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    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE Several stories... ... Tuesday, July 24, 2001 Gay Activists Question D.C. Police Shooting Groups Join Family Seeking Answers In
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      Several stories...


      Tuesday, July 24, 2001
      Gay Activists Question D.C. Police Shooting
      Groups Join Family Seeking Answers In Man's Death
      By David A. Fahrenthold
      Washington Post; Page B02

      Six weeks after an openly gay man was shot to death by D.C. police,
      gay rights groups are joining with family members to press police for
      more information on Alexander Gray's last hours.

      Gray, 22, was killed on the evening of June 9 on Fourth Street SE.
      Police said Gray had a knife, refused to drop it and swung it at a
      bystander. <MORE>


      Tuesday, July 24, 2001
      Man said he was angry about what the word 'gay' had come to mean
      Shooter gets 4 life terms
      The Roanoke Times
      Delusions and prejudice festered for years in Ronald Edward Gay's
      mind, but it took less than a minute for Gay to give in to what those
      things were telling him to do - kill homosexuals.

      The murder of Danny Lee Overstreet and three aggravated malicious
      woundings at the Backstreet Cafe resulted in four consecutive life
      sentences for Gay, a Roanoke judge ruled Monday. <MORE>

      See also ARCHIVES:
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UMCalledOut/message/1087 (February 21,
      2001) which has links to other CALLED OUT stories on the Roanoke
      shootings. Most of the Roanoke Times links that you will see (except
      "Living Gay") are no longer current however.
      February 14, 2001
      In and Out in Roanoke, Washington Post

      Tuesday July 24, 2001
      Orthodox winner at gay film fest
      By Eileen Kowalski

      HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - ``Trembling Before G-d,'' Sandhi Simcha
      Dubowski's portrait of gay Orthodox Jews, received the grand jury
      award for documentary feature at the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film
      Festival on Sunday night. <MORE>


      JULY 23, 2001
      Under Attack in Yugoslavia: Gay Rights and Democracy
      by Milan Djuric

      BELGRADE. On Saturday, June 30th, I woke up with a feeling of
      excitement. A historical day was beginning, not just for me, but for
      Yugoslavia's lgbt population and all our citizens who care about
      human rights. After months of hard work helping organize the Gay
      Pride Day celebration, my only worry was with my imminent role as
      facilitator of one of the day's panels. I was also going to sing the
      gay anthem "I Will Survive" at the opening ceremony <MORE>

      Monday July 23, 2001
      Moscow Mayor Rebuffs Gay Parade

      MOSCOW (AP) - The Moscow mayor's office harshly rebuffed requests for
      permission to hold a Gay Pride parade, saying Monday that such an
      event would amount to ``propaganda of dissipation.'' <MORE>

      Saturday, July 21, 2001
      Partner registry lists 19 couples
      Portland Press Herald
      Nineteen Portland couples, 15 who are gay and four who are
      heterosexual, have obtained domestic partner status since the city
      began recognizing such relationships a month ago. <MORE>

      Friday, July 20, 2001
      Teen gets 15 years to life in W.Va. killing
      By Dennis B. Roddy
      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Staff Writer

      FAIRMONT, W.Va. -- One year and 15 days after he kicked her son
      senseless with steel-toed boots, dumped him on a roadway, ran over
      him with his car and left him to die, Brenda Warren spoke to David
      Allen Parker.

      "David, you've tried everything under the sun and it hasn't worked,"
      she said.

      Parker, 18, hung his head. He rarely raised it at all in the 45
      minutes it took for him to plead guilty to first-degree murder in the
      stomping death of Arthur "J.R." Warren Jr., an openly gay black man
      whose death on July 4 of last year shone a spotlight on hate crimes
      and drew national attention.

      ARCHIVES: See also
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UMCalledOut/message/1160 (March 27,
      which links to more stories about the murder of Arthur "J.R." Warren.
      All links to the Post-Gazette should be good.

      Thursday, 19 July 2001
      Anti-gay Anglican group takes root in South
      by Eric Erickson
      Episcopalians from 114 congregations across the country gathered at
      the first conference of the Anglican Mission in America in January at
      All Saints Episcopal Church in Pawleys Island, S.C. The splinter
      group formed, in part, over the Episcopal Church's gay-friendly
      approach to gays. Headquartered on South Carolina's Pawley's Island
      near Charleston, the Anglican Mission In America opposes what it sees
      as a growing acceptance of lesbians and gay men in the Episcopal
      Church. <MORE>


      Thursday, 19 July 2001
      Gay parents score wins across South
      by Penny Weaver
      Southern Voice

      ATLANTA�The battle that many gay men and lesbians face as parents in
      gaining or retaining custody of their children after a divorce can
      sometimes read like a children's story. <SNIP>
      The ACLU of Georgia this week filed court papers in support of a
      lesbian mother who is being denied visitation with her children
      because she lives with her same-sex partner. <MORE>

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      CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE Several Stories. At the end are a number of stories about the trial in Egypt that are grouped together, including a call by
      Message 2 of 16 , Aug 18, 2001

        Several Stories. At the end are a number of stories about the trial
        in Egypt that are grouped together, including a call by Amnesty
        International for a tourist boycott. Otherwise stories are in
        reverse chronological order.

        Saturday, August 18, 2001,
        Scientists uncover Sodom's fiery end
        By the BBC's Andrew Craig

        British scientists believe they may have found evidence to support
        the Bible's account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. But
        they think a natural cause, rather than God's anger, lay behind the
        calamity. <MORE>


        Friday, August 17, 2001
        Swift says she, spouse lied on marriage form
        Boston Globe

        Acting Governor Jane M. Swift said yesterday that she and her
        husband, Charles T. Hunt III, lied on their 1994 marriage application
        by saying Hunt had been married only once before, when in fact he had

        been married three previous times. <MORE>


        Thursday August 16, 2001
        Mass. Gov. Allows Same-Sex Benefits
        By JOHN McELHENNY, Associated Press Writer

        BOSTON (AP) - Acting Gov. Jane M. Swift, who was criticized by her
        gay stepson for opposing gay marriage, says she is extending some
        domestic partnership benefits to gay and lesbian state workers.

        Swift said Wednesday that her administration had already extended
        benefits for same-sex couples to state social workers, and other
        workers would get the benefits when their contracts are negotiated
        over the next two years. <MORE>

        Thursday, August 16, 2001
        AFA not licensed to solicit donations in Michigan
        Between the Lines Special Investigative Report

        MIDLAND - City by city he has built his reputation as the leading
        anti-gay voice in Michigan. But behind the petition drives, charter
        amendments and press releases that claim "homosexual" behavior is
        illegal in Michigan, there is another side to Gary Glenn, president
        of the American Family Association of Michigan. Glenn has a history
        of ignoring IRS filing requirements that disclose his income, annual
        budget and donors. <MORE>


        Thursday, August 16, 2001
        Swift to extend same-sex benefits
        Boston Globe

        Acting Governor Jane M. Swift said yesterday that she is extending
        some domestic partnership benefits to gays and lesbians among the
        state's 70,000 employees, a step aides called unprecedented. <MORE>


        Thursday, August 16, 2001 12:31 AM
        Americans marry in Amsterdam
        Rex Wockner

        It is full marriage identical in every respect to heterosexual
        marriage. The Netherlands is the only nation where that is possible.
        Foreigners, gay or straight, can marry in The Netherlands after they
        have lived there for four months.

        Heather Wishik and Susan Donegan, both attorneys, tied the knot on
        July 31. <MORE>

        Archbishop Promises to Obey the Pope and Leave His New Wife
        By REUTERS
        Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, who shocked the Vatican by marrying a
        woman chosen by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has written to Pope John
        Paul II renouncing his life with his Korean wife and reconciling
        with the Roman Catholic Church. <MORE>


        Tuesday, August 14, 2001
        Down to the Sea to Pray, and Get Great Antiques
        Dith Pran/The New York Times

        Keith Buik of Ocean Grove describes it as a mix of Methodists and gay
        people. "It shouldn't work, but it does."

