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    Excerpted from The Reconciling Ministries Network Digest Wednesday, September 7, 2005 HIGHLIGHTS: HEARTS ON FIRE! Visit: http://rmnetwork.blogspot.com/ for
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      Excerpted from The Reconciling Ministries Network Digest
      Wednesday, September 7, 2005


      Visit: http://rmnetwork.blogspot.com/ for more detail. DVDs of
      worship, bible study, bishop's keynote, panel, and listening posts
      will be available. Order through meg@....

      - As the first act of worship together when we gathered on Friday,
      Hearts On Fire! lifted up in prayer those affected by Hurricane
      Katrina and took up an offering--now over $13,000. Special emphasis
      was given to the loss of Gulfside -- the unique place of hospitality
      for African Americans during the time of the Central Jurisdictional
      Conference of the UMC. You can still be a part of this special
      offering by visiting


      and designating Katrina Relief. This collection will be forwarded by
      Reconciling Ministries Network through UMCOR--Hurricane Relief. Also
      related: RMN will coordinate mission teams through UM Volunteers In
      Mission to send to New Orleans when the time is right for such teams
      to begin work. Please forward your interest and experience in
      participating in a mission team next year to troy@....

      - Exciting worship, coordinated by Heather Elkins, and challenging
      preaching began each day following the accounts of Elijah-Elisha.
      Beth Stroud challenged those gathered to look past the noise and
      engage the silence and to listen for God's will. Bishop Minerva
      Carcaño proclaimed there is room at the foot of the cross for all
      us. Rev. Margaret Mallory encouraged participants to "take the dare"
      and pick up the mantle for justice. Rev. James Preston searched
      through our own failings as the UMC and as Reconcilers confessing our
      crises and still proclaiming a future with hope. Rev. Dr. Karen
      Oliveto explored the message of the book of Acts for our community.
      Bishop Richard Wilke delivered a keynote address on the Jerusalem
      Council of Acts Chapter 15.

      - Words of encouragement and welcome to Hearts on Fire were received
      by local residents of Lake Junaluska, Waynesville, North Carolina and
      the US including nearly 40 of our UM Bishops. Jimmy Carr received an
      overwhelming standing ovation as he extended greetings from the Lake
      Junaluska staff.

      - Music flowed through the event with Mark Miller and band in
      worship, mountain music from the Sugar Camp String Band for the ice
      cream social, cabaret with Cassandra Marsh for Affirmation's 30th
      anniversary, and a concert by Jason and deMarco.

      - Generosity continued to flow with an offering collected of $30,100
      for the continued ministry of Reconciling Ministries Network as Randy
      Miller invited us to keep being an organization that saves peoples

      - Participants were on the edge of their seats for the historic
      Future With Hope panel of Bishops and the following Listening Posts
      including testimony from Hearts on Fire participants. Bishops
      Dyck, Jones, Morrison, Schol and Talbert offered diverse perspectives
      and a unique glimpse into the interaction between bishops and
      reconciling efforts.



      Moving forward from Lake Junalusaka, RMN is committed to continuing
      to strengthen the grassroots of our movement and to "go where we have
      not gone before." RMN board member Randy Miller reminded the group,
      "This is critical; our presence saves lives." Expanding upon the
      successes of 2004, our goals include more interstate circuit riding
      tours. The staff commitment is to spend 60% of our efforts organizing
      and networking new teams and communities.

      Each of you is essential to this effort. You are the grassroots! With
      feedback from area networking groups at Hearts on Fire, we will
      coordinate strategically to reach farther and farther while continuing
      to strengthen ongoing communities and congregations.

      We are scheduling regional and local gatherings now for 2006. Your
      input is essential. Contact our primary circuit rider Sue Laurie at
      sue@... or Troy Plummer at troy@.... [Both are
      currently out of the office, so please be patient.] Help us help you
      to help the church. We are United Methodists of all sexual
      orientations and gender identities making disciples of Jesus Christ
      for the transformation of the world!


      For additional information you may contact the Reconciling Ministries
      Network office at:

      Reconciling Ministries Network
      3801 N. Keeler Avenue
      Chicago, IL 60641

      773.736.5526 Phone
      773.736.5475 Fax

      Email: rmn@...
      Or visit us on the web at www.RMNetwork.org.

      To subscribe to or unsubscribe from this digest please, send an email
      to Sarah@....
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