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Church Within a Church Movement Hires Executive Director

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  • umcornet
    Cathy Knight has become executive director of the Church Within A Church Movement. ... Church Within a Church Movement Hires Executive Director January 3, 2005
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      Cathy Knight has become executive director of the Church Within A
      Church Movement.


      Church Within a Church Movement Hires Executive Director
      January 3, 2005
      For Immediate Release

      Chicago, Illinois ­ The progressive grassroots Church Within A
      Church Movement in the United Methodist Church (UMC) decided to seize
      the opportunity to be a catalyst for change by hiring a full time
      executive director. Catherine (Cathy) A. Knight, who has been the
      organization's part-time marketing/development director since July
      2004, stepped into the role of executive director on January 1,
      2005. Her responsibilities will focus on enhancing the activities of
      the volunteer National Coordinating Committee's mission to, "BE
      church in a fully inclusive way." Ms. Knight will continue
      fundraising activities and lead the group's drive for progressive new-
      church starts and congregational resources.

      "This is a bold step for Church Within A Church. This movement can
      make a difference to people who continue to be disenfranchised by our
      churches. We have financial momentum and strategies that reflect our
      vision of creating worshiping communities that fully celebrate and
      value all of God's humankind. This is a perfect fit for me and I am
      ready to hit the ground running" states Ms. Knight.

      Ms. Knight was previously interim executive director of the
      Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) where she led a turnaround from
      deficit spending to budget surplus. She led the network's growth by
      adding more congregations, individuals and communities, establishing
      an online devotions ministry and updated Web site, and enhanced the
      organization's communication channels. Previously she was the
      southern outreach coordinator for RMN, traveling extensively
      throughout the two southern jurisdictions maintaining vital relations
      with Reconciling United Methodists in the South.

      Ms. Knight began her work in United Methodist activism as a volunteer
      with the "In All Things Charity" organization that collaborated with
      other progressive groups in the lead-up to and creation of the AMAR
      coalition at the 2000 United Methodist General Conference. Along
      with dozens of other protesters, including two United Methodist
      Bishops, she was arrested in civil disobedience actions protesting
      the United Methodist Church's discriminatory practices.

      Church Within A Church Movement holds that the UMC Book of Discipline
      paragraphs pertaining to gay and lesbian persons constitute a hostile
      stranglehold of legalism never before seen in the UMC, and supports
      the UMC's need to more forthrightly continue the fight against racism.
      The group is pressing forward in its Christian mission with a four-
      pronged strategy:

      1. Enumerate and embrace anti-racism practices in order to cut
      through the cultural blindness that fails to see racism present in
      our church and society.
      2. Continue to encourage new church/ministry starts as models of
      innovation for Christian ministry with integrity.
      3. Plan for a process of "irregular" ordinations leading to gainful
      employment when qualified persons are denied calls to ministry simply
      because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.
      4. Develop and distribute inclusive Christian resources for smaller
      congregations to use to grow up children who are inclusive themselves.

      Organized in February of 2002, Church Within A Church is a grass
      roots response to actions of the United Methodist Church General
      Conference. Refusing to commit itself to remaining within the United
      Methodist denomination or leaving it, the progressive movement
      declares its mission: "To BE Church in a fully inclusive way." A ten
      member coordinating team, which meets twice a year, guides the group.

      Contact Information: Cathy Knight, Executive Director, Church Within
      A Church. 3344 N. Broadway Chicago, IL 60657. Phone: 773.348.2679 x
      227. Email: cknight72@...


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