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    LGBT Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses Find a Common Bond by Francisco L. White EDGE Contributor Friday Jun 1, 2012 The worldwide organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses,
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      LGBT Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses Find a Common Bond

      by Francisco L. White

      EDGE Contributor

      Friday Jun 1, 2012

      The worldwide organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses, also known as the Watch Tower and Bible Tract Society, is a truly unique Christian denomination; its members do not vote, they do not accept blood transfusions and they do not recognize or celebrate holidays. But when a member of the congregation comes out as LGBT, the international network A Common Bond is there to provide support.




      Campus minister anticipates future day 'when all of the church will be inclusive.'

      11:55 PM, Jun. 4, 2012  |  
      Written by TODD ERZEN

      Hundreds of Iowa Methodists signed protest documents at their annual conference Sunday declaring they are prepared to buck the leadership of their church on matters concerning gays and gay marriage.

      A group called Do No Harm Iowa has gathered as many as 500 signatures — including those of about 70 pastors — in response to the most recent meeting of the United Methodist Churches’ global conference of leaders. A vote at that meeting, which is held every four years, determined the church’s book of doctrine and rules would continue to call the practice of homosexuality “incompatible with Christian teaching.”





      Croatia’s Successful Gay Pride Points to Easing in Balkans

      Associated Press

      Saturday Jun 9, 2012

      Riot police watched on as several hundred people, including some government ministers, marched unhindered through the Croatian town of Split on Saturday, many carrying flags and banners reading "Gay is OK" and "We are all equal."

      Authorities had pledged to secure the pride event as a sign of determination to protect gay and other human rights ahead of joining the European Union in 2013.





      World Congress of Families Meets, Seeks a New Dark Ages

      By Gillian Kane

      Gillian Kane is senior policy advisor for Ipas, an international women's reproductive health and rights organization.

      Last month the World Congress of Families (WCF), an international conservative network, met at the Palacio de Congresos in Madrid to share tactics in defense of the “natural family.” For its participants the natural family is a standard for social values that harkens back to a mythical era when men headed the household, women tended the kitchen and children, and sex was for procreation only.





      June 13, 2012 1:05AM

      New Anti-Gay Snake Oil for Religious Right

      Post by Candace Chellew-Hodge

      Focus on the Family can hardly contain its glee over a new study that purports to show that “children raised by homosexual parents are dramatically more likely than peers raised by married heterosexual parents to suffer from a host of social problems.”

      Calling this study “the gold standard” of same-sex parenting studies, FoF’s affiliate CitizenLink crowed that among those “social problems” were “strong tendencies, as adults, to exhibit poor impulse control; suffer from depression and thoughts of suicide; need mental health therapy; identify themselves as homosexual; choose cohabitation; be unfaithful to partners; contract sexually transmitted diseases; be sexually molested; have lower income levels; drink to get drunk; and smoke tobacco and marijuana.”





      June 12, 2012 5:03PM

      Ugandan Bishops Push Notorious Anti-Gay Bill

      Post by Peter Montgomery

      The Uganda Joint Christian Council, which includes Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox bishops, has called on parliament to move the notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill forward. According to the Ugandan newspaper The Daily Monitor:

      Top religious leaders from across the country have asked Parliament to speed-up the process of enacting the Anti-Homosexuality law to prevent what they called “an attack on the Bible and the institution of marriage.”



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