        OCEAN GROVE, N.J., Aug. 11 � In the closing days of the 132nd annual
        Camp Meeting week, a few signs that Ocean Grove is not the Methodist
        preserve that it used to be. <MORE>

        Tuesday August 14, 2001
        Church Debating Homosexuality
        By RICHARD N. OSTLING, AP Religion Writer

        INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians and now
        Lutherans. Mainline Protestant churches seem to be taking turns
        examining their stance on homosexuality, with the results being
        protests, civil disobedience and split congregations.

        The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, with 5.1 million members,
        is the latest to weigh into the thorny debate. <MORE>

        Sunday August 12, 2001
        Protestant Leader Discusses Roots
        By RICHARD N. OSTLING, AP Religion Writer

        INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - When Mark S. Hanson left St. Paul, Minn., in 1968
        to attend New York's Union Theological Seminary, he had no interest
        in a clergy career. He was merely using a Rockefeller scholarship
        that let him study religion for a year.

        The following fall, on the day he was to register for graduate work
        in psychology at Columbia University, ``some voice said, that's not
        what you're going to do,'' he said. He returned to Union, entered the
        Lutheran ministry and eventually became bishop of St. Paul. <MORE>


        Saturday August 11, 2001
        Evangelical Lutherans Elect Leader
        By RICHARD N. OSTLING, AP Religion Writer

        <SNIP> Hanson has been at the forefront of the homosexual
        controversy. His synod (regional governing unit) petitioned this
        assembly to allow ordination of actively gay and lesbian clergy and
        asked the national church council to allow an exception to ordain
        Anita Hill, who lives with a lesbian partner and has led a ministry
        to gays and lesbians for two decades in St. Paul. <SNIP>

        Hanson's synod censured Hill's congregation when it ordained her as
        pastor without authorization, but did not expel the congregation from
        the denomination, as was done in other cases. <MORE>


        TRIAL IN EGYPT (several links)

        GayEgypt News Links About the Trial


        August 17, 2001
        Call for tourist boycott over Queen Boat trial
        By Tariq Hassan-Gordon Middle East Times staff

        Amnesty International and other human rights groups have called for a
        tourist boycott of Egypt to protest the arrest and detention of 52
        alleged gay men in May. <MORE>

        August 17, 2001
        Interview with a founder of GayEgypt.com

        GayEgypt.com has emerged as a key organization coordinating support
        and information for the 52 men arrested at the Queen Boat on May 11.
        The Middle East Times conducted an e-mail interview with Ali Asali,
        one of the founders of GayEgypt.com. Asali, not his real name, puts
        the current crackdown on Egypt's gay community into a wider context.


        Why Egypt Is Targeting Gays
        by Hossam Bahgat

        <SNIP> What motivated the sudden crackdown? <SNIP>

        Distracting the Public
        One motive is certainly to divert public attention from economic
        recession and the government's liquidity crisis. According to
        official statistics, at least 23 million of Egypt's 65 million people
        live under the poverty line. Last year, poor Egyptians watched their
        purchasing power sink due to devaluation of the Egyptian pound. The
        huge media frenzy over the Queen Boat case has distracted people
        while the government introduces additional sales taxes, despite
        private sector complaints about a severe drop in sales. <MORE>


        Wednesday, August 15, 2001
        Egypt gay trial hears lawyers' plea
        Suspects covered their faces as they arrived in court
        By Caroline Hawley in Cairo

        Defence lawyers for 52 Egyptian men alleged to have engaged in gay
        sex have appealed for them to be released and for the trial to be
        transferred to another court. <SNIP>

        In white prison uniforms, they were crammed into an iron cage at the
        side of the court, handcuffed to one another. <MORE>


        Wednesday, August 15, 2001
        Anger over Egypt gay trial
        The men were arrested at a floating night club
        By Caroline Hawley in Cairo

        <BIG SNIP> "In all the Egyptian media they've been attacking
        homosexuals and describing them as agents of Israel and of course
        they don't mention the word 'homosexuals' - they say 'perverts',"
        "Horus" says.

        <SNIP> "They used to say that we don't have homosexuals ...
        homosexuals are only in the West. Just lately they started arresting
        homosexuals through the net by going to matchmakers websites and
        making dates with gay men and then arresting them," he says.

        Now most of the mailing lists have closed down, and Horus says gay
        Egyptians, who can, are trying to leave the country. <MORE>


        Wednesday, August 15, 2001
        'Extremist' gay trial resumes in Egypt
        By Caroline Hawley in Cairo

        <SNIP> The two main defendants are accused of exploiting religion to
        spread extremist ideas, while the others are charged with practising

        Lawyers say the charge is one usually used against prostitutes, and
        carries up to three years in jail.

        Although it is a major social and cultural taboo, Egyptian law does
        not specifically penalise homosexuality, and the gay community had
        until recently been largely tolerated <MORE>


        Wednesday August 15, 2001
        Egypt Gay Sex Trial Relatives Barred

        In Geneva, 50 people demonstrated outside U.N. offices Wednesday,
        holding up letters in French that spelled out: ``Human Rights in
        Egypt - Free the 52 Gays.'' In Sweden, about 20 gay rights activists
        demonstrated outside the Egyptian Embassy in Stockholm and turned in
        a letter protesting the trial. <MORE>

        Action Appeal
        June 18, 2001

        Concerns Over Detention of Allegedly Gay Men

        Amnesty International is gravely concerned about the ongoing
        detention of scores of men in Egypt in connection with their sexual


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        CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE ... Tuesday, October 2, 2001 Gay in silence The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/guardianeducation/story/0,3605,561233,00.html
        Message 3 of 16 , Oct 2, 2001


          Tuesday, October 2, 2001
          Gay in silence
          The Guardian
          Racism and sexism are now taboo in schools. But rampant homophobic
          bullying is ruining many young people's lives. Wendy Berliner reports
          on a new strategy to fight it in Great Britain.

          Monday October 1, 2001
          Advocacy Groups Eye Affects of Attack
          By DAVID CRARY, AP National Writer

          NEW YORK (AP) - Abortion, gun control, gay rights. Divisive social
          issues dropped off the national stage Sept. 11. Now as the nation
          slowly gets back to business, advocacy groups are wary of how the
          terrorist attacks will affect their efforts.

          Sunday, September 30, 2001
          Relief efforts extend to gay survivors
          By Randy Dotinga, Gay.com / PlanetOut.com Network

          SUMMARY: Surviving partners of victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist
          attacks are eligible for financial support from several relief

          Saturday, September 29, 2001
          S.African Court Makes Gay Rulings

          JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) - A South African court ruled in
          favor of making it easier for gay couples to adopt children together,
          and declared that a lesbian judge could share the same worker
          benefits with her domestic partner as married judges do.

          Friday, September 28, 2001
          Johannesburg gay bar firebombed
          The Advocate
          Just one day before it was due to open, a new gay bar in
          Johannesburg, South Africa, was firebombed, according to South
          African gay and lesbian monthly Exit in its September issue.

          Wednesday, September 26, 2001
          Gay group cleans South Dakota highway
          By Ann Rostow, Gay.com / PlanetOut.com Network

          SUMMARY: Members of South Dakota's Sioux Empire Gay and Lesbian
          Coalition, along with many friends, went to work last Saturday
          picking up trash from the side of their 2.4-mile stretch of adopted

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          CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE A mix of stories from around the world. ... Friday, October 26, 2001 Falwell’s son blames gays for ‘smear campaign’ by
          Message 4 of 16 , Oct 27, 2001

            A mix of stories from around the world.


            Friday, October 26, 2001
            Falwell�s son blames gays for �smear campaign�
            by Rhonda Smith
            In the fund-raising letter from Jonathan Falwell, who became Thomas
            Road Baptist Church�s administrator in 1995, he notes that donations
            to his father�s empire have plummeted and that the ministry has lost
            more than $500,000 in income since the terrorist attacks.

            Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of American United for
            Separation of Church & State, described the letter as "a new low."


            Friday, October 26, 2001
            GLSEN�s dirty words
            by Kara Fox

            Nearly three years of behind-the-scenes work between the Broward
            County school system and the area�s chapter of the Gay, Lesbian &
            Straight Education Network came to a screeching halt last week over a
            list of 16 "filthy words."

            The words, used in GLSEN planning materials distributed to chapters
            nationwide, set off a conservative firestorm when they were made
            public by popular South Florida conservative radio host Steve Kane.


            Thursday, October 25, 2001
            Church Court to Decide on Gay Clergy
            By MARTA W. ALDRICH, Associated Press Writer

            The Judicial Council... heard oral arguments involving three Seattle
            pastors who were all denied appointments by Bishop Elias Galvan after
            revealing that they were gay.
            John Stumbo, a layman and the mayor of Fort Valley, Ga., filed a
            brief on behalf of the Coalition for United Methodist Accountability,
            a group that works to enforce church law. He said the two church laws
            in question are not contradictory.

            If someone is openly gay, then by definition they are not in good
            standing, he argued.

            Tuesday, October 23, 2001
            Finland rules for lesbian in custody case

            In a landmark ruling Friday, Finland's supreme court awarded custody
            of two children to their deceased mother's lesbian partner instead of
            their biological father. Lower courts had said the children should be
            handed over to the father, who has been living abroad for most of the
            children's lives, but the supreme court based its decision on the
            will of the children, who wanted to stay with their mother's partner.

            Monday, October 22, 2001
            Schools of Criminality
            Business Day (Johannesburg, South Africa)
            Jonny Steinberg

            We all know jail is no solution to crime, but we keep sending people
            there anyway <SNIP>

            "A wife' is considered to be nothing. He cannot talk to others
            without permission; he can be rented out to other men; he rarely
            leaves his cell. The male partner' goes out into the world to do
            business. His wife is obliged to give him sex when he returns."

            The "marriage" Gear describes is not so much a gay relationship as an
            obscenely misogynist parody of relations between men and women. It is
            one of the ironies of prison life that such extreme expressions of
            misogyny can take place in the absence of women. <MORE>

            Friday, October 19, 2001
            Anti-gay partners join U.S. in war
            by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
            Two months before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, gay Muslims �
            becoming increasingly more organized and vocal in the last decade �
            faced a religious decree from Al-Muhajiroun, a radical Islamic group
            in London. The "fatwa" declared the gay Muslim group Al-Fatiha to be
            the enemy of Islam.
            <BIG SNIP>
            The Taliban government in Afghanistan is cited by human rights groups
            as one of the worst in terms of its treatment of gays, women and
            other minorities in an Islamic country. Since taking power in 1996,
            Taliban authorities have staged public executions of Afghans
            convicted of sodomy by using bulldozers to topple stone or mud walls
            on top of them, crushing them to death.
            <LOTS MORE>

            Friday, October 19, 2001
            Rights group says Egypt counting on U.S. to overlook rights abuses

            An international human rights group warned the United States against
            embracing Egypt as a close ally in the war against terror, saying it
            would send the wrong message about Cairo's alleged human rights

            Linking up with Egypt ``despite its poor human rights record could be
            even more countereffective after Sept. 11 than it was before,'' New
            York-based Human Rights Watch said in a statement Wednesday. <MORE>

            Friday, October 19, 2001
            EU to Cyprus: Gay rights are human rights

            Over the next 18 months the EU is expected to push Cyprus into towing
            the line by calling for the age of lawful sexual activity amongst
            consenting males to be lowered from 18 to 16 years, in line with
            heterosexuals; for gay marriage and partnership rights to be endorsed
            and for discrimination in work to be stopped.

            Friday, October 19, 2001
            Giuliani may do drag in 'Queer As Folk'

            New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has agreed to appear in drag in an
            episode of "Queer As Folk" to help raise funds for surviving partners
            of gay and lesbian victims of the Sept. 11 attacks.

            Friday, October 19, 2001
            Gays can change, confab says
            by Jennifer J. Smith
            DECATUR, Ga. � It was 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning, but instead of
            sleeping late, approximately 600 people paid $60 and $70 each to hear
            John Paulk and other ex-gays tell them how anyone "could become the
            heterosexuals God had always intended."

            The non-profit Christian organization Focus on the Family, with
            branch offices in over a dozen countries and over $125 million in
            annual revenue in past years, brought its 13th "Love Won Out"
            conference to Decatur�s Assembly of God Tabernacle Oct. 13.
            Originally scheduled for Sept. 15, the event was rescheduled after
            the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. <MORE>

            Friday, October 19, 2001
            Education group counters ex-gay message
            by Shilpa Mehta
            At the Oct. 12 event hosted by Enlight Atlanta, a small but diverse
            audience listened to personal stories and factual testimony presented
            by a panel comprised of two gay students; a local gay psychologist;
            the national spokesperson for Lutherans Concerned, a gay-supportive
            religious group; a gay activist; and a resident of Spaulding County
            whose son was harassed because he was perceived for being gay.
            "Whether or not some gay people can change is uncertain, but one
            thing is clear: people who are prejudiced against gays can change,"
            said local psychologist Jim Fitzgerald, quoting Time magazine.
            Friday, October 19, 2001
            Leads cited in anti-gay Athens attack
            by Allison Floyd
            A Sept. 20 attack on Hancock Avenue near Boneshakers left Christopher
            Gregory with facial lacerations after a group of approximately seven
            people allegedly shouted anti-gay slurs at his group of friends and
            one man punched him in the eye, propelling him to the concrete.
            Gregory�s claim that the police seemed more concerned about whether
            he had been drinking than if he had been assaulted has drawn the
            attention of gay rights advocates and the American Civil Liberties


            Thursday October 18, 2001
            Anti-Gay Bomb Slur Wrong, Navy Says

            A news photograph of a plane on the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier
            last week showed one bomb with the message, ``High Jack This,''
            followed by an anti-gay slur.
            Elizabeth Birch, executive director of Human Rights Campaign, said in
            a statement that the letter was ``a welcome clarification and we are
            pleased the Navy has stated that this type of anti-gay behavior has
            no place in our armed forces.''

            October 6, 2001
            Gay Boy Expelled From Home
            New Vision (Kampala, Africa)

            A couple in Mbale have expelled their son from the family after he
            turned into a homosexual. Panther (a nickname) who had just come from
            the States with an American male friend, shocked his parents when he
            broke the news of his being married to this guy. <MORE>

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            CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE A story about Mark Bingham, a marriage of two men in Norway, a commentary about Saudi Arabia, and a southern Africa gay and
            Message 5 of 16 , Jan 18, 2002

              A story about Mark Bingham, a marriage of two men in Norway, a
              commentary about Saudi Arabia, and a southern Africa gay and lesbian
              web site.


              Wednesday, January 16, 2002
              Passenger on Jet: Gay Hero or Hero Who Was Gay?
              By EVELYN NIEVES
              Mr. Bingham's sexual orientation was not his full story, his friends
              and his mother, Alice Hoglan, say.

              "Mark was a fully alive person," said Ms. Hoglan, a flight attendant
              for United Airlines who raised her son as a single mother. "I don't
              mind at all that he is being identified as a gay hero, though that
              was just one aspect of him. He was proud of being gay, just as he was
              proud of being a Republican, and proud of playing rugby, and proud of
              his friends."

              Wednesday, January 16, 2002
              Norwegian is first gay minister to marry partner
              By Doug Mellgren in Oslo

              The Conservative Finance Minister of Norway has married his
              homosexual partner in what activists have called a breakthrough for
              gay rights and a show of tolerance by the political right.


