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Christian Coalition Loses in Court

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    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE The IRS has determined that the Christian Coalition (CC) is a political organization, rather than the religious one they have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 1999

      The IRS has determined that the Christian Coalition (CC) is a political
      organization, rather than the religious one they have claimed to be. This
      has resulted in the revocation of their tax-exempt status.

      The St. Petersburg (FL) Times reports in "IRS Denies Christian Coalition
      Bid" that the IRS decision was actually made last year, but not made public
      during the appeals process. Recently notified that they would lose the
      appeal, the Christian Coalition (CC) withdrew it. According to CC
      officials, it is estimated that losing the tax benefits of a nonprofit
      religious organization means that "the organization will owe the IRS between
      $300,000 and $400,000 in back taxes."

      According to this article found at
      http://wire.ap.org/?SLUG=CHRISTIAN%2dCOALITION, organization president
      Pat Robertson said the "Christian Coalition of America will continue to be a
      force in American politics and will remain a prominent fixture on the
      political landscape as the nation's number one pro-family, pro-life

      the Washington (DC) Post adds to this news with their article, "IRS Denies
      Christian Coalition Tax-Exempt Status".

      The Post reports that the revocation of the CC�s status "is virtually
      certain to make conservative pastors, concerned about risking their
      charitable status, reluctant to maintain their close ties to the
      Christian Coalition, and less willing to distribute its controversial
      voter guides and other material, according to supporters and critics of the

      According to the CC, they will re-organize as Christian Coalition
      International, a move which means, according to a tax specialist, that they
      doing the exact same things which led to the disqualification of the CC�s
      claim of tax-exempt status.

      Arne Owens, who was communications director for the coalition until last
      fall, "This will be a surprise to all the people who believed the
      Christian Coalition was what it said it was, those conservative
      Christians who thought it was above back-room wheeling and dealing."

      In today�s syndicated broadcast of The 700 Club, nothing was mentioned
      about the IRS decision. Instead, the events in Kosovo and a study by
      the American Psychological Association on intergenerational sex were
      reported on. The APA segment reflected an item found on the CC�s home
      page (http://www.cc.org/). Additional segments were on "huffing" among
      teenagers and a woman who described herself as "addicted: to food. Pat
      Robertson's presence occurred only in a sequence in which he lectured on the
      10 Commandments.

      As of 10 AM on June 11, nothing on this legal failure was found on the
      700 Club (http://www.cbnnow.com/the700club/) nor on the CBN
      (http://www.cbnnow.com/) websites.

      Robertson�s American Center for Law and Justice represented the CC. Their
      website, http://www.aclj.org/, is also silent on this defeat. Instead, they
      provide on their top page a link titled "SPECIAL BULLETIN! Churches, Free
      Speech and the Regulations of the IRS Regarding Elections". This is a
      lengthy, legal-looking document about their interpretation of the legal
      rights of churches to be involved in political activity.

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