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Founder of Transforming Congregations movement writes book

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  • U.M. Cornet
    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE Founder of Transforming Congregations movement writes book Aug. 19, 1999 News media contact: Thomas S. McAnally * (615)742-5470
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      Founder of Transforming Congregations movement writes book

      Aug. 19, 1999 News media contact: Thomas S. McAnally * (615)742-5470 *
      Nashville, Tenn.

      By United Methodist News Service

      The founder of an unofficial movement within the United Methodist Church
      that seeks to "transform" practicing homosexuals has written a book titled,
      Crisis in Ministry: a Wesleyan Response to the Gay Rights Movement.

      The book, by the Rev. Robert L. Kuyper, will be released in September by
      Bristol House Publishers, Anderson, Ind. Kuyper, pastor of Trinity United
      Methodist Church in Bakersfield, Calif., since 1984, founded the
      "Transforming Congregation" movement and has edited its newsletter for the
      past 10 years. A clergy member of the church's California-Nevada Annual
      Conference, he is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta and Vanderbilt
      University in Nashville, Tenn., and earned his Doctor of Ministry degree in
      1997 at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, Calif.

      Bristol House was founded in 1987 by Good News, the denomination's
      unofficial conservative caucus, but was sold to independent investors in

      Kuyper's book is described by the publisher as a basic handbook for
      congregations who want to learn more and consider being available for
      transforming ministry. Questions for discussion are provided with each

      "The book looks at the modern gay rights movement and the accommodating and
      homophobic responses from the church," according to a Bristol release. "Then
      a theological basis is laid for a healing and transforming response from the
      congregation itself as the body of Christ. Renewal is necessary for the
      healing of sexual brokenness to take place. The book shows that the same
      transforming ministry took place in the New Testament Church and in the
      Wesleyan revival. "

      Kuyper's book was adapted from the dissertation he wrote for his Doctor of
      Ministry Degree at Fuller. His faculty mentor during that time was the Rev.
      Newton Malony, a United Methodist psychologist. "Nowhere else will one find
      so balanced a Biblical and pastoral presentation of concern for those who
      are caught in the travail of homosexuality," Malony said. "This book can be
      read with the knowledge that judgment is always tempered with mercy and

      Stated mission of the Transforming Congregations movement is to:

      * affirm the Biblical position that God loves all persons, that
      homosexual practice is one sin among many and that the power of the Holy
      Spirit is available to transform all persons - including homosexual persons;
      * minister to persons struggling with homosexuality, their families
      and all others affected by homosexuality as partners in Christ's work of
      * call the church to recognize its need for repentance and healing of
      its homophobic and accommodating responses;
      * integrate all persons striving to live as faithful disciples of
      Jesus Christ into full membership in the local church..

      The book can be ordered from Bristol House by calling (800) 451-READ. It
      will also be available at the Confessing Movement meeting in Indianapolis
      Sept. 9-11.


      United Methodist News Service
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