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New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good

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    Greetings: I would like to invite you to take a look at a new organization, the New Evangelical Partnership for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010
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      I would like to invite you to take a look at a new organization, the New
      Evangelical Partnership for <http://www.newevangelicalpartnership.org> the
      Common Good. You may ask, "Can anything good come from Evangelicals?" Well,
      I hope you will see that we are indeed something new, fresh, and hopeful in
      a landscape in which too often Evangelicals have had a take-no-prisoners

      Last September, David Gushee and I sought to move the agenda of Evangelicals
      for Human Rights <http://www.evangelicalsforhumanrights.org> forward. We
      had been working with the National <http://www.nrcat.org> Religious
      Campaign Against Torture since 2006 to end US-sponsored torture forever, and
      to investigate crimes committed as the US prosecuted the so-called "war on
      terror." We asked Richard Cizik, former Vice President of Government Affairs
      for the National Association of Evangelicals, if he would join us in
      broadening our agenda to include issues overlooked by old-line Evangelical
      leaders. Richard had lost his job because, on the NPR program "Fresh Air,"
      he expressed support for the rights of gay people. For some time he had been
      an irritant to some NAE leaders because of his support for legislation that
      would curb the effects of climate change, and for his work to pass the
      Evangelical <http://www.newevangelicalpartnership.org/?q=node/14>
      Declaration Against Torture.

      The New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good launched in January
      under the leadership of Richard Cizik, David Gushee, and myself. Our first
      project called for relief of Haiti's crushing debt under the banner,
      <http://www.newevangelicalpartnership.org/?q=node/20> "A nation buried in
      rubble should not also be buried in debt." 71 Evangelical leaders signed a
      statement that was taken to the White House. Two weeks later, thanks also to
      the efforts of many including Jubilee <http://www.jubileeusa.org> USA,
      Sojourners <http://www.sojo.net> , and the ONE campaign <http://www.one.org>
      , the US Treasury <http://www.newevangelicalpartnership.org/?q=node/27>
      Department called for the complete forgiveness of Haiti's debt.

      I ask you to visit our web <http://www.newevangelicalpartnership.org> site
      and take a look around. I hope that you will be pleased with what you see:
      an attempt to search for common-ground solutions that take the Bible
      seriously while pursuing projects that are good for everyone (the "common
      good"), not just the like-minded, and embody the call to love God and love
      neighbor as self. If you like what you see, sign up to be on our email list.

      Thank you for your consideration. May you be blessed in the days ahead.

      Rev. Steven D. Martin
      Executive Director

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