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New Video Confronts Ignorance and Homophobia in the Church

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    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE ********************************** Press Release: June 1, 2001 For Immediate Release Contact: John Davis, Producer (610)
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      Press Release: June 1, 2001
      For Immediate Release
      Contact: John Davis, Producer
      (610) 989-0198 johnfsvideo@...

      New Video Confronts Ignorance and Homophobia in the Church and Offers
      Hope to Those Who Face Condemnation and Judgement

      WORLD PREMIER!!! "Family Stories: Journeys of Spirit in Mixed
      Orientation Families"

      Philadephia - Two women, trapped by their own judgemental and
      homophobic religious beliefs, share their stories of love and hope in
      the soon to be released video, "Family Stories: Journeys of Spirit in
      Mixed Orientation Families." The video documents the transition of
      Roberta Kreider and Mary Lou Wallner from devasation to empowerment
      when confronted with the myriad of issues that resulted from the
      deaths of their gay and lesbian family members.

      Roberta Kreider, whose brother first told her he was gay two weeks
      before he died of AIDS, tells of her 10 year process of research,
      education, soul searching and prayer to overcome her own fear,
      ignorance and homophobia. Mary Lou Wallner tells about the
      complicated spiritual task of trying to comprehend the suicide of her
      daughter, Anna, in February of 1997 and the implication of her
      refusal to accept Anna's homosexuality.

      Both women are from religious backgrounds that condemn homosexuality
      as a sin, and both tried unsuccessfully to reconcile their loved
      homosexuality with the judgemental religion of their childhood. They
      are now both active in a faith which promotes acceptance and
      understanding of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals,
      and offer hope to a community that has been condemned by religious
      organizations, religious leaders, and family members.

      "When I first head the stories of these two women, I knew they needed
      to be recorded and given a larger audience," said John Davis,
      producer of Family Stories. "A young man told me when he heard these
      two women tell their stories, it had given him hope for his own
      unaccepting family, a hope that had been sorely lacking as he had
      contemplated his own suicide in the past."

      Introduced by Rev. Peter Gomes, Professor of Christian Morals at
      Harvard Divinity School, the video will be a resource to be used by
      churches, community organizations, universities, seminaries, gay,
      lesbian, bisexual and transgender organizations, and individuals of
      all backgrounds and denominations.

      A premier screening will be held at The Center for Sexuality and
      Religion, 987 Old Eagle School Road - Suite 719, Wayne, PA on June 17
      at 5:30 p.m. with light refreshments to follow. RSVP to Helen
      Heineman at hheinem@... .

      The video can be purchased for $29.95 - along with a study guide, by
      sending a check for $29.95 to John Davis, PO Box 164, Wayne PA 19807,
      or by calling (610) 989-0198. The video is available free or at a
      reduced price for journalists or those interested in distribution.

      Profits will be used to fund new ventures that promote equality for
      God's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender childen. Funding and
      support were provided for this video by Central Baptist Church (CBC)
      in Wayne, PA, the CBC Concerned mission group, and many individuals
      within the congregation. For more information, see:
      http://www.familystoriesvideo.org .

      This press release written and circulated for "Family Stories" by the
      Interfaith Movement for Progressive Action and Cultural

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