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By The Truth, Made Free

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    CALLED OUT From the Pacific North West Reconciling Ministries Network By The Truth, Made Free On Sunday, February 16, 2003, almost one hundred fifty
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      From the Pacific North West Reconciling Ministries Network

      By The Truth, Made Free

      On Sunday, February 16, 2003, almost one hundred fifty reconciling
      United Methodists met in Des Moines, Washington. We were gathered
      for "By the Truth, Made Free," the first annual convocation sponsored
      by the Pacific Northwest Reconciling Ministries Network.

      The day, full of enthusiasm and joy, occurred despite a challenge by
      a newly formed group "Faithful Christian Laity." FCL, a group of
      eight laypersons working under the guidance of the Confessing
      Movement, had anticipated, as they stated in their news release, that
      the day would be an "egregious instance of dissemination of doctrines
      contrary to the established standards of doctrine of the United
      Methodist Church" and had called for church authorities to
      investigate and possibility cancel the event.

      The keynote speaker for the event was the Rev. Ignacio Castuera,
      pastor of St. John's UMC, in the Watts area of Los Angeles. Rev.
      Castuera, a highly regarded progressive voice in the United Methodist
      Church, spoke on God's two greatest gifts to each of us, our brain
      and our sexuality, and said that our task is to understand the truth
      God is trying to teach us through this embodiment.

      Participants in the gathering chose among a series of workshops.
      Offerings included "Leaning on the Strength of Scripture," a look at
      Biblical passages that give strength and guidance to those engaging
      in the struggle for justice for sexual minorities; "The Cost of
      Membership," exploring the responsibilities implied in the sacrament
      of baptism, and; "The UM Book of Discipline and Homosexuality," a
      history of the General Conference actions on the issue of

      Emotional highlights of the day included the camaraderie of the meal
      (where, as one evaluation stated, we "shared good Methodist food" --
      soup and homemade desserts), the spiritual connection of communion,
      and the soaring exhilaration of music. The day ended with everyone's
      voices joining in "God of rainbow, fiery pillar, leading where the
      eagles soar, we your people, ours the journey now and ever, now and
      ever, now and ever more."

      As Rev. Castuera was ending his communion reflections, he stated,
      "Every Sunday God cries as God sees that churches are not inclusive."
      He asked us to "leave here a bit disturbed, for life is messy and
      difficult." But, he also called on us to "energize one another, to go
      out to do Christ's work."

      Amory Peck, convener
      PNW Reconciling Ministries Network

      CORNET Note: More information about the group Faithful Christian
      Laity" is on the Unofficial Confessing Movement website

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