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Gay Rights, an Evangelical Thing?

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    July 21, 2010 1:29PM Gay Rights, an Evangelical Thing? Post by Janet Edwards We need to out-evangelize the evangelists! Contrary to popular imagination,
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      July 21, 2010 1:29PM

      Gay Rights, an Evangelical Thing?

      Post by Janet Edwards

      "We need to out-evangelize the evangelists!"

      Contrary to popular imagination, which usually places evangelicals strictly
      within the conservative Christian right-wing, this rousing call to action
      came from Rev. Jean Southard at a dinner for LGBT advocates during the
      Presbyterian Church (USA)'s General Assembly.

      In the midst of debates within both the Presbyterian Church and the nation,
      Rev. Southard's point was that LGBT-rights advocates in the church should
      shout from the rafters that their actions are evangelical-in the deepest
      historical sense of the word-and in so doing, remind evangelicals of
      Christianity's fundamental tenet of inclusion.

      Though it has taken on a narrow meaning in American politics today,
      "evangelical" is actually an ancient Christian term whose roots extend to
      the earliest days after Jesus' resurrection and ascension. "Evangelical," or
      "evangelion" in the original Greek, literally translates as "Good News."
      From the women running to tell the others of the empty tomb (Luke 24:1-12),
      to Paul's mission to the Gentiles (Acts 15), to John writing his Gospel to
      make sure the Good News would be there for future generations like us,
      "evangelical" has always meant sharing Jesus' Good News with all those who
      wish to be part of the Church.

      The rest of the article is here:


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