              Wednesday, January 16, 2002
              Why the silence surrounding Saudi Arabia?
              Commentary by Mubarak Dahir
              There's no denying that the Saudi treatment of women and gays is

              Furthermore, the Saudi Arabian government is famously tight-lipped
              about its internal affairs. Visas are given only to people who go
              there on business, or who travel there for religious pilgrimages. All
              media is controlled with an iron fist.


              Africa: Behind the Mask, lesbian, gay news and information related
              to southern Africa
              Includes a religion section

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              CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE An announcement of an event and several news stories from around the U.S.A. and one story from Malta. ... Event Announcement:
              Message 6 of 16 , Feb 18, 2002

                An announcement of an event and several news stories from around the
                U.S.A. and one story from Malta.


                Event Announcement:

                Since 1975, the Evangelical and Ecumenical Women's Caucus has stood
                for inclusive Christian feminism. Given our shared concerns about
                equality and love for all God's people, we invite you to our 2002

                Wonderfully Made: Celebrating our Creation in the Image of God
                July 11-14, 2002
                Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.

                Please visit http://www.eewc.com for more information about our
                organization, the conference, and registration. Or e-mail
                conference2002@... with questions. We welcome you!

                Monday, February 18, 2002
                Sex Change Complicates Battle Over Child Custody
                By DANA CANEDY
                New York Times

                CLEARWATER, Fla., Feb. 15 - Until three years ago, Michael
                Kantaras mowed his lawn on weekends, played Santa at his
                children's school and lived like any other husband and
                father - almost.

                Since then, Mr. Kantaras's marriage has faltered. Now, a
                custody battle with his wife, Linda, has become a painful
                and public reminder that Mr. Kantaras, a 42-year-old bakery
                manager, was not exactly the typical family man he went to
                extraordinary lengths to become. <MORE>

                Monday, February 18, 2002
                Delaware child-support ruling may set precedent
                Lesbian ex-partner must help with child
                Delaware News Journal
                By STEVEN CHURCH

                A court ruling made public last week makes Delaware the third state
                to say gay parents can be held responsible for child support when
                they break up.

                Pennsylvania and New York have had similar rulings. In those states,
                lesbians have been ordered to pay support for children with whom they
                had no biological relationship. <MORE>

                Monday, February 18, 2002
                Behind its united front, nation as divided as ever
                By Jill Lawrence, USA TODAY
                First of a three-part series

                2/18: The "values gap" that divided America during the last
                presidential election is shaping the 2002 and 2004 campaigns.

                2/19: The "culture wars" in America are fought over God, gays and
                guns. Montclair, N.J., and Franklin. Tenn., reflect the nation's
                sharp differences.

                2/20: The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 brought Americans together,
                but old divides are still strong. Terrorism brings changes to both
                Montclair and Franklin, but their politics remain worlds apart.


                Monday, February 18, 2002
                Values, points of view separate towns � and nation
                By Jill Lawrence, USA TODAY

                If you voted for President Bush in 2000, you might well live in a
                place like Franklin, Tenn., a sprawling Sun Belt suburb with a
                distinct Bible Belt flavor. Its horse and dairy farms are giving way
                to subdivisions and strip malls, but its values remain rooted in
                tradition. Donna Reed and Fred MacMurray would have seemed right at
                home in Montclair, N.J., where street after street is lined with big
                shade trees, well-tended gardens and perfectly painted Victorian and
                Tudor homes. But the 1950s look belies an urban sensibility that was
                the common denominator among people who voted for Al Gore in 2000.
                Red zone meets blue zone. Post-election analysis revealed an America
                split by conflicting core beliefs on guns, abortion, the role of
                religion and the role of government. But it's not only heavy ideology
                that divides us. <MORE>

                Monday, February 18, 2002
                Hate crime legislation advocates, opponents dig in heels for battle
                By BOB WITHERS -- The Herald-Dispatch

                HUNTINGTON, WVA -- Hate crime legislation. Will it finally provide
                homosexuals with the protection they need? Will it do more harm than
                good? Is it even necessary?

                Questions such as these have flown thick and fast locally since last
                November's attack on Huntingtonian Michael Fiffe. The Fiffe case has
                not been categorized as a hate crime, but some people believe Fiffe
                was targeted because he had been at a downtown gay bar earlier that
                evening. <MORE>


                Sunday, February 17, 2002
                Gays and lesbians want legislature to give them the right to marry By
                KATHRYN MASTERSON
                The Associated Press

                HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- At age 73, Terry Lawrence is fighting for the
                right to get married.

                It's not about walking down the aisle in a white dress or pledging
                lifelong commitment. Lawrence and her partner, 77-year-old Carolyn
                King, have been together 34 years. They celebrated their 25th
                anniversary with a "recommitment ceremony" and a dance at church with
                75 friends. <MORE>

                Sunday, February 17, 2002
                Leader of boycott: Hearts have hardened
                By Kevin Aldridge
                The Cincinnati Enquirer
                The Rev. James W. Jones, chairman of the Coalition for a Just
                Cincinnati, has been saying since July that his group's call for an
                international boycott of Cincinnati was "a serious matter."

                In recent weeks, actor-comedian Bill Cosby and Motown singer Smokey
                Robinson honored the boycott. <MORE>


                Caritas and Arka refuse gay movement's donations
                By Kurt Sansone
                Malta Today

                The awkward relationship that exists between the church and the gay
                community was highlighted last year when two organisations with
                religious links rejected donations from the Malta Gay Rights

                Sandro Mangion, the MGRM's spokesman, admitted the organisation is
                well aware that the Church is a hard nut to crack when it comes to
                establishing dialogue.


                Saturday, February 16, 2002
                Group challenges gay rights ordinance
                Associated Press

                BANGOR � Bangor's gay rights ordinance has come under challenge less
                than four months after it was approved.

                The Rev. Dr. Jerry Mick, pastor of Bangor Baptist Church, said he
                plans to circulate a petition aimed at collecting the 1,874 voter
                signatures needed to put the ordinance to a citywide referendum.

                Friday, February 15, 2002
                Finnish clergy won't bless legal unions
                The Advocate
                Months after Finnish lawmakers legalized same-sex partnerships,
                bishops of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church have decided not
                to bless gay unions in church. <MORE>

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                CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE A mix of stories most from the U.S.A., the other from the Republic of Georgia. ... Tuesday, March 5, 2002 Uncommon Prayers By
                Message 7 of 16 , Mar 5, 2002

                  A mix of stories most from the U.S.A., the other from the Republic of

                  Tuesday, March 5, 2002
                  Uncommon Prayers
                  By Carol Eisenberg

                  Suzzy Roche always wondered what people say to God in their most
                  vulnerable moments. Now she's put some of those words to music.
                  Save for its beguiling harmonies, "Zero Church," as the newly
                  released CD is titled, is a real departure from the witty and
                  typically acerbic work of Roche's solo endeavors, as well as of the
                  sister folk-rock trio The Roches.... Very simply, it is an
                  exploration of how and why individuals pray, and what those prayers
                  mean to them. <SNIP>
                  But perhaps the quirkiest and most moving set of connections came
                  about by sheer chance. "Zero Church" had been slated to be released
                  on Sept. 11, but was delayed at the last moment. That morning, as
                  Roche walked her dog, she watched as a commercial jet slammed into a
                  tower at the World Trade Center and exploded in a ball of flame. She
                  fell to her knees in shock and horror.

