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Psychologists' OK of Same-sex Unions Called 'Gay Agenda'

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    Southern Baptists attack American Psychological Association s s recent statement. ... Psychologists OK of Same-sex Unions Called Gay Agenda By Art Toalston
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2004
      Southern Baptists attack American Psychological Association's 's
      recent statement.

      Psychologists' OK of Same-sex Unions Called 'Gay Agenda'
      By Art Toalston
      Southern Baptist Convention, Baptist Press
      Friday, July 30, 2004

      NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--Family advocates were dismayed but not
      surprised by the American Psychological Association's embrace of
      efforts to legalize same-sex "marriage" and to advance homosexuals'
      child custody rights, adopted during the group's annual meeting in

      The APA, in a news release July 28, reported, "Prohibiting civil
      marriage for same-sex couples is discriminatory and unfairly denies
      such couples, their children and other members of their families the
      legal, financial and social advantages of civil marriage," according
      to a resolution adopted by the group's Council of Representatives.

      "The APA also opposed discrimination against lesbian or gay parents
      adoption, child custody and visitation, foster care and reproductive
      health services," the group's news release stated.

      The report prompted Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist
      Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, to note, "This is the same
      group that, at the command of the radical homosexual lobby, supinely
      took homosexuality off the list of psychological disorders decades

      "The APA does whatever the radical homosexual lobby tells it to do,"
      Land said in a statement to Baptist Press. "It's nothing more than a
      professional lobbying group for the radical homosexual lobby."

      Land also noted, "I don't get my moral compass from the American
      Psychological Association. The Bible declares same-sex marriage as an
      oxymoron, and at least two-thirds of the American people oppose it.

      "Fortunately, we live in a representative democracy where each member
      of the American Psychological Association has a vote just like every
      other American. I'm willing to let the wisdom of the American people,
      not the APA, decide this issue for American society."

      The genesis of the APA's embrace of homosexuality, according to BP
      columnist Kelly Boggs, dates back to the 1970s.

      Boggs, in his July 30 column, noted that the events unfolding from an
      onslaught of homosexual activists initially against the American
      Psychiatric Association and then the American Psychological
      Association are recounted in two reputable books:

      -- "Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth" (Baker Books, 1996) by
      psychiatrist Jeffery Satinover, who holds degrees from MIT, Harvard,
      the University of Texas and Yale.

      -- "Homosexuality and American Psychiatry: The Politics of Diagnosis"
      (Princeton University Press, 1987, as listed on Amazon) by Ronald
      Bayer, currently a professor of public health at Columbia
      University's Mailman School of Public Health.

      Boggs writes that the American Psychiatric Association, the first of
      the organizations to declare homosexuality to be "normal," took that
      stance "without a single shred of scientific evidence. Even now the
      jury is still out on the issue because not one study to date has
      shown homosexuality to be innate or irreversible. ...

      "Don't be surprised, or swayed, by the American Psychological
      Association's recent endorsement of homosexual 'marriage,'" Boggs
      writes. "It is just one more organization that has been co-opted by
      homosexual activists."

      Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, in a July 29 news release,
      said the American Psychological Association's support of same-sex
      unions "flies in the face of logic, science and the historical
      experience of every culture on the face of the planet."

      "Let's be clear: What we're talking about here is intentionally
      creating hundreds of thousands of motherless and fatherless families,
      permanently depriving little boys of a father and little girls of a
      mother," Dobson said.

      Glenn Stanton, Focus on the Family's senior research analyst for
      marriage and sexuality, echoed Dobson's concerns, noting, "This
      policy will subject generations of children to the status of lab
      animals in a vast, untested social experiment with the family. No one
      can say that is compassionate."

      Stanton also stated, "Study after study has found that boys and girls
      not raised by both their mother and father are much more likely to,
      among other things, suffer abuse, perform poorly in school, suffer
      lower levels of mental and physical health and wind up in trouble
      with the law."

      Bill Maier, a clinical psychologist and a Focus on the Family vice
      president, added that the psychological association's Council of
      Representatives has concluded that the desires of a tiny minority of
      the population "are more important than the best interests of
      America's children."

      "Every responsible psychologist in the APA should be ashamed; the
      organization is obviously more concerned with appeasing its powerful
      gay lobby than it is with retaining any semblance of moral and
      ethical duty," Maier said.

      The APA, in its news release, noted that its stances on same-
      sex "marriage" and homosexuals' child custody rights were recommended
      by its Working Group on Same-Sex Families and Relationships, a seven-
      member panel of psychologists appointed by the APA Council of
      Representatives in February.

      The working group members' qualifications, according to the APA news
      release, involve "a combination of both scientific expertise in
      family and couple relations and professional expertise with lesbian,
      gay, and bisexual populations." The panel "summarized the research
      that discrimination and prejudice based on sexual orientation
      detrimentally affects the psychological, physical, social and
      economic well-being of lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals, that
      same-sex couples are remarkably similar to heterosexual couples, and
      that parenting effectiveness and the adjustment, development and
      psychological well-being of children is unrelated to parental sexual

      The members of the APA Working Group on Same-Sex Families and
      Relationships were Armand Cerbone, Ph.D., Chicago; Beverly Greene,
      Ph.D., St. John's University; Kristin Hancock, Ph.D., Graduate School
      of Professional Psychology at John F. Kennedy University; Lawrence A.
      Kurdek, Ph.D., Wright State University; Candace A. McCullough, Ph.D.,
      Bethesda, Md.; and Letitia Anne Peplau, Ph.D., University of
      California, Los Angeles.

      David Blankenhorn, meanwhile, head of the Institute for American
      Values, told USA Today that the notion of same-sex "marriage" fuels
      a "marriage-lite" trend in society.

      "The whole social fabric depends on stable marriages; how the next
      generation is raised depends on it," Blankenhorn said.


      Tom Strode contributed to this article.
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