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Faith-based discrimination; Tooley Snipes at Shower of Stoles; More

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    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE Several articles and commentaries, including a look at faith-based discrimination of LGBT people by the NY Times; news about the
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      Several articles and commentaries, including a look at faith-based
      discrimination of LGBT people by the NY Times; news about the first
      marriages of same gender couples in the Netherlands, Atlanta
      Baptists; a reflection on sexuality by a Christian ethics professor
      in Maine; a commentary on God, sin, and anti-gay "family" groups;
      the mayor of San Francisco marries 44 same gender couples; a story
      about UM display of the Shower of Stoles draws out IRD's Mark Tooley
      to snipe at it, and a news item about domestic partners health
      benefits for Maine state employees.

      April 1, 2001

      Faith-Based Discrimination: The Case of Alicia Pedreira
      New York Times

      The first time Alicia Pedreira heard from co-workers that they had
      spotted her picture in a photo exhibit at the state fair in
      Louisville, Ky., she was baffled. "I thought: Photograph? What
      photograph?" Pedreira said recently of the strange sequence of events
      that began in August 1998 and would soon upend her life. "I had no
      idea what they were talking about." <BIG SNIP>
      Pedreira's case is not the first of its kind. In 1987, a Mississippi
      woman named Jamie Kellam Dodge sued a Salvation Army
      domestic-violence shelter after she was fired for her association
      with the Wiccan religion (a sect that practices modern witchcraft).
      Because Dodge's salary was partly financed through a government
      grant, a federal judge ruled against the Salvation Army. <MUCH MORE>
      Eyal Press is a contributing editor at Lingua Franca. He last wrote
      for the magazine about a Congolese refugee's first year in New York.


      March 31, 2001
      Dutch Law Allows Same-Sex Marriages
      By ANTHONY DEUTSCH, Associated Press Writer

      AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - Four gay couples exchanged rings and
      vows at City Hall early Sunday, the first of hundreds planning to wed
      under a new Dutch law allowing same-sex marriages. <MORE>

      March 31, 2001
      Atlanta Baptist group feels fallout from vote
      Gayle White
      Atlanta Journal-Constitution

      The series of testimonies that opened the annual meeting of the
      Atlanta Baptist Association earlier this month illustrated how
      Baptists are working in the biggest --- many would say the baddest
      --- city in the Southeast... <SNIP>
      But those ministries and others may be jeopardized by fallout from
      the association's subsequent vote to retain two churches known for
      their unapologetic openness to homosexuals. Although the association
      amended its bylaws to specifically exclude any church "which
      knowingly takes, or has taken, any action to affirm, approve or
      endorse homosexual behavior," it fell short of the two-thirds vote
      required to expel Oakhurst Baptist and Virginia-Highland Baptist

      Saturday, March 31, 2001

      REFLECTIONS: Rev. Marvin M. Ellison
      Call to break the silence on sex, faith
      Portland Press-Herald, Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc.

      Moreover, the ethical focus for gay and nongay, partnered and
      non-partnered persons alike should be the quality of respect and
      commitment in intimate relationships, the distribution and use of
      power, the maintenance of health, and especially protection from
      abuse, exploitation, and neglect. Such an ethic will hold the
      powerful accountable for their wrongdoing, including the batterer,
      the rapist, and sexually abusive clergy.

      The primary norm will no longer be marriage, heterosexuality, or
      procreative possibility, but rather justice and love in all intimate
      Dr. Marvin M. Ellison teaches Christian Ethics on the Portland campus
      of Bangor Theological Seminary. An ordained Presbyterian minister, he
      co-chairs the Religious Coalition Against Discrimination, as well as
      the Maine Interfaith Council for Reproductive Choices. Reflections is
      a monthly column on religion and ethics that is written by leaders in
      Maine's faith community.


      March 30, 2001
      COLUMN: Bill Nemitz
      God might want a say on gay 'sins'
      Portland Press-Herald, Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc.

      Hello, God . . . got a minute?
      <BIG SNIP>
      See what I mean, God? They talk about this latest assault on the "gay
      agenda" as if it's your idea. They drop your name as if they � and
      only they � know how to communicate with you, as if you turn a deaf
      ear to those of us who might not share their definition of what is
      truly right and truly wrong.

      March 30, 2001
      Gay, Lesbian Couples United By Mayor at S.F. City Hall
      Mass commitment draws 44 couples
      Ilene Lelchuk, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer

      Alec MacKenzie chose DJ Dull to be his lifeline this fall on "Who
      Wants to Be a Millionaire?" game show. Now he wants to make it
      official, forever.

      MacKenzie, a public school teacher who inadvertently let his students
      -- and the nation -- know he is gay on national television, wed his
      boyfriend of six years yesterday, joining 43 other couples in San
      Francisco's fifth annual mass domestic partners commitment ceremony.
      March 29, 2001
      Gay couple visiting New Orleans are victims of violence
      by Mike Fleming
      Southern Voice

      NEW ORLEANS-John Smeester, 43, and his partner, 41, were on the last
      leg of a vacation in New Orleans March 20 when they were accosted by
      would-be robbers, leaving Smeester dead and his companion critically
      injured by gunshot wounds, police said. <MORE>

      March 29, 2001
      Gay clergy stoles on display in Nashville
      by Erin O'Briant
      Southern Voice

      NASHVILLE, Tenn.- An exhibit of liturgical stoles belonging to gay
      and lesbian church leaders has drawn mostly positive responses, but
      anti-gay activists call the show a "tool" of the United Methodist
      Church's "pro-homosexual caucus." <SNIP>
      But Methodists who oppose gay rights see the Shower of Stoles as a
      "tool that the pro-homosexuality caucus groups in our church use to
      promote their cause, to portray homosexuals as victims," according to
      Mark Tooley, United Methodist action director of the conservative
      Institute on Religion & Democracy.

      "I wonder if members of [West End] have not been fully leveled with
      in terms of what the political agenda is behind the exhibit," Tooley

      March 29, 2001
      Domestic-partners plan survives another attack
      Portland Press-Herald, Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc.

      Opponents fail in a second bid to deny health benefits to partners of
      state employees.

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