                  One of the prayer/songs on "Zero Church" is: "Sounds" by Karen
                  Bashkirew. She says "Sounds" was written in response to Matthew
                  Shepard's murder and, more specifically, in response to hearing the
                  grieving sounds of his mother in a fragment of television coverage.
                  As a mother . . . I felt shattered by the sounds. . . . I began to
                  imagine the place those sounds were coming from and the distant
                  places they might go. The words to the prayer are at:


                  Tuesday, March 5, 2002
                  Vatican priest policy angers gays
                  By TESS NACELEWICZ,
                  Portland Press Herald

                  Gay and lesbian Catholics expressed outrage and hurt Monday after the
                  Vatican declared last weekend that gay men should not be ordained as

                  "It's more stereotyping," said Bob Poirier, a Portland gay man who
                  was raised Catholic and is the creator of a documentary on a gay
                  Maine priest. "It's hurtful because they're saying that somehow gay
                  and lesbian people are less than people who are not gay, that they
                  can't love God as much." <MORE>


                  Monday, March 4, 2002
                  Flames of Hate End Life of Gay Man, Show Biz Dream
                  By HOLLY J. WOLCOTT and TIMOTHY HUGHES
                  Los Angeles Times

                  SANTA BARBARA -- <SNIP> The 37-year-old man was killed last week, the
                  victim of an arsonist who poured gasoline over him and set him on
                  fire, partly because Risetter was gay, the suspect later told police.
                  Police say Martin Thomas Hartman is a mentally troubled 38-year-old
                  Santa Barbara resident who had been a suspect in numerous arson fires
                  in the city. But they never had enough evidence to charge him. <MORE>


                  Saturday, March 2, 2002
                  As faiths open doors to gays, denomination divides deepen
                  Growing defiance of policies threatens to splinter denominations
                  By SUSAN HOGAN/ALBACH
                  The Dallas Morning News

                  <SNIP> Over the years, some gays and lesbians formed their own faith
                  communities because they felt unwelcome and shamed by mainstream
                  religions. Dallas is home to a Jewish gay and lesbian worship
                  community and several mostly gay churches. The Cathedral of Hope, the
                  largest gay and lesbian church in the world, now counts more than
                  3,000 members.

                  But growing numbers of Christians � gay and straight � say separation
                  isn't the answer. So some churches, such as St. Stephen United
                  Methodist in Mesquite, have designated themselves as "reconciling"
                  congregations, meaning they extend a special welcome to gays,
                  lesbians and their families.

                  "Many people see it as a justice issue," said the Rev. David Carr,
                  the church's pastor. <MORE>


                  Saturday, March 2, 2002
                  The Gay Divide
                  By SUSAN HOGAN/ALBACH
                  The Dallas Morning News

                  No issue is as divisive among Christians as homosexuality. The
                  stories told here aren't about people who make headlines. They
                  aren't the leaders of the conservative or liberal factions. They
                  aren't the ones turning church conventions into war zones. These are
                  the people who get lost behind the debates over policy. They're the
                  ones wounded in the battle over Bible verses. Homosexuality isn't
                  just an issue to them. They live it.

                  This is a feature article with personal stories, many United
                  Methodist, and photos: Their stories: The church closet, A teen's
                  tale, A parent's story, A new outlook, Finding a home, Nowhere to go
                  Caught in the middle, Celibacy brings peace, The greatest taboo,
                  Bound for life

                  Saturday, March 2, 2002
                  Gay clergy say priest's admission unparalleled
                  Activists say the presumed link between homosexuality and pedophilia
                  is unfounded.
                  By EMILY C. DOOLEY
                  Cape Cod Times
                  PROVINCETOWN - John Perry Ryan was a Baptist minister when he decided
                  to leave the church in 1981. <SNIP>
                  Ryan has a certain understanding, sympathy and admiration for the
                  Rev. D. George Spagnolia, a Lowell priest at the center of a
                  pedophilia scandal in the Catholic church, who announced yesterday he
                  is homosexual. <BIG SNIP>

                  The same study concludes "a child's risk of being molested by his or
                  her relative's heterosexual partner is over 100 times greater than by
                  someone who might be identifiable as being homosexual, lesbian or

                  "There is a distinct difference between being gay and being a
                  pedophile," said Provincetown resident Allen Gallant, who was married
                  and a district executive for the Boy Scouts, until he began thinking
                  about his orientation in 1981. <MORE>


                  Sunday March 3, 2002
                  Moore's judicial path dotted by controversy
                  By Dana Beyerle
                  Montgomery Bureau, Times Daily

                  Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has been a lightning rod of
                  controversy during his nine years on the bench.

                  It began in Etowah County, where he first displayed a copy of the Ten
                  Commandments and then was removed from a child custody rights case
                  involving a lesbian mother -- two issues that continue into Moore's
                  tenure as the top jurist in the state.

                  Moore, who just turned 55, has been sued by the American Civil
                  Liberties Union on the Ten Commandments issue and was taken to
                  federal court. He won partly with the backing of then-Gov. Fob James,
                  who threatened, half in jest, to use the National Guard to enforce
                  Moore's right to display the Ten Commandments in his Etowah County
                  courtroom. <LOTS MORE>


                  Saturday, March 2, 2002
                  Archdiocese to Yield List of Sex Accusers
                  By PAM BELLUCK
                  New York Times

                  BOSTON, March 1 - A month after the Archdiocese of Boston
                  began giving prosecutors the names of almost 90 active or
                  retired Roman Catholic priests accused of sexually
                  molesting children, the church today agreed to turn over
                  the names of the people they are accused of abusing.
                  <BIG SNIP>
                  Father Spagnolia had earlier said he would not follow
                  archdiocese orders that he move out of the rectory of St.
                  Patrick Parish in Lowell while the child abuse
                  investigation was pending. Today he said that in light of
                  his lies about his celibacy, he would move out. But he also
                  said: "Being gay doesn't mean you're a pedophile. I have
                  had gay relationships, but I have never harmed a child."


                  Friday, March 01, 2002
                  Black churches slow to face AIDS
                  By Colette M. Jenkins
                  Akron Beacon Journal

                  The Rev. L.T. King remembers the pain in the eyes of a 40-year-old
                  man, a "dutiful" member of his church who lay dying of AIDS about two
                  years ago.

                  "I could see that he was hurting, and he would tell me he was going
                  through excruciating pain," said King, the pastor of Elizabeth
                  Baptist Church in Akron. "When he told me that he had the disease, he
                  revealed that he was gay and that he was struggling with shame
                  because he felt I would no longer accept him. I assured him I still
                  respected him." <MORE>


                  Thursday, February 28, 2002
                  Gay Man Sues Hospital Over Denial of Visitation

                  NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A gay man whose partner passed away at a
                  Baltimore hospital has filed suit against that institution after he
                  was barred access to his partner during treatment.

                  Bill Flanigan on Wednesday sued the University of Maryland Medical
                  System for "negligence and intentional infliction of emotional
                  distress," claiming that he was temporarily denied access to his
                  partner of 5 years, Robert Daniel, after Daniel was rushed to the
                  Medical System's Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore on October 16th,
                  2000, for treatment for an AIDS-related complication. <MORE>

                  Wednesday, February 27, 2002
                  Outed Georgian official commits suicide
                  The Advocate

                  A high-ranking government official of the Republic of Georgia,
                  formerly a part of the USSR, committed suicide Monday after a former
                  premier outed him as gay in a national newspaper interview. <MORE>


                  February 26, 2002
                  UMC trust clause sparks legal feud
                  by Steve Smith
                  United Methodist Reporter

                  The California-Nevada Annual Conference and a dissident congregation
                  in Fresno, Calif., have faced off in civil court to determine whether
                  the congregation or the conference owns the church property. <SNIP>
                  The court battle continues the ongoing saga in the California-Nevada
                  Annual Conference in which the 600-member St. Luke's split from The
                  United Methodist Church over what congregants claimed were the
                  conference leadership's too-liberal leanings on homosexual unions,
                  openly gay clergy and similar issues. At least five clergymen in the
                  conference's central region left the denomination as well, and their
                  church members also were considering leaving. <MORE>

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                  CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE ... March 24, 2002 Area s gay community looks for acceptance By Emily Huigens Anderson Independent-Mail (South Carolina)
                  Message 8 of 16 , Mar 24, 2002

                    March 24, 2002
                    Area's gay community looks for acceptance
                    By Emily Huigens
                    Anderson Independent-Mail (South Carolina)

