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GLBT people & the UMC

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    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE 1. There s no way we could think of [our sons] Tim and Fred as terrible, sinful people because they were gay, Bishop Fritz
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 1999
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      1. "There's no way we could think of [our sons] Tim and Fred as
      terrible, sinful people because they were gay," Bishop Fritz Mutti says in a
      Topeka (KS) Star article. "They were baptized members of the
      church." His wife, Etta Mae echoes his belief, adding "Children of

      This article, "Topeka couple knows the personal toll between
      homosexuality and the Methodist Church", looks at the experience of
      Bishop and Mrs. Mutti.

      The full-text is found at

      (Note that this URL indeed does contain commas.)

      2. The Pacific Northwest regional conference of the United Methodist
      Church voted last week to bring to General Conference 2000 a
      recommendation "that gay ministers be ordained, that gays be welcomed
      into all congregations and that pastors be allowed to bless gay" unions,
      reports the Tacoma (WA) Spokesman-Review.

      Noting the lack of anger that had been present at previous conferences
      when discussing GLBT support and participation in the denomination, the Rev.
      Dorothy Riegel, pastor of Green Bluff United Methodist Church, said "I've
      never seen a spirit like that. I think the change is far, far more
      important than the final vote."

      The article, Region's Methodists vote to include homosexuals," can be
      read at

      3. The June 25 issue of the Washington (DC) Blade looks at the issue of the
      full inclusion of Gay Christians in "Gay Methodists draw strength from
      allies: Heterosexual church members take an increasingly visible stand".

      In this overview of the topic as it presently stands, Mark Bowman,
      executive director of the Reconciling Congregation Program, explains
      that when he first became involved, anyone who spoke in support of GLBT
      people was branded as bring Gay or Lesbian themselves. However,
      according to Bowman, "But in the past 20 years, I have been very amazed at
      the very, very large number of heterosexual allies who have become convinced
      that this is critical issue for the church. And they�re willing to risk
      their own lives and vocations to move the church forward for Gay and Lesbian

      For the full article, go to

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