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Reconciling UM Church in NC Vandalized Twice Before Christmas

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    CALLED OUT Following are links to the news stories and information from an April 2002 RMNetwork Flashnet about Calvary United Methodist Church, Durham, North
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      Following are links to the news stories and information from an April
      2002 RMNetwork Flashnet about Calvary United Methodist Church,
      Durham, North Carolina.


      Tuesday, December 24, 2002
      Durham Church Struck Twice By Vandals
      Pastor Says His Is Only Church In Carolinas That Embraces Homosexuals

      DURHAM, N.C. -- Despite being hit by vandals twice in one week, a
      Durham church says it's going ahead with tonight's Christmas Eve

      Authorities say vandals threw a large rock through the window of
      Calvary United Methodist Church in Durham last Tuesday. A piece of
      cardboard was placed over the window, but authorities say vandals
      returned on Saturday and threw bricks at the stained-glass windows,
      causing more damage. <MORE>


      Tuesday, December 24, 2002
      Church Vandalized
      By Anthony Wilson
      From: http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/news/122402_NW_churchvandalism.html

      Holiday vandals are on the loose, spreading intolerance and hate in
      this season of giving. They've hit the Calvary United Methodist
      Church in Durham twice this week. But church members are confident
      the love of the season will prevail. <MORE>


      Tuesday, December 24, 2002
      Vandals Strike Twice At Durham Church

      DURHAM, N.C. -- Leaders at a Durham church are trying to figure out
      why they have become the victims of vandals. Church leaders said the
      vandals targeted the church twice in the last week. <MORE>


      From RMN FlashNet: April 29, 2002
      A Pathway of Grace opens in North Carolina!
      Reconciling Ministries Network celebrates its newest Reconciling
      Congregation in North Carolina.

      Last year Reconciling United Methodists came together to form a
      network of support in an annual conference without a Reconciling
      Congregation. Their efforts, "North Carolina Reconciling United
      Methodists and Friends" sought to do ministry and advocacy to
      Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender United Methodists in the church.
      The work of the Spirit is moving in North Carolina and the latest
      manifestation is the historic decision of one justice-minded
      community church in Durham.

      In a deliberative, prayerful process on Sunday, April 14th, Calvary
      United Methodist Church formalized its desire to be a sanctuary for
      those seeking an inclusive and nurturing United Methodist church, by
      becoming the first Reconciling Congregation in North Carolina.

      In a beautifully worded statement the congregation convenanted to "be
      a pathway of grace to all who are wounded, and to deal
      compassionately and justly with each other." The statement reads:

      "All persons are individuals of sacred worth. We affirm without
      reservation Jesus' example of unconditional love. We covenant to be a
      pathway of grace to all who are wounded, and to deal compassionately
      and justly with each other. Therefore, this inclusive and nurturing
      community of faith will continue to welcome and offer sanctuary to
      all persons of any age, gender, race, ethnic origin, economic
      reality, family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, diverse
      ability, or social standing as full participants in the life and
      ministry of Calvary United Methodist Church, a reconciling

      According to Rev. Laurie Hays Coffman, the congregation used a
      process of consensus voting in which church members were allowed all
      the time they needed. "There were a lot of silent moments so people
      would have time to process and pray. The experience was quite
      powerful and beautifully lead by Lois Wright." Coffman recommended
      that process for other congregations going through the process.

      Commenting on the impact of the Calvary decision, Cathy Knight, RMN's
      Southern Outreach Coordinator, said " One week after Calvary's vote I
      was at Northaven UMC in Dallas, celebrating their 4th anniversary of
      becoming a Reconciling Congregation. It was a thrill to be able to
      share during the worship service that celebrating with them was our
      newest addition to the network of congregations, Calvary UMC of
      Durham, NC. There was a reaction among the people sitting in the pews
      that indicated they knew what this meant. This public witness for
      Calvary is already having an impact beyond North Carolina and the
      Southeastern Jurisdiction."

      We celebrate the pathways of grace and justice springing up around
      the United Methodist Church.

      Calvary's church website is at www.gbgm-umc.org/calvary-durham/

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