                    Usually, the shouts come after he's walked by and is a safe distance
                    away. <SNIP>
                    Groups of people flying so-called "STR8" flags (with black and white
                    stripes symbolizing heterosexuality in contrast to a gay pride
                    rainbow flag) broke out windows in his friend's car and tried to run
                    another off the road. <SNIP>
                    Many of us learn how to treat homosexuals by the way our parents,
                    teachers and religious leaders treat them, and churches play an
                    especially important role in teaching either tolerance or prejudice,
                    said the Rev. Susie Smith, 51, of North Anderson Community Church,
                    Presbyterian. <MORE>

                    March 24, 2002
                    Fountain of life: Broken and addicted, they find miracles at
                    By BECKY BELL
                    Longview News-Journal (Texas)

                    Inside a building that once was a smoke-filled bar, recovering drug
                    addicts and alcoholics ask God for wisdom as they recite The Lord's
                    Prayer. This time of meditation and reflection is how most days
                    begin at Wellspring Recovery Center, the only residential facility in
                    Texas established to treat individuals who are fighting HIV or AIDS
                    along with a substance addiction. <MORE>


                    March 24, 2002
                    With the Blessing of Society, Europeans Opt Not to Marry
                    By SARAH LYALL
                    New York Times

                    OSLO - Bjorn Lindahl and Nina Kjolaas do not feel inclined to declare
                    their love in front of some anonymous official in a municipal
                    building, or in a church. So they have never married - not when they
                    moved in together, not when they bought their first house, not when
                    they had their son, now 16. <MORE>

                    March 23, 2002
                    When Janie Came Marching Home: Women Fought in the Civil War
                    By AMY DOCKSER MARCUS
                    New York Times
                    <BIG SNIP> In fact, as the two women delved more deeply into how
                    War society viewed these soldiers, they were astonished to discover
                    that, although politicians and pundits were often critical, male
                    soldiers usually accepted their female comrades once they were
                    unmasked. Women who were quickly discovered in the ranks and
                    dismissed went home in disgrace, but those who managed to keep their
                    secret for a time and serve in battle found that their fellow
                    supported them even after their identities became known. In letters
                    home and in wartime diaries, male soldiers praised he bravery and
                    military prowess of the women who served with them and in many cases
                    kept the women's identities a secret from their officers so that the
                    women could continue to serve. <MORE>


                    Friday, March 22, 2002
                    Gay congregations prepare for holy days
                    by Andrew Keegan

                    Next week holds major religious holidays for both Christians and
                    Jews, and several gay and gay-friendly congregations in Atlanta will
                    offer special events and services. <MORE>


                    Friday, March 22, 2002
                    Ala. teen changes policy on same-sex prom dates
                    by Mike Fleming

                    OPELIKA, Ala. -- Allen Jeffers, 17, stands out among other seniors at
                    Opelika High School planning for the annual prom, because he just
                    came out as a gay teen and secured a policy change that would let him
                    bring his boyfriend to the big event. <LOTS MORE>

                    Friday, March 22, 2002
                    Dog Wrongful Death Suit Sets Milestone
                    By DAVID KRAVETS, Associated Press

                    <SNIP> After Diane Whipple's ghastly death last year, the California
                    Legislature enacted a law granting gay partners the same right to sue
                    as spouses or family members. That enabled Whipple's partner, Sharon
                    Smith, to bring a lawsuit against the dogs' keepers. <MORE>


                    Friday, March 22, 2002
                    Religion in the News
                    By AMY GREEN, Associated Press Writer

                    LEBANON, Tenn. - The Rev. Richard Land's forehead shimmers with sweat
                    as he barks his grim interpretation of the Bible's apocalyptic book,
                    Revelation. <SNIP>
                    As Land's prominence has grown, so has the criticism from moderate
                    Southern Baptists, including the Rev. Bill Sherman, who believes Land
                    and other conservative leaders have ruined the denomination. <MORE>


                    March 22, 2002
                    Proudly Gay, and Marching the Dutch to the Right
                    By MARLISE SIMONS

                    ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands, March 20 - Pim Fortuyn concedes
                    he is a full-time agitator, proud of being gay and equally
                    proud, it seems, of being an irreverent intellectual who
                    openly derides Muslim immigrants as backward.

                    But he flies into a rage when people call him a new
                    Mussolini or the Dutch equivalent of the Austrian
                    right-wing politician J�rg Haider. <MORE>


                    Wednesday, March 22, 2002
                    Researchers Caution Catholic Church
                    By RACHEL ZOLL, AP Religion Writer

                    Researchers have identified a pattern in the molestation crisis
                    afflicting the Roman Catholic Church: most of the victims are older
                    boys. Noting this trend, some high-ranking Catholics have concluded
                    that many abusive clergy are gay, and some church members have
                    suggested purging the priesthood of homosexuals. But abuse experts
                    say that's a simplistic approach that will not end the threat to
                    children. <MORE>

                    Wednesday, March 22, 2002
                    Gay couples win rights
                    Sunday Times, Australia

                    GAY couples in Western Australia will now have the same rights as de
                    factos under contentious new laws passed through parliament
                    Under the Acts Amendment (Lesbian and Gay Law Reform) Bill 2001,
                    same-sex couples will now have equal access to adoption procedures
                    and IVF treatment <MORE>

                    Thursday, March 21, 2002
                    A rights battle with roots in North Jersey
                    Bergen Record, New Jersey

                    It was a difficult, less-traveled road John Gish Jr. chose when the
                    former Paramus High School teacher became a gay rights activist.

                    Gish paid a steep price during - and after - his eight-year fight for
                    his right to advocate gay rights while being a teacher. He was
                    humiliated by school officials who labeled his advocacy
                    psychologically abnormal and detrimental to students. <MORE>

                    Thursday, March 21, 2002
                    Gay student can't bring male date to prom

                    TORONTO, Mar. (Reuters) - A Roman Catholic high school in Ontario has
                    banned a 17-year-old gay student from taking his boyfriend to the
                    Grade 12 prom. Marc Hall told CBC television on Wednesday that that
                    principal of Monsignor John Pereyma Catholic Secondary School in
                    Oshawa, Ontario, just east of Toronto, told him he wasn't allowed to
                    bring his 21-year-old male partner as his prom date. <MORE>


                    March 20, 2002
                    Rural Gay Men with HIV May Suffer Lack of Support
                    By Melissa Schorr

                    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - HIV (news - web sites)-positive gay men
                    living in rural areas are more likely to suffer from depression as a
                    result of a lack of social support than those who live in
                    metropolitan areas, researchers report. <MORE>

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                    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE ... June 25, 2002 The Young And The Restless By Erik Meers Excerpted from The Advocate
                    Message 9 of 16 , Jun 18, 2002


                      June 25, 2002
                      The Young And The Restless
                      By Erik Meers
                      Excerpted from The Advocate

                      While lesbian and gay youth may have more support than ever before,
                      the first step in claiming their rights gets no easier. Stories from
                      the coming-out front. <MORE>


                      Tuesday, June 18, 2002
                      Children, Gay Parents and Synthetic Storms
                      By Julie Salamon
                      New York Times
                      Maybe Jerry Falwell is a double agent.

