.




                          NY Official Pushes Feds to Recognize Gay Marriages

                          by Michael Gormley

                          Associated Press

                          Friday Jul 19, 2013


                          New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli is using the power of the state’s $160 billion pension system to urge President Barack Obama to order federal agencies and programs around the country to recognize gay marriages performed in New York.


                          DiNapoli’s idea is to adopt a "place of celebration" standard in federal government, meaning that gay marriages that take place in New York would be recognized even in states that do not permit them. It could be a big push in DiNapoli’s effort to get major companies that do business with the state pension fund to adopt anti-discrimination measures when providing benefits for gay couples.




                          Minnesota Gay Couples Await Guidance on Income Taxes

                          Associated Press

                          Friday Jul 19, 2013


                          Minnesota gay couples preparing to get married after it becomes legal next month will have to wait a bit longer for guidance on their income taxes.




                          San Diego County Clerk Seeks End to Gay Marriages

                          by Paul Elias

                          Associated Press

                          Saturday Jul 20, 2013


                          SAN FRANCISCO - The San Diego County clerk has asked the state Supreme Court to stop gay marriages.

                          Ernest Dronenburg Jr. urged the state high court to immediately halt same-sex weddings while it considers his legal arguments that gay marriages remain illegal in California despite a U.S. Supreme Court’s decision widely regarded as authorizing gay weddings.




                          Ohio Men Challenge State Law Denying Gay Marriage

                          Associated Press

                          Saturday Jul 20, 2013


                          CINCINNATI - Two Ohio men have filed a federal lawsuit alleging Ohio violates the U.S Constitution by denying legal recognition to same-sex couples married in states where gay marriage is legal.

                          James Obergefell and John Arthur of Cincinnati filed the lawsuit Friday in Cincinnati against Ohio’s governor, attorney general and the Cincinnati health department registrar who files death certificates.




                          Minn. Churches Prepare for Gay Wedding Decisions

                          Associated Press

                          Monday Jul 22, 2013


                          Minnesota’s new law allowing gay marriage takes effect Aug. 1, but one former United Methodist minister with a long history of support for the issue won’t be able to publicly preside over any same-sex weddings.


                          Roger Lynn, a retired United Methodist pastor, performed a wedding ceremony in 1971 for two Minneapolis men, Jack Baker and Michael McConnell, whose legal fight to be allowed to marry was among the nation’s first. Lynn’s role in the ceremony caused ruffles in the larger United Methodist community, and a year later its General Conference passed a resolution defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman.




                          32 comments Americas · Law · Politics · USA 

                          US: Democratic West Virginia Representative backs anti-equal marriage federal ban

                          by Scott Roberts
                          19 July 2013, 7:08pm


                          A Democratic lawmaker is joining dozens of Republicans who want to ban same-sex marriages in the US Constitution – even though there efforts are unlikely to succeed.




                          US: City measure introduced to allow same-sex married couples full marriage benefits

                          by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                          19 July 2013, 4:39pm


                          A measure has been introduced in the city of Richmond, Virginia which would allow employees of the city in same-sex marriages to receive the same benefits as straight married couples.



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                          Judge Rules for Ohio Men’s Same-Sex Marriage Associated Press Tuesday Jul 23,
                          Message 12 of 22 , Aug 4, 2013
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                            Judge Rules for Ohio Men’s Same-Sex Marriage

                            Associated Press

                            Tuesday Jul 23, 2013


                            A federal judge has ruled in favor of two Ohio men who want their out-of-state marriage recognized as one of them nears death, a case that’s seen as encouraging for same-sex marriage supporters in the state.




                            NM Attorney General Not Defending Gay Marriage Ban

                            by Barry Massey

                            Associated Press

                            Tuesday Jul 23, 2013


                            New Mexico Attorney General Gary King told the state’s highest court on Monday that a prohibition on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.


                            In written arguments filed with the court, King said the justices should invalidate the state’s ban on gay marriage if they agree to resolve the issue in a lawsuit filed by two Santa Fe men who were denied a marriage license.




                            Mo. Court Seeks More Input on Gay Death Benefits

                            Associated Press

                            Tuesday Jul 23, 2013


                            A U.S. Supreme Court decision about federal benefits for gay couples has prompted the Missouri Supreme Court to take a second look at a pending case.




                            NY to Refund Gay Couples Forced to Pay Estate Tax

                            by Michael Gormley

                            Associated Press

                            Tuesday Jul 23, 2013


                            Same-sex spouses forced to pay high New York estate taxes upon the death of their partner will get refunds from the state.

                            Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday that the refunds are being issued as a result of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act, also known as DOMA.




                            Archbishop of Kenya warns Justin Welby against supporting civil partnerships

                            by Scott Roberts
                            23 July 2013, 1:28pm


                            The Archbishop of Kenya, Dr Eliud Wabukala, has criticised the Archbishops of Canterbury and York because he feels they are softening their position on same-sex civil partnerships.




