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    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE News and information from a variety of sources. News related to religion is first. ... RELIGION NEWS April 25, 2001 Gays
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      News and information from a variety of sources. News related to
      religion is first.



      April 25, 2001
      Gays protest choice for GOP faith summit
      Anaheim minister once urged quarantine of AIDS patients
      Carla Marinucci
      San Francisco Chronicle

      Gay and lesbian leaders have expressed outrage that the Rev. Lou
      Sheldon - - a controversial minister who once compared homosexuality
      to alcoholism -- has been designated an adviser to a Republican
      summit of religious leaders aimed at pushing President Bush's
      faith-based initiative. <MORE>


      April 24, 2001
      Countering the Terms of Hatred
      The New York Times

      <SNIP>Charlie Ward, the Knick guard and true believer, says he reads
      the Bible, and that is to be taken as gospel, because he often quotes
      from it. <SNIP> He should, however, have refreshed his memory on the
      above quotation [I Corinthians 13:1].

      For his words � as well as those of his teammate Allan Houston's �
      regarding Jews, the Bible and the crucifixion of Jesus, as quoted in
      Sunday's New York Times Magazine, emerged not so much like a tinkling
      cymbal but with the harsh sounds of brass. <MORE>


      April 23, 2001
      Madness 'On the Loose', Says Nujoma
      Christof Maletsky
      The Namibian (Windhoek)

      <SNIP> Over the past month, the President's [Sam Nujoma] hit list
      has, among others, included Christianity, the churches, Finnish
      missionaries, the media, Afrikaans, the Americans - whom he accused
      of creating HIV-AIDS as part of a biological warfare programme, and
      Namibian women who fall in love with foreigners. <SNIP> "The enemy is
      still trying to come back with sinister manoeuvres and tricks called
      lesbians and homosexuality and globalisation. These are all madness
      and they claim to be Christians," he told a crowd of cheering Swapo
      supporters outside the Okuryangava Women's Centre.


      The Bible and homosexuality
      Human Rights Campaign Family Net

      Jimmy Creech answers questions about the Bible


      "Mixed Blessings," a Human Rights Campaign Foundation report about
      organized religion and gay and lesbian Americans (1998, 38 pages)
      (Be warned: a very large file! Adobe Acrobat reader needed)

      Virtual Resource Center

      LOS ANGELES � Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
      (HUC-JIR) has received funding from Agnes and Rabbi Erwin Herman to
      establish a Virtual Resource Center, dedicated to the memory of their
      son Jeff Herman. This innovative and remarkable electronic center is
      a part of the Sexual Orientation Issues in Congregations and
      Community Initiative (SOICC) of HUC-JIR Los Angeles School. Dr. Lewis
      M. Barth, Dean, HUC-JIR Los Angeles School announced the gift. <MORE>



      April 23, 2001
      With Pride and Corsages, Gay Proms Reach Suburbs
      The dance is one of two gay proms scheduled on Long Island this
      spring that are each expected to attract about 150 gay, lesbian,
      bisexual, transgendered and heterosexual students. The events � among
      the first of their kind on Long Island and organized independent of
      schools � are the latest in a string of similar celebrations to
      emerge from Seattle to Cleveland to New Orleans.


      April 21, 2001
      Promised Sex-Ed Report Languishes
      New York Times

      It was billed as a "Surgeon General's Call to Action." <SNIP>
      With Republicans taking control of the White House, Dr. Satcher,
      whose four-year term ends in 2002, remains surgeon general. But he
      has lost his post as assistant secretary of health and human
      services, and the staff of 200 that goes with it. Now, his staff is
      four people, Mr. Thompson said. <MORE>


      April 21, 2001
      Court Increases Award to Kin in Hate Crime
      New York Times

      The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that a sheriff must pay
      greater damages for the death of Teena Brandon, a
      cross-dressing woman whose story inspired the 1999 movie
      "Boys Don't Cry." <MORE>


      April 20, 2001
      Leaving labels behind
      Doug Hamilton - Staff
      Atlanta-Journal Constitution

      Karla Drenner has one request before she agrees to an interview:
      "Just don't refer to me as the 'lesbian legislator.' "

      It seems that the 39-year-old environmental consultant and mother of
      two has been branded with the two-L tag since she was elected to the
      Georgia House of Representatives last year. Newspaper headline
      writers have proven especially susceptible to its alliterative
      allure. Drenner pulls out a folder full of press clippings trumpeting
      the title, or its less lyrical sibling "gay legislator." <MORE>


      April 17, 2001
      Gay men report attack at home
      Two tell police that intruders smashed belongings and assaulted them
      because of sexual orientation
      BY STEPHANIE WARSMITH and George W. Davis
      Akron Beacon Journal

      Two homosexual Akron men told police they were attacked because of
      their sexual orientation.

      Gary Morris and Danny Gaul say they have flown a gay pride flag in
      front of their Brittain Road home for five years and never before had
      a problem -- until about 9:30 p.m. Friday. <MORE>

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