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EPF to Gov. Jeb Bush -- "What's the Rush?"

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    CALLED OUT From EPF.. ... August 19, 2002 EPF to Gov. Jeb Bush -- What s the Rush? Faith Group Concerned about Regier Appointment Less than 48 hours
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      From EPF..

      August 19, 2002
      EPF to Gov. Jeb Bush -- "What's the Rush?"
      Faith Group Concerned about Regier Appointment

      Less than 48 hours following the resignation of Department of
      Children and Families Secretary Kathleen A. Kearney, Gov. Bush named
      Jerry Regier to fill the vacancy. Regier, who worked for both the
      Reagan and Bush administrations, is a former Oklahoma Cabinet
      secretary. He is also a founder and former president of the Family
      Research Council, a leading Religious Right organization.

      "We are concerned by the views Regier espoused in a 1989 essay
      entitled The Christian World View of the Family," said EPF Director
      Sylvia Rhue. The article (co-authored by Regier and George Rekers)
      railed against abortion rights and gay couples forming families, and
      it emphasized that husbands have "final say in any family dispute."

      The essay also states that instances of "biblical spanking" leading
      to "temporary and superficial bruises or welts do not constitute
      child abuse," that Christians should not marry non-Christians, that
      divorce is acceptable only when there is adultery or desertion and
      that wives should view working outside the home as ''bondage.'' The
      ''radical feminist movement,'' the essay adds, "has damaged the
      morale of many women and convinced men to relinquish their biblical
      authority in the home.''

      Florida's Department of Children and Families has been embroiled in
      scandal since the disappearance of five year old Rilya Wilson.
      Wilson, who became a ward of the state due to her mother's drug
      problems, had been missing for more than a year before Florida
      authorities realized she was gone.

      "We are concerned that families in crisis will not be well served by
      an individual who holds such radical views," said Rhue. "We ask Gov.
      Bush: 'What's the Rush?' -- and urge him to reconsider this


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      lead us to affirm and defend the equality of all people, regardless
      of religion, race, ability, gender, sexual orientation or gender
      identity. As people of faith, we actively oppose the manipulation of
      religion to promote inequality and exclusion.

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