                            Ky. Couple Challenges Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

                            by Brett Barrouquere

                            Associated Press

                            Friday Jul 26, 2013


                            A Louisville couple challenged Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriages, saying Friday that the state isn’t treating them and other same-sex couples on equal footing with other married couples.


                            Gregory Bourke and Michael Deleon, both 55, are asking a federal judge in Louisville to require the state to recognize valid unions from other states and countries.




                            Federal Judge Orders Ohio Officials to Recognize Same-Sex Couple’s Marriage

                            by Justin Snow

                            Metro Weekly

                            Saturday Jul 27, 2013


                            A federal judge Monday ordered Ohio officials to recognize the marriage of a same-sex couple wed in Maryland on the death certificate of one of the two men currently in hospice care.


                            Timothy Black.jpgU.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black wrote in Monday’s order that despite Ohio’s 2004 constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, "Ohio law has historically and unambiguously provided that the validity of a marriage is determined by whether it complies with the law of the jurisdiction where it was celebrated."




                            July 27, 2013 9:05AM

                            New Challenges to Gay Marriage Bans From Within States & Denominations

                            Post by Candace Chellew-Hodge


                            Don't look now but the marriage equality snowball is gaining momentum. Since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act allowing legally wed gay and lesbian couples access to the federal rights and responsibilities of marriage, LGBT rights groups have wasted no time using the momentum to push for more changes.


                            Couples in states like Kentucky, Virginia, Arkansas and Pennsylvania have filed lawsuits challenging those states' laws against marriage equality.




                            Gay Marriage Court Win In Ohio May Spawn New Suits

                            by Amanda Lee Myers

                            Associated Press

                            Saturday Jul 27, 2013


                            Two gay men who successfully sued to get their out-of-state marriage recognized in Ohio despite a state ban are at the forefront of what supporters and experts believe will be a rush of similar lawsuits aiming to take advantage of an apparent legal loophole.

                            John Arthur of Cincinnati, who is dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease, won the right to be listed as married on his death certificate and to have his partner of more than 20 years listed as his surviving spouse.




                            Lawmakers to Revive Gay Marriage Debate in Neb.

                            by Grant Schulte

                            Associated Press

                            Monday Jul 29, 2013


                            Nebraska lawmakers will revive a gay marriage debate later this year, with a hearing that could lead to a proposed ballot measure on the issue.


                            The Legislature’s Judiciary Committee will convene on Oct. 4 to review Nebraska’s constitutional amendment that defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman.




                            Nigeria Denies Will Allow Gay Married Diplomats

                            Associated Press

                            Monday Jul 29, 2013


                            Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is denying reports the minister said he would allow gay married diplomats to be accredited.




                            Mexico: State of Colima legalises civil unions for same-sex couples


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                            UruguayÆs Same-Sex Marriage Law Takes Effect Monday Aug 5, 2013 As reported in BBC News , today
                            Message 13 of 22 , Aug 18, 2013
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                              Uruguay’s Same-Sex Marriage Law Takes Effect

                              Monday Aug 5, 2013


                              As reported in BBC News, today Rodrigo Borda and Sergio Miranda became the first same-sex couple to register to marry in Uruguay, just hours after the law legalizing gay took effect in the country. The couple plans to marry in September.


                              The marriage equality bill, which passed by overwhelming majorities in both houses of the legislature last April and was signed into law by President José Mujica in May, makes Uruguay the second country in Latin America to offer full marriage rights to all of its citizens.




                              Ill. Governor Says Wis. Should Legalize Gay Marriage

                              Associated Press

                              Monday Aug 5, 2013


                              Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says Wisconsin should follow the lead of other Midwest states and legalize gay marriage.

                              Quinn said Saturday during a break at the National Governors Association meeting in Milwaukee that gay people should not have more rights in some states in the region and less in others.




                              Marriage Equality Not Coming to Wisconsin Anytime Soon

                              by Jason St. Amand

                              National News Editor

                              Monday Aug 5, 2013


                              Same-sex couples hoping to tie the knot in Wisconsin may have to put any wedding plans on hold for awhile, after Gov. Scott Walker (R) made some discouraging comments at a weekend conference in Milwaukee, the Huffington Post reports.




                              Lawsuit Challenges Illinois Gay Marriage Ban

                              Associated Press

                              Tuesday Aug 6, 2013


                              CHICAGO - A Cook County judge is scheduled to hear arguments on whether to dismiss a case challenging Illinois’ ban on same-sex marriage.

                              Circuit Judge Sophia Hall will hear arguments Tuesday.




                              West PA Mayor Marries Gay Men with E. PA License

                              Associated Press

                              Tuesday Aug 6, 2013


                              BRADDOCK, Pa.-A Pittsburgh-area mayor has married two men who obtained a license from an eastern Pennsylvania county official who has issued more than 60 licenses to same-sex couples despite a state law that defines marriage as a contract between one man and one woman.




