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PCUSA, Roman Catholic, United Methodist News

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    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE 3 resources about Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Roman Catholic Church, and United Methodist. ... The Presbyterian Church
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2001
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      3 resources about Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Roman Catholic
      Church, and United Methodist.


      The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly is happening in
      Louisville, KY (June 9-16). Following is news of two groups, the IRD
      and a group supporting the Auburn Affirmation 2001.

      Representatives of the Institute for Religion and Democracy (IRD)
      will be pushing their agenda to undercut the denomination's social
      (note that the IRD is seeking to dismantle the Board of Church and
      Society in The United Methodist Church and opposes many of the
      denomination's social witness stands)

      The IRD continues its long-standing campaign against the National
      Council of Churches' work:

      It also asks the PCUSA to support the "marriage movement," which has
      an anti-gay agenda

      Another group with a pro-PCUSA agenda has formed to support keeping
      the integrity of the identity of the PCUSA, reclaiming its
      traditions, and moving too a more biblical stance in terms of its
      attitudes toward its members, who are all a part of the Body of

      This web site gives some history about the Auburn Affirmation,
      written in 1923, rallied moderate and progressive Presbyterians to
      successfully fend off the fundamentalist takeover of the church. It
      invites members of the PCUSA to sign on to the 2001 Affirmation.

      (background by CORNET Moderator)


      Press Release, from the Rainbow Sash Movement
      Roman Catholic Bishops Disagree about giving Communion to Rainbow
      Sash Movement (Gay Catholic)

      Today, June 3,2001 an historical event happened in the American Roman
      Catholic Church. A public debate is developing between Cardinal
      Francis George of Chicago who denies communion to Rainbow Sash
      Members (Gay Catholics), and Archbishop Harry J. Flynn of St Paul and
      Minneapolis, who allows Communion to be given to Rainbow Sash Members
      (Gay Catholics). These two represent a broader debate in the National
      Council of Catholic Bishops about diversity and inclusion concerning
      Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transexual People. Both looking at the same
      Position of the Roman Catholic Church and each responding very

      This Pentecost Sunday both spoke about the diversity of the Roman
      Catholic Church; however, Cardinal George responded with intolerance
      and exclusion while Archbishop Harry J. Flynn responded with
      tolerance and inclusion. The later is what the Church is supposed to
      be about; the former is a sad reality in some dioceses. To join or to
      get more information about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit our

      Contact Person Joe Murray, US Convenor Rainbow Sash Movement


      Thursday May 31, 2001
      Court Rules On Gay Church Dispute

      MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Members of a rural church that broke away from
      the United Methodist Church because of its position on gays cannot
      keep the deed to the church, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.


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