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NEJ Affirms UM Calififornia Clergy on Same-Gender Marriages

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    NEJ affirms Calif. clergy on same-gender marriages July 18, 2008 By Maidstone Mulenga* HARRISBURG, Pa. (UMNS)-In sharp contrast to the action taken at the
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      NEJ affirms Calif. clergy on same-gender marriages
      July 18, 2008
      By Maidstone Mulenga*

      HARRISBURG, Pa. (UMNS)-In sharp contrast to the action taken at the
      United Methodist General Conference last spring, delegates to the
      denomination's Northeastern Jurisdiction Conference voted July 17 to
      support clergy in California who choose to perform same-gender marriages.

      The delegates approved a resolution expressing respect for pastors in
      the California-Pacific and California-Nevada annual (regional)
      conferences "who as a matter of Christian conscience, spiritual
      discernment and prophetic witnessing" opt to participate in the
      celebration of same-gender marriages that are not approved by the church.

      The resolution also asks for lenient disciplinary action against
      clergy who disobey church law on the issue.

      The 2008 General Conference, the denomination's top legislative body,
      voted to retain its ban on same-gender marriages and to bar clergy
      from performing such marriages or consecrating them in the church.
      Pastors who perform same-gender unions risk losing their clergy
      credentials. The assembly met April 23-May 2 in Fort Worth, Texas.

      Division among Northeastern Jurisdiction delegates over the resolution
      prompted passionate debate from supporters and opponents. Bishop Jane
      Allen Middleton of the Harrisburg Area, who was presiding over the
      session, prayed for holy discernment before the delegates voted.

      On May 15, the California Supreme Court struck down the state's ban on
      same-gender marriage, ruling that the state constitution protects that
      "right to marry."

      The California-Pacific Annual Conference, which met in June, approved
      measures that support same-gender couples entering into the marriage
      covenant and encouraged congregations and pastors to "welcome, embrace
      and provide spiritual nurture and pastoral care for these families."

      The neighboring California-Nevada Annual Conference approved similar
      measures, including one that lists about 80 retired United Methodist
      clergy who have offered to conduct same-gender marriage ceremonies on
      behalf of those clergy who feel they cannot do it themselves.

      After the Northeastern Jurisdiction Conference resolution was passed,
      Bishop Mary Ann Swenson of the Los Angeles Area read it to the Western
      Jurisdiction Conference in Portland, Ore. Delegates and guests greeted
      it with a standing ovation.

      The five U.S. jurisdictional conferences of The United Methodist
      Church are meeting to elect and assign bishops for the next four years
      and to handle other business. The Northeastern Jurisdiction is meeting
      July 13-18.

      *Mulenga is a reporter for the Rochester Democrat-Chronicle, the
      communications committee chairperson for the Western New York Annual
      Conference, and a delegate to the Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference.
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