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PCUSA: Charges Filed Against Lesbian Minister

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  • umcornet
    March 15, 2004 Charges filed against gay minister Californian accused of marrying a lesbian, then marrying two lesbians by Alexa Smith PCUSA News Service
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      March 15, 2004
      Charges filed against gay minister
      Californian accused of 'marrying' a lesbian, then "marrying' two
      by Alexa Smith
      PCUSA News Service

      LOUISVILLE -- Another disciplinary case has been filed against an
      openly gay woman minister -- this time for having officiated at a
      civil ceremony in San Francisco last month featuring an exchange of
      vows between two lesbians.

      The Rev. Ann L. Petker of Berkeley, CA, is accused of being wed to
      her lesbian partner one day in mid-February, then conducting
      a "marriage" service for a lesbian couple the next day.

      Photographs of the ceremony at at the San Francisco civic center were
      published on the Web site of the gay advocacy group, That All May
      Freely Serve, under the byline of Jennifer G. Shepherd, news editor.
      In it, Anne Towler says Petker had "married" Towler and her partner,
      Virginia Thibeaux, a former classmate of Petker's at San Francisco
      Theological Seminary.

      Petker was not quoted in the story, which was headlined, "Novato
      couple's historic wedding."

      The story recounts that Petker "married" her own partner the previous
      day, then returning to the center to officiate at the Towler-Thibeaux

      On Friday, March 12, the Los Angeles-based Presbytery of the Pacific
      was trying to determine whether Petker is still a pastor in the
      Presbyterian Church (USA). The presbytery's stated clerk, the Rev.
      Frank Marshall, said Petker had started the process of transferring
      to the United Church of Christ, a denomination that allows the
      ordination of sexually active gays and lesbians, unlike the PC(USA).

      If the transfer has been made, the case would be moot.

      In the UCC, according to Barbara Powell, the denomination's public
      information officer, the terms "union," "commitment service"
      and "marriage" are interchangeable.

      Efforts to reach Petker were unsuccessful.

      The UCC's Northern California Conference told the Presbyterian News
      Service (PNS) that Petker is seeking "privilege of call," meaning she
      would have the right to seek a call in UCC churches.

      Officials said there was nothing in the conference records to
      indicate that Petker is not still a PC(USA) pastor.

      While the PC(USA) has consistently supported civil rights for same-
      sex partners, it does not endorse homosexual conjugal practice
      as "marriage." A 2002 judicial case, Benton vs. the Presbytery of
      Hudson River, held that Presbyterian clergy can perform same-sex
      unions, but must clearly distinguish such blessing ceremonies from
      Christian marriage, which is reserved for a man and woman.

      Four accusations have been filed against Petker by attorney Paul Rolf
      Jensen, a controversial member of a Presbyterian congregation in
      California who has filed more than 20 cases against Presbyterian
      ministers and elders in the past two years, charging them with
      violating their ordination vows by ordaining or marrying gays and

      When a disciplinary case is filed, a presbytery is required to form a
      committee to investigate the allegations.

      Only one of the four cases resulted in a revocation of ordination --
      that of the Rev. Stephen Van Kuiken of Cincinnati, OH -- and that was
      overturned on a procedural technicality. The Presbytery of Cincinnati
      is investigating a second accusation filed against Van Kuiken by

      Jensen accuses Petker of:

      *Willfully and deliberately violating her ordination vows and
      disrupting the peace, unity and purity of the church;
      *Performing a "marriage" ceremony of a same-sex couple;
      *Renouncing the jurisdiction of the PC(USA) by refusing to comply
      with its constitution and with prior decisions of the church's
      highest court;
      *Practicing the sin of homosexuality without repentance.

      Jensen argues that, by being "married" in an "illegal civil ceremony"
      and then performing what is termed a "marriage ceremony," Petker
      has "crossed the line of acceptable advocacy."

      "She has no right to disregard her solemn vow to obey the
      constitution of the Presbyterian Church," he says.

      Jensen made his previous allegations against Petker in 2002. They
      were dismissed by the presbytery's investigating committee for lack
      of evidence.

      Jensen accused Petker of deliberating violating her ordination vows
      and renouncing the jurisdiction of the PC(USA) by defying the
      church's constitution through "practicing without repentance the sin
      of homosexuality."

      But sexual practice is a difficult thing to prove, as Jensen and
      Marshall agree.

      In the 2002 Benton decision, the General Assembly Permanent Judicial
      Commission was unambiguous in its ruling that Christian marriage is
      between a man and a woman only. While it gives latitude to ministers
      and sessions in addressing the pastoral care of members, it says
      it "would not be proper" for a PC(USA) pastor to perform a same-sex
      union that "the minister determines to be the same as a marriage

      The PJC also instructed sessions to prohibit the use of church
      facilities for same-gender services that may be construed as the same
      as a marriage ceremony.

      The court also ruled that ministers conducting same-sex may not use
      liturgical forms from services of Christian or civil marriage in the
      conduct of same-gender ceremonies. "Ministers and sessions should
      take special care to avoid any confusion of such services with
      services of Christian marriage," it said.

      Most of Jensen's cases have been dismissed on technicalities, but
      Jensen said he feels confident that the Presbytery of the Pacific
      will "investigate and reach the right decision" -- assuming that
      Petker is a PC(USA) minister.

      Referring to the exchange of vows, he said, "There is no lack of
      evidence this time."
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