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Affirmation Press Release: Affirmation Celebrates Recent Marriage Decisions

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    Affirmation Celebrates Recent Marriage Decisions For immediate release, Wednesday 5/20/2009 By Affirmation Co-spokesperson Tim Tennant-Jayne The season of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2009
      Affirmation Celebrates Recent Marriage Decisions

      For immediate release, Wednesday 5/20/2009

      By Affirmation Co-spokesperson Tim Tennant-Jayne

      The season of Easter is a time of renewal, of love reborn, of hope
      rekindled, and of the resurrection of the One who is Life. This Easter,
      Affirmation: United Methodists for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and
      Queer Concerns, joins with others in the larger faith community in
      celebrating the recent decisions affirming same-sex marriage. The Iowa
      Supreme Court's unanimous decision in the case of Varnum v. Brien,
      understands that different-sex and same-sex families have value and are to
      be legally recognized, honored, protected, and celebrated. Affirmation was
      an Amicus in the case that resulted in this ruling. Likewise, both the
      Vermont and Maine Legislatures and Governors have very wisely acknowledged
      that civil unions are not the same as marriage. All loving couples deserve
      equal status and protection. In addition, the legislative debates and
      decisions in New Hampshire and New York state legislatures are very

      This good news is not universally celebrated. Alas, people are generally
      resistant to change, even when that change is to a more caring and loving
      and equal society. While some people will still say these decisions are
      opposed to 'God's Will', a clearer reading of the Scriptures does not
      support discrimination of same-sex individuals or couples. Rather, we are
      to celebrate and use all of our gifts for God's service in this world.

      There will also be voices calling for popularist votes on this issue. Yet
      even in this Easter season we cannot forget the voices of Lent, and
      particularly of Holy Week. Those community actions so long ago show what
      can happen when mob rule takes over. Rarely does a society grant civil
      rights to the oppressed. It frequently takes strong individuals, such as
      currently sit in the Iowa Supreme Court and in the Maine and Vermont
      government, to guide our society into equality.

      We recognize that these are civil decisions and not religious ones. We hope
      the United Methodists of Iowa, Maine, Vermont, and eventually the entire
      United Methodist Church, will be able to rejoice in these decisions and
      honor those who choose marriage for their lives. We pray for the best for
      all couples, both different-sex and same-sex, who decide to officially


      As an independent voice of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer
      people, Affirmation radically reclaims the compassionate and transforming
      gospel of Jesus Christ by relentlessly pursuing full inclusion in the Church
      as we journey with the Spirit in creating God's beloved community.

      Affirmation is an activist, all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization with
      no official ties to The United Methodist Church.

      How to Contact Us: email: umaffirmation@...
      Affirmation web: http://www.umaffirm.org
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