                      He appears tonight - in avuncular mode - on a Nickelodeon
                      special about children with gay parents. Although he says
                      that Christians don't approve of homosexuality, Mr. Falwell
                      also says, "I don't think gays or lesbians should be in any
                      way harassed or robbed of their civil rights." <MORE>


                      Monday, June 17, 2002
                      ELECTION 2002: Joshua Weinstein
                      The Gay Divide: Two Preferences in Senate Race
                      Portland Press Herald

                      When word began to filter out that the nation's largest gay political

                      organization was thinking of endorsing U.S. Sen. Susan Collins
                      instead of her Democratic rival, Chellie Pingree, Maine's gay and
                      lesbian political establishment - made up mostly of Democrats - was
                      appalled. <MORE>


                      Sunday, June 16, 2002
                      Islamic Bloc, Christian Right Team Up to Lobby U.N.
                      By Colum Lynch
                      Washington Post

                      UNITED NATIONS -- Conservative U.S. Christian organizations have
                      joined forces with Islamic governments to halt the expansion of
                      sexual and political protections and rights for gays, women and
                      children at United Nations conferences. <MORE>


                      Wednesday, June 12, 2002
                      Boston Scouts Take a Stand for Diversity

                      Massachusetts's largest Boy Scout council ruffled feathers again
                      Monday by announcing the creation of a diversity award at its annual
                      fund-raiser, hosted by an openly gay Boston radio personality. The
                      Boston Minuteman Council, which last year adopted a nondiscrimination
                      policy despite the national organization's ban on gays, has created a
                      "diversity awareness award badge." And to make its point
                      crystal-clear--that it opposes the ban on gay troop leaders--the
                      council invited WBZ radio host David Brudnoy to be master of
                      ceremonies. <MORE>

                      Friday June 7, 2002
                      Once-Conservative Quebec Okays Gay Civil Unions
                      The full article will be available on the Web for a limited time:
                      By Patrick White

                      QUEBEC CITY (Reuters) - Once staunchly conservative and strongly
                      influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, Quebec gave legal status on
                      Friday to civil unions of same-sex couples, as well as allowing gay
                      couples to adopt children, Attorney General Paul Begin said. <MORE>

                      Thursday June 6, 2002
                      Sweden Approves Same-sex Adoption Plan
                      Kim Gamel, Associated Press
                      The full article will be available on the Web for a limited time:

                      SUMMARY: Swedish legislators voted Wednesday to let same-sex couples
                      adopt children -- a decision that gay activists hailed as a step
                      toward gaining the full benefits of marriage.

                      Sunday, June 9, 2002
                      Alternative Prom Lets Gay Teens Join in Fun with Pride
                      Philadelphia Inquirer
                      The full article will be available on the Web for a limited time:

                      After finding a lipstick-red, floor-length sequined gown, Carol
                      Claassen had the perfect dress for her senior prom at Downingtown
                      High School. <MORE>

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                      CALLED OUT ... Wednesday, October 23, 2002 Newark teen s family mourns quietly as activists organize public rallies By Yomi S. Wronge San Jose Mercury News
                      Message 10 of 16 , Oct 23, 2002
                        CALLED OUT

                        Wednesday, October 23, 2002
                        Newark teen's family mourns quietly as activists organize public
                        By Yomi S. Wronge
                        San Jose Mercury News

                        To the family that had come to accept his sexuality, Eddie Araujo was
                        so much more than a transgender teen. Eddie, who sometimes used the
                        name Gwen, was a multidimensional human being -- a great kid, a music
                        lover, a stylish dresser -- cut down in the prime of his life.

                        That's the story they want told.

                        To members of the transgender community, the fact that Gwen Araujo
                        was transgender is the story. They feel strongly connected to the
                        17-year-old who was allegedly killed by three men who found she was
                        not anatomically female. <MORE>


                        Wednesday, October 23, 2002
                        Anglican Archbishop condemns gay marriages

                        South Africa: Anglican Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane has openly
                        condemned same sex marriages. Ndungane, addressing members of his
                        church at Lichtenburg, in the North West, sent a message to
                        homosexuals that they should respect their bodies as they resemble
                        the temple of God. <MORE>


                        Wednesday, October 23, 2002
                        'Keenan' goes on despite protests
                        By MARGARET CLAIBORNE
                        Ithaca Journal

                        ITHACA, NY -- A play about a teen-ager's struggles to come to terms
                        with his homosexuality will continue to be performed at Ithaca High

                        "Josh Keenan Comes Out to the World," is scheduled for two
                        performances today and Thursday, despite calls for its cancellation.
                        About one dozen parents and ministers appeared at the Ithaca City
                        School District Board of Education meeting Tuesday night to protest
                        what they believe is the play's mockery of religion, its use of
                        profanity, and it portrayal of what they call a false picture of
                        adolescent sexual activity. <MORE>

                        Wednesday, October 23, 2002
                        Gay Christian group to step up Falwell protests
                        Associated Baptist Press

                        LYNCHBURG, Va. -- Soulforce, the religious gay-rights group led by
                        former Jerry Falwell associate Mel White, planned protests outside
                        Falwell's Lynchburg, Va., church Oct. 26 and 27. White said the group
                        would protest Falwell's "anti-gay" and "anti-Muslim" rhetoric outside
                        Thomas Road Baptist Church.

                        "The ultimate goal of Soulforce is not just to condemn Jerry Falwell
                        but to help the fundamentalist leader understand the consequences of
                        his untruths about Muslims and gays, to seek forgiveness, and
                        together to build a community where we can live together in peace,"
                        said White, who was once a speechwriter for Falwell but changed his
                        political and theological views after admitting admitted he is a

                        The protests are part of "Out and About" -- the first ever gay-pride
                        event in the small Virginia city's history. Recently, White and his
                        partner, Gary Nixon, moved to a rented house across the street from
                        Falwell's church and began attending worship services there in an
                        attempt to get Falwell's attention. However, the evangelist and
                        former Moral Majority head has thus far declined to meet with them to
                        discuss their concerns. (ABP)


                        Tuesday, October 22 2002
                        Gay couple get married outside French Embassy in Rome

                        The first gay wedding to be publicly celebrated in Italy took place
                        in the capital Rome.

                        Just a few kilometres from the cupola of St Peter's Basilica, Alessio
                        di Giorgi and Christian Panicucci ignored the teachings of the
                        Catholic church and got married at the French Consulate on Monday.


                        Monday, October 21, 2002
                        Battle for gay marriage
                        By RUTH PADAWER
                        Staff Writer
                        The Bergen Record

                        When Marcye and Karen Nicholson-McFadden sued New Jersey for the
                        right to marry, they knew that half the battle would be fought
                        outside the courthouse.

                        They and the six other couples in the three-month-old lawsuit will
                        soon begin appearing in church basements, in union halls, and on
                        college campuses to bring their case directly to the public. Their
                        goal is to show how similar they are to other families - yet how far
                        they fall outside the law's protective embrace.
                        Although a ruling is not likely for months or even years, supporters
                        of the lawsuit are unveiling a campaign to promote broader acceptance
                        of marriage for same-sex couples. Opponents of gay marriage have, for
                        now, remained relatively quiet, but if recent history is any
                        indication, gay-marriage supporters know that well-funded opposition
                        will eventually become a force to contend with. <MORE>


                        Saturday, October 19, 2002
                        Piano player's plight prompts show of support
                        By Victoria Rouch victoria.rouch@...


                        Even though it was only 7:30 p.m. Friday night � a little early yet
                        for the nightlife to get cranked up in downtown Wilmington � a
                        sizable crowd was already gathering at Costello's.

                        Since opening a little over a year ago, the small bar with its
                        tasteful atmosphere and live piano music has become a popular
                        destination for many � including a growing gay clientele. <SNIP>

                        But for Ms. Merritt, the community giveth what the church taketh
                        Since being picked up by local media on Tuesday, the story of Ms.
                        Merritt's ouster [by Pine Valley Baptist Church] has prompted a flood
                        of national and international support. <MORE>


                        Sunday, September 29, 2002
                        Gay Men Take Cause to Falwell's Door
                        Couple Finds Kindness, if Not Acceptance, in Evangelist's Church
                        By Carol Morello, Washington Post; Page A01

                        LYNCHBURG, Va. -- In another time and place, Mel White and Gary Nixon
                        would have been known as the two old bachelors who live in the small
                        white house on the corner.
                        Though both consider themselves Episcopalian, White is a minister in
                        the Metropolitan Community Church, which is largely composed of gay,
                        lesbian, bisexual and transgender congregants. White and Nixon live
                        off donations from Soulforce, a group that confronts churches that
                        consider homosexuality sinful. They travel across the country
                        demonstrating at religious conferences. <SNIP>

                        Last Sunday, he was halfway through his sermon about loving thy
                        neighbor when suddenly he began discussing White and Nixon. As they
                        sat 11 pews from the pulpit with their heads bowed, Falwell suggested
                        that the congregation could wrest the couple away from homosexuality.

