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"Buster the Bunny" Banned Episode: Showing in Church & Online

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    Two stories and links below. See also the following on Affirmation s web sie: . . . And a Little Child Shall Lead Them
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2005
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      Two stories and links below. See also the following on Affirmation's
      web sie:

      ". . . And a Little Child Shall Lead Them"


      What Has Floppy Ears And a Subversive Tale?
      By David Montgomery
      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Sunday, March 6, 2005; Page D01

      Like forbidden dissenters in some intolerant land, a couple hundred
      families took refuge in a church basement in Washington yesterday for
      a morning of dangerous television. So controversial were the images
      that the Bush administration wants its underwriting money back. So
      subversive was its plot that the local public television station
      refused to air it. ...

      The sheets of 160 stick-on nametags at the door of Church of the
      Pilgrims Presbyterian -- those radical Presbyterians! -- ran out
      quickly, and an additional 100 or more had to be improvised with
      masking tape. The army of strollers and car seats and diaper bags kept
      coming to the big gothic church at the corner of P and 22nd streets

      More at:


      CORNET Note about announcement below: The online video is low quality,
      even on a fast connection, but it is good enough to get a general idea
      of the "who" and the "what." The sound is fine.


      March 7, 2005

      'Virtual Rally' Planned for Thurs., March 10 Protesting the Department
      of Education's Stance Against the Children's Program

      The Family Pride Coalition -- the only national non-profit
      organization exclusively dedicated to securing equality for lesbian,
      gay, bisexual and transgender parents and their families -- has
      announced it will broadcast online the "controversial" episode of PBS'
      popular children's program "Postcards from Buster."

      The program features Buster, an animated character who visits
      real-life families, exploring the diversity of America. But in the
      episode entitled "Sugartime!," a storm of controversy ignited after
      U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings denounced the program
      because it featured children whose parents are lesbians. The Family
      Pride Coalition will make "Sugartime!" available to all families for
      one week from March 7 to March 13, 2005 at
      http://buster.familypride.org . Family Pride also hopes to raise
      awareness of the subject matter surrounding the program, while also
      generating support from the public in defending the dignity and
      integrity of all families.

      In conjunction with the online broadcast, Family Pride will launch a
      "Virtual Rally" on Thurs., March 10 to defend family diversity around
      the country. Those interested in participating are asked to contact
      the Department of Education by phone, e-mail or fax, voicing their
      disapproval of Secretary Spellings' actions against "Postcards from
      Buster" and demand she recant her incendiary remarks against
      LGBT-headed families. To participate in the rally, users can get more
      information by logging onto http://buster.familypride.org

      The controversy began late January when Spellings issued a
      strongly-worded letter denouncing PBS and the producers of "Postcards
      from Buster" for featuring a family with two moms, declaring, "Many
      parents would not want their young children exposed to the lifestyles
      portrayed in the episode."

      At the center of the debate are the two mothers, Gillian Pieper and
      Karen Pike, who have become both a target of hate by anti-gay groups,
      as well as the inspiration for increased activism among LGBT parents
      across the country. In a joint statement released by the couple,
      Pieper and Pike expressed their dismay toward Secretary Spellings'
      stance, touching on the heart of the issue that has affected their
      family so personally.

      "This issue is not about sexual behavior. This issue is all about the
      children. All children, from all families, must be made to feel valid
      and accepted. No child is too young to teach about love and
      inclusiveness, tolerance and unity. Knowledge is power. Let our kids
      learn about the world they live in so that they can grow up and
      believe that America is home to everyone, and not just people who are
      like themselves," they said.

      In addition to streaming the "Sugartime!" episode online, the Family
      Pride Coalition has also initiated an aggressive advocacy campaign to
      educate and inform the public about same-sex parenting. Featuring the
      slogan "Love & Hate are four-letter words. Which do you want your
      child saying?," Family Pride has begun a wide-reaching wild posting
      and postcard campaign designed to make people realize what exactly is
      at stake in this debate. Family Pride is also producing a public
      service announcement featuring openly gay U.S. Congressman Barney
      Frank; openly gay actor, author and father B.D. Wong and others
      addressing the importance of defending diversity.

      More information about the Family Pride Coalition can be found at
      http://www.familypride.org .

      The Family Pride Coalition is the only national non-profit
      organization exclusively dedicated to securing equality for lesbian,
      gay, bisexual and transgender parents and their families.

      By becoming a member of the Family Pride Coalition you have the
      opportunity to dramatically affect the lives of LGBT parents and their
      families. Please join the Family Pride Coalition today by filling out
      our online membership form by clicking
      http://www.familypride.org/joinus.htm .
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