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The Many Faces in God's House: The Rainbow Sash Movement

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    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE From Rainbow Sash Movement (Gay Catholics). ... Press Release, May 26, 2001 The Many Faces in God s House The Many Faces in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2001

      From Rainbow Sash Movement (Gay Catholics).

      Press Release, May 26, 2001
      The Many Faces in God's House

      The Many Faces in God's House, Includes Gay Catholics Says the
      Rainbow Sash Movement (Gay Catholics).

      The Rainbow Sash Movement (Gay Catholics) will be wearing Rainbow
      Sashes in Catholic Cathedrals on Pentecost Sunday, June 3 from
      Chicago, IL to Rochester, NY, from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN to
      Dallas, TX. From Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, to London, England
      as we call the Catholic Church to a conversion of heart on issues
      surrounding matters of sexuality.

      "By wearing the Rainbow Sash we are entering God's house honestly, no
      longer hiding our faces in the Catholic Closet, and seeking Holy
      Communion. The Church should be engaged in making room at the
      Eucharistic table for everyone God sends. It's an Eucharistic meal to
      which we are all worthy, simply because we have been invited," said
      Joe Murray, US Convenor.

      Additionally, the US Rainbow Sash Movement is calling the National
      Council of Catholic Bishops to enter into open and honest dialogue,
      in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council when it reaffirmed that
      the sensus fidelium -- the sense of the faithful -- is important. We
      are requesting by letter (full text of letter can be viewed at our
      Web Site WWW.RainbowSashMovement.Org) that listening sessions on
      matters of sexuality and other important issues facing the church
      take place around the country. We hope this can take place prior to
      the world Synod of Bishops. The Synod will be held in Rome, during
      October of this year. It is our prayer that Catholic
      Cardinals/Arch/Bishops will honor this Catholic Tradition." said Joe
      Murray, US Convenor.

      "As Catholics become more educated they will continue to look to
      reason, science and faith to guide them in the development of their
      consciences. We bring the gifts, the witness and the challenge of
      gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people into the heart of the
      Church. Whether one sees this pluralism as a sign of a vibrant church
      or a church in disarray may depend on one's view of church as either
      the "People of God," or as the "institutional church," said Joe
      Murray, US Convenor.

      If you wish to join us, or just contact us we can be reached at
      773-665-8174, email: Sashmovement@..., mail: PO Box 13490,Chcago,
      IL 60613, or visit our Web Site at WWW.RainbowSashMovement.Org.

      Contact Person:

      Joe Murray, US Convenor

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