                              Decision on Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit Next Month

                              Associated Press

                              Wednesday Aug 7, 2013


                              CHICAGO After hearing nearly two hours of arguments, a Cook County judge said Tuesday she’ll decide whether to dismiss a lawsuit challenging Illinois’ gay marriage ban late next month.




                              Demand For Gay-Marriage Licenses in Pa. is Rising

                              Associated Press

                              Wednesday Aug 7, 2013


                              Demand among same-sex couples for marriage licenses from an eastern Pennsylvania county official flouting state law shows no sign of slacking.




                              Pentagon May Revise Same-Sex Benefits

                              Associated Press

                              Wednesday Aug 7, 2013


                              WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon is poised to extend health care, housing and other benefits to the same-sex spouses of military members by the end of August, but may reverse earlier plans to provide benefits to gay partners who are not married.




                              Taiwan: Authorities uphold first same-sex transgender marriage

                              by Aaron Day
                              8 August 2013, 3:21pm


                              Authorities in Taiwan have agreed not to revoke the marriage status of a local transgender couple, in a move activists have called a “benchmark” ruling.




                              Exclusive: Alex Salmond says ‘It’s Time’ for equal marriage in Scotland because it’s the ‘right thing to do’

                              by Scott Roberts
                              8 August 2013, 10:59am


                              Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond has spoken out about why he supports equal marriage in a video recorded as part of the Equality Network’s It’s Time campaign.




                              US: Pentagon to extend some benefits to same-sex military spouses by end of August

                              by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                              8 August 2013, 1:32am


                              Reports suggest that the Pentagon is to extend health care, housing and other benefits to the same-sex spouses of military members by the end of this month.




                              Brazil Army Must Recognize Same-Sex Civil Union

                              Associated Press

                              Friday Aug 9, 2013


                              A court has ordered Brazil’s Army for the first time to recognize a same-sex civil union between a sergeant and his companion.




                              Pa. County Grants 100th Same-Sex Marriage License

                              by Maryclaire Dale

                              Associated Press

                              Friday Aug 9, 2013


                              A suburban Philadelphia county defying Pennsylvania’s marriage law issued its 100th same-sex license Friday, just weeks after opening the courthouse door to gay men and women.




                              Brazil: Court orders army to recognise same-sex civil union

                              by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                              9 August 2013, 6:10pm


                              The judge ruled that the army must recognise the civil union of the same-sex couple

                              For the first time in Brazil, a court has ordered the Brazilian Army to reconise a same-sex civil union.




                              Gay Rights Group: Don’t Delay Marriage in N.J.

                              Associated Press

                              Sunday Aug 11, 2013


                              TRENTON - Lawyers for a group of gay couples said in a court filing Friday that New Jersey’s key argument against allowing same-sex marriage immediately is "contrary to established law."




                              US: Pennsylvania Health Department says issue of same-sex marriage licences ‘risks causing serious harm’

                              by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                              12 August 2013, 11:49pm


                              The decision by a Pennsylvania county clerk to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples could result in a separation of powers violation which ”risks causing serious and limitless harm”, a filing by lawyers for the state Health Department said on Monday.




                              Nigerian bishops: We’re against equal marriage but empathise with people who live with ‘homosexual tendencies’

                              by Scott Roberts
                              12 August 2013, 5:26pm


                              A group of bishops in Nigeria have warned against equal marriage but say they “empathise with people who live with homosexual and gay tendencies”.




                              Source: Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard considered reversing equal marriage opposition

                              by Daniel Carter
                              12 August 2013, 12:25pm


                              It’s being reported by an Australian broadcaster that former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was tempted to drop her opposition to equal marriage during her time in office.




                              US: New Jersey judge to hear potentially groundbreaking case on implications of DOMA strike-down

                              by Joseph Patrick McCormick
                              11 August 2013, 4:15pm


                              A New Jersey court case will this week hear oral arguments in a test of the implications of the Supreme Court ruling which struck down key sections of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), to find out what it means for that states.




                              Same-Sex Couples Seeking Insurance Wait For IRS Rules

                              by Michelle Andrews

                              August 13, 201310:49 AM


                              Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that the federal ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, federal agencies have to figure out the regulations that govern everything from to income taxes.




                              Gay Ohio Couple Win Extension Recognizing Marriage

                              Associated Press

                              Tuesday Aug 13, 2013


                              CINCINNATI: A federal judge on Tuesday extended a temporary restraining order preventing state authorities from enforcing their ban on gay marriage against two men who got married in another state as one of them nears death.



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                              Religious leaders in Hawaii call for passage of marriage equality bill Governor says special session to consider marriage bill is very likely OSKAR GARCIA
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