                        "Love them," Falwell preached. "Reach out and welcome them, and share
                        the gospel of Christ every time they darken our doors. <SNIP>

                        "Every Sunday morning, more and more people will come over to say
                        welcome," predicts White. "We will eat away at his hold on them, just
                        by being who we are."

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                        CALLED OUT ... Tuesday, November 5, 2002 Homosexuality is biological, suggests gay sheep study NewScientist.com news service
                        Message 11 of 16 , Nov 5, 2002
                          CALLED OUT


                          Tuesday, November 5, 2002
                          Homosexuality is biological, suggests gay sheep study
                          NewScientist.com news service

                          A study of gay sheep appears to confirm the controversial suggestion
                          that there is a biological basis for sexual preference.

                          The work shows that rams that prefer male sexual partners had small
                          but distinct differences in a part of the brain called the
                          hypothalamus, when compared with rams that preferred to mate with
                          ewes. <BIG SNIP>

                          Larkin presented the research on Monday at the Society for
                          Neuroscience meeting in Orlando Florida, US.


                          Monday, November 04, 2002
                          Gay Sheep May Help Explain Biology of Homosexuals
                          By Maggie Fox

                          WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Gay sheep that mate only with other rams have
                          different brain structures from "straight" sheep, a finding that may
                          shed light on human sexuality, US researchers said on Monday.

                          The differences are similar to those seen in some homosexual humans,
                          but probably only go a small way to explaining the causes of
                          different sexual preferences, the team at Oregon Health & Science
                          University said. <MORE>


                          Monday, November 04, 2002
                          Tory resigns over adoption vote


                          Tory shadow cabinet member John Bercow has resigned over the party's
                          opposition to allowing unmarried couples - heterosexual and gay - to
                          adopt children. Mr Bercow, shadow pensions minister, has stepped
                          down from Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith's front bench,
                          arguing it is an issue of conscience <MORE>


                          Friday, November 1, 2002
                          Westbrook gay-rights ordinance faces first test
                          By C. KALIMAH REDD, Portland Press Herald Writer

                          Westbrook voters will decide Tuesday whether their city will remain
                          the most recent Maine community to ban discrimination based on
                          sexual orientation. On the ballot is a proposal to repeal a civil
                          rights ordinance, approved by a unanimous City Council vote in July,
                          that bans discrimination based on sexual orientation. A "yes" vote
                          opposes the ordinance, while a "no" vote supports it.

                          Both sides have engaged in vigorous campaigns since the Christian
                          Coalition of Maine, led by Paul Volle, began the petition drive that
                          forced the referendum. <MORE>


                          Thursday, October 31, 2002
                          Gay bashing continues unabated in Detroit schools
                          By Brent Dorian Carpenter

                          For over two years, Michael Thomas, a bright 16-year-old with good
                          grades at Northwestern High School, has endured being pushed,
                          taunted, called some pretty nasty names, and even assaulted by
                          bullying classmates. He has twice attempted to prompt the school to
                          address the harassment, to no avail.

                          Now, he and his father, James Thomas, have had enough and stand ready
                          to push back against the assailants; Northwestern's principal, Dr.
                          Larry Latimore; and the Detroit Public School Board itself, if need


                          Wednesday, October 30, 2002
                          Gay History Is Still in the Closet
                          By RICHARD GOLDSTEIN
                          New York Times

                          Harry Hay was a remarkable figure by any measure, though
                          most Americans have not heard his name. As a Marxist who
                          proudly called himself a sissy, he was the first American
                          to imagine a gay community. <SNIP>

                          Yet most gay people know little about Harry Hay. Even fewer
                          know that his comrades, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, who
                          founded the first American lesbian organization, Daughters
                          of Bilitis, are still alive.

                          It is unlikely that these pioneers will be honored with a
                          postage stamp. Gay and lesbian leaders have yet to find a
                          place in the civil rights pantheon. <MORE>


                          Tuesday, October 29, 2002
                          HERE I STAND: We can be known by our enemies
                          By Michael J. Coyner
                          Special to the United Methodist Reporter

                          There is an old saying that a person is known by his or her friends,
                          and that is certainly true. The kind of friends we make and keep
                          tells a lot about ourselves. But I also believe that we are
                          sometimes known by our enemies. <SNIP>

                          A good example of that right now in the Dakotas is First United
                          Methodist Church in Fargo, N.D. On Sunday, Nov. 3, Fred Phelps and
                          his gang of hate-mongers are coming to Fargo to picket at First UMC,
                          Hope Lutheran, Gethsemane Episcopal Cathedral, and Nativity Roman
                          Catholic churches. In case you don't know the name Fred Phelps, he is
                          a supposed "minister" from Kansas who goes around promoting hatred
                          against gay and lesbian people, and his Web site (please don't look
                          at it, because it is disgusting) is even called "God Hates Fags."

                          Tuesday, October 29, 2002
                          Beyond Appearances: The Ambiguities of Sexuality
                          By DINITIA SMITH

                          What maketh the man? Is it chromosomes? Or is it genitalia?
                          Or, to borrow from Polonius, is it clothes?

                          In her new book, "How Sex Changed: A History of
                          Transsexuality in the United States," Dr. Joanne
                          Meyerowitz, a professor of history at Indiana University
                          and the editor of The Journal of American History, examines
                          changing definitions of gender through the prism of
                          transsexuality, that most mysterious of conditions in which
                          a person is born with normal chromosomes and hormones for
                          one sex but is convinced that he or she is a member of the
                          other. <MORE>


                          Monday,October 28, 2002
                          Pat Robertson counts his ble$$ings
                          By Bill Berkowitz

                          <SNIP> Operation Blessing was among 21 groups receiving a total of
                          $25 million by HHS. <SNIP>

                          Other grantees include the Christian Community Health Fellowship of
                          Illinois, which got $1.1 million; Nueva Esperanza, a Hispanic,
                          Philadephia-based group, which got the largest grant, nearly $2.5
                          million; the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, $2 million; Catholic
                          Charities of Central New Mexico, $1 million, and Volunteers of
                          America, $700,000. Another $850,000 was given "to support research on
                          how these groups provide social services and the role they play in
                          communities." One of these research grants went to the University of
                          Pennsylvania, home of John DiIulio, the initial head of Bush's Office
                          of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, who resigned after eight
                          "controversy-filled" months. <BIG SNIP>

                          Is the HHS grant payback for past support and/or a down payment for
                          the future? Whatever the case, one thing appears certain; a quieted
                          Robertson has now fallen into the camp of former critics of the
                          president's faith-based initiative.

                          Bill Berkowitz is a longtime observer of the conservative movement.
                          His WorkingForChange column Conservative Watch documents the
                          strategies, players, institutions, victories and defeats of the
                          American Right.


                          Title: PCUSA News Service Correction

                          In a story about the recent meeting of the Theological Task Force on
                          the Peace, Unity and Purity of the Church (story #02425, Oct. 29),
                          the Presbyterian News Service incorrectly reported that "a number of
                          church officials in Northern New England (Presbytery) are openly
                          defying constitutional provisions" around ordination standards.

                          In 1998, the session of Christ Presbyterian Church in Burlington, VT,

                          adopted a resolution of dissent from G-6.0106b (the commonly called
                          "fidelity and chastity" provision of the Book of Order). In 2000, the

                          General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission instructed Northern
                          New England Presbytery to "work pastorally" with the Burlington
                          session. Just prior to this year's General Assembly, the Burlington
                          session "set aside" the dissent resolution. Shenango Presbytery
                          overtured the General Assembly to find the Burlington session's
                          action "inadequate" and to force it to "rescind" the resolution. The
                          Assembly rejected the overture. Northern New England Presbytery has
                          ruled that the Christ Church session is in compliance with the Book
                          of Order.

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