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RMN Convo; Church Unity/Schism; Love, Hate, Repentance

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    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE Included here are several links to stories. First is an announcement about the Reconciling Ministries Network next summer.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2001

      Included here are several links to stories. First is an announcement
      about the Reconciling Ministries Network next summer. Following it
      are a number of stories related to church unity and schism. First is
      an article on the general topic by Gustav Niebuhr. Also included are
      articles about an Episcopalian Church defying a female bishop's
      authority, the new Confessing Movement of the Presbyterian Church
      Several stories look at anti-gay bigotry and/or hate and positive
      responses to it, including advocacy, repentance and the establishment
      of anti-bias laws. Also included is a nice story about a Dutch
      female couple who will become the first same-gender to be married in
      the Netherlands.


      Note that the Presbyterian Confessing Movement (links below) takes
      its cues from the United Methodist Confessing Movement, founded in
      1994(http://www.confessingumc.org/). The UM movement has been
      low-key about one of the reasons it adopted the name of the remnant
      of the church in Germany that resisted Hitler. The PCUSA movement
      puts it right out there (see below).

      An implication of the use of the name "Confessing Church" is that all
      of those Christians who are NOT a part of the movement are "Nazi
      collaborators"-- that is to say in our 21st century context,
      collaborators with evil, Satan, secularism, etc. In that the
      Confessing Movements of the UMC and PCUSA are out front about their
      prejudice against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people,
      Christian feminists, and faiths that are not Christian, the name
      they have chosen for themselves seems inconsistent with their

      CORNET Moderator

      From the Reconciling Ministries Network:
      Are You Going to the REVIVAL? If you�re planning on attending the
      2001 Convocation of Reconciling Ministries in Tacoma Washington, here
      is some important information to know:

      1. The first registration deadline is April 1st! Adult registration
      by April 1 (postmarked) is $225. The price then rises to the second
      early registration price, May 15 deadline: $250. After May 15th adult
      registration is $275.

      2. Fees for Low Income/Students ($200) and Children 15 years old and
      under ($100) remains the same.

      PLEASE NOTE The Program fee is separate from Housing and Meals.

      3. FINAL DEADLINE for Convo Registration is June 20th.

      4. PRECONVO: If you are planning on attending a Pre-Convocation Forum
      on Thursday, there is a limit of 200 spaces for housing on Wednesday


      March 31, 2001
      Religion Journal: Reading Signposts on Church Unity

      A question that could be put to leaders of America's Protestant
      denominations is, How does one read the signs of the times as regards
      church unity? Have Protestants entered a new period of ecumenical
      cooperation? Or is the prevailing tendency in the other direction,
      with denominations under such internal pressure, because of
      controversies, that they risk some fragmentation along regional or
      ideological lines?

      March 31, 2001
      Pr. George's Parish Disputes Episcopal Bishop's Authority
      By Bill Broadway
      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Page B01

      A historic Episcopal church in southern Prince George's County has
      challenged the Episcopal bishop of Washington by hiring a dissident
      priest who has called the denomination "the Unchurch" because of its
      increasingly liberal teachings.

      Jane Holmes Dixon, 64, bishop pro tempore, has declared the Rev.
      Samuel L. Edwards, 46, unfit to be pastor of Christ Episcopal Church
      in Accokeek. She cited, among other things, his writings and public
      comments attacking the denomination and his refusal to guarantee
      obedience to her authority.



      Presbyterians Begin Confessing Movement
      This is a page of links to stories about the new movement.

      Thursday, March 29, 2001
      Presbyterian Lay Committee endorses, pledges
      resources to help Confessing Church Movement
      The Layman Online

      After extended prayer and discussion at its spring meeting, the 24
      directors of the Presbyterian Lay Committee unanimously endorsed and
      pledged resources to help an emerging Confessing Church Movement that
      calls on local sessions to reassert the foundational principles of
      the Presbyterian Church (USA). <SNIP>
      "This is an opportunity for sessions and congregations to draw a line
      in the sand, just as did the evangelical church in Germany before
      World War II with the Theological Declaration of Barmen of 1934,"
      [Parker T. Williamson, chief executive officer of the Presbyterian
      Lay Committee] said, adding:

      "The Barmen Declaration was written when Germans who followed Jesus
      Christ faced death threats for their faithfulness. But the real
      death, spiritual death, was suffered by the majority of the church
      leaders and their congregations who capitulated to a culture that was
      denouncing the Lordship of Jesus Christ and turned their backs on

      March 31, 2001
      Md. House Passes Gay Rights Bill in 'Big Step Forward'
      Glendening Made Anti-Bias Measure a Priority
      By Matthew Mosk
      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Page B01

      The Maryland House of Delegates voted yesterday to extend broad civil
      rights protections to gay men and lesbians, all but assuring final
      approval of an anti-discrimination bill that has been sought by
      activists for nearly a decade. <MORE>


      March 31, 2001
      TV Previews
      'Army of God': HBO Braves the Abortion War
      By Megan Rosenfeld
      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Page C01

      Reporters who cover the abortion wars quickly learn one thing --
      people on both sides, even those who curse the press in unprintable
      language, are more than happy to talk to you. In my experience the
      antiabortion zealots -- who didn't mind being called zealots -- were
      particularly voluble, enjoying any opportunity to filibuster a
      listener into exhaustion. <SNIP>
      Neal Horsley, the keeper of the Nuremberg Files, a Web site listing
      the name and address of every abortion clinic owner, manager and
      doctor... compares the fight against abortion to protests against the
      Vietnam War. He, too, is endlessly garrulous, and the viewer learns
      that one reason these guys are so vehement is that they think what
      they're doing is manly. Men have been afraid to stand up to -- well,
      anything, including women and homosexuals. <MORE>

      March 24, 2001
      Pastor Apologizes for Anti-Gay Remarks
      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Page B03

      After using an offensive term to refer to lesbians and suggesting
      that homosexuality is sinful, one of Washington's most prominent
      preachers [The Rev. H. Beecher Hicks Jr., pastor of Metropolitan
      Baptist Church in Northwest Washington] has apologized for remarks he
      made during a recent sermon.
      There still is "a lot of homophobia in the African American
      community," [Rev. Alvin O. