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WOW2003: God's Deliverance Is For All, August 14-17, 2003

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    From Reconciling Ministries Network WOW2003: God s Deliverance Is For All A gathering of sexually and gender diverse Christians from the U.S. and Canada.
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      From Reconciling Ministries Network

      WOW2003: God's Deliverance Is For All

      A gathering of sexually and gender diverse Christians from the U.S.
      and Canada. August 14-17, 2003, University of Pennsylvania,

      Planning News�May 2003

      WOW2003 will be the largest-ever ecumenical gathering of
      LGBT-affirming Christian groups, individuals and allies. You won't
      want to miss this amazing assembly of the people of God!

      INFORMATION ON UM DAY GO TO http://www.wow2k.org and click on EVENT

      Registrations Pouring In

      More than 300 persons have registered for WOW2003 in the first month
      that registration has been open--promising a truly massive WOW2003
      gathering. Even though the deadline for the early registration
      discount has passed, encourage persons to register sooner than later.
      This will ensure that you get your workshop
      choices and also a place at the WOW2003 table. There is a limit to
      the number of registrants that can be accommodated at the conference

      Complete registration information can be found on the web site:
      http://www.wow2k.org/registration.htm. You can either register online
      or download a registration form there. You can also receive printed
      registration materials by emailing info@... or calling

      Scholarship Requests Due by 6/20

      Requests for scholarships to assist with the costs of WOW2003
      participation are due by June 20th. Scholarships requests are based
      upon need--applicants are asked to calculate the amount of funds they
      can provide and raise from other sources (churches and other groups,
      friends and family) and deduct that amount from
      the total cost of participating in WOW2003. WOW2003 hopes to be able
      to provide some financial assistance to enable participation of a
      large number of persons who could not otherwise come to WOW2003.

      The scholarship policy, tips on finding support and a scholarship
      request form can be found on the web site:
      http://www.wow2k.org/scholarships.htm. Or you can request this
      information in writing by emailing info@... or calling

      Need Info After Registering?

      After you register for WOW you will receive an email confirmation
      (mailed to persons without email access) a few days after your
      registration is received. Be sure to review this confirmation to make
      sure all of your registration information is recorded correctly.
      Report any errors or changes promptly to registrar@.... You
      will receive a final confirmation in late July or
      early August with detailed information on what to bring with you,
      local transportation, where to go when you arrive on the Penn campus,
      parking options, etc. This information will also be posted on the web
      site as these details are finalized.

      If possible, please refrain from sending these questions to the
      Registrar in the coming weeks so she can focus on processing and
      confirming registrations. However, if you have a question about
      special circumstances, contact us and someone will respond as soon as

      Introducing More Amazing Speakers at WOW2003

      Preacher Mari Castellanos, Cuban-American, has lived an activist life
      since adolescence. For many years she was part of the GLBT struggle
      in the Roman Catholic Church as a member of Dignity and the
      Conference For Catholic Lesbians where she exercised positions of
      leadership at local and national levels. Since then, her field of
      activism has widened to include environmental justice, the
      struggle of farmworkers, racial/ethnic issues and the justice and
      peace movement at large. Fortunately, she gets to pursue all of those
      in her work at the UCC Public Life and Social Policy Office in
      Washington, DC. Mari is an ordained UCC minister. She has lived with
      her life partner Diana for 21 years. They're both avid
      birdwatchers and spend most of their free time and money out in
      nature engaging in this "hobby" (it's a sport!).

      Breakfast Dialogue leader Chris Glaser has been busy and prolific as
      always, leading workshop and retreats as well as working on several
      books. His most recent book is on the life and writings of Henri
      Nouwen, a Roman Catholic priest and writer on the spiritual life.
      "Henri's Mantle: 100 Meditations on Nouwen's Legacy" (Pilgrim Press,
      2002) also reflects how Chris's own spirituality was shaped by his
      former Yale professor and friend, who died in 1996. Glaser has also
      written his first religious murder mystery, a spoof entitled "A
      Presbyterian Murder: A John Boswell Mystery," set in the fictional
      town of Crowbar, Mississippi and featuring a narrator/protagonist who
      is a spiritual profiler of crime scenes.
      Currently, Chris is devoting his spare time to writing a more serious
      book about what death has taught him spiritually, entitled "The Final

      So Many Workshop Opportunities

      Reflecting our strong commitment to inclusion and diversity, the
      workshops at WOW2003 will include a wide variety of presenters and
      topics touching on the LGBTQ Christian community. Workshop planners
      have given special attention to developing workshops on the subject
      of race. Workshops in this area include : Rev.
      Patrick Cheng on "Queer Asians and the Church" ; Dr. Sylvia Rhue on
      "Deep Fried Dogma: the Black Church and Its Deliberate Dance with
      Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs" ; Rev. Edwin Sanders on "The Whosoever
      Church: Welcoming Lesbians and Gay Men Into African- American
      Congregations" ; Rev. David North on "Sexuality and
      HIV/AIDS in the Black Church" ; Rev. Eric Law on
      "Interracial/Intercultural Issues in the GLBTQ Community" ; Ralph
      Williams on parallels between the African-American and LGBTQ
      experience and going "Beyond Welcoming," and Rev. Tonyia Rawls and
      Elder Robert M Vanzant on "Two Churches, Many Stories", a look at the

      evolution of Faith Temple and the Unity Fellowship Church Movement �
      two predominantly African-American churches with a special ministry
      with the LGBTQ community. Some workshops will be built around films
      to further explore issues of race and ethnicity, including "De
      Colores : Unlearning Homophobia in the Latino Community" and "All
      God's Children," a film about homophobia, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ folks and
      the African -American Church.

      Smaller Worship Events Around the Edges

      In addition to the large, plenary worship events each day at WOW2003,
      there will be several spiritual growth and worship opportunities in
      smaller, alternative settings. You may choose to begin each day with
      Guided Morning Prayer or end it with a quiet Evening Reflection
      service. A Healing Service will happen on
      Saturday evening, as well as a Roman Catholic Mass. As with all
      events at WOW2003, the alternative worship services will be
      facilitated by exceptional leaders who will create experiences you
      won't want to miss!

      Soul Food Cafe Features New Performers...(No, Not Karaoke)

      The Soul Food Cafe at WOW2003 will be a showcase for outstanding and
      emerging talent. In a coffeehouse atmosphere, you can enjoy the rich
      melodies of instrumental music, poetry, inspirational soloists,
      storytelling, and praise-full singing. JOY will be served at the
      Soul Food Cafe on Friday and Saturday afternoons. If you are
      interested or know of someone who would like to be featured at the
      Soul Food Cafe, contact Cafe Coordinator John Fletcher at

      Spread the Word

      Please pass on this WOW2003 Update to friends and lists you think
      would be interested. Encourage persons to sign on to our email list
      at: info@... in order to get these occasional reports in the

      Marco Grimaldo & Wanda Floyd, WOW2003 co-facilitators
      Mark Bowman, WOW2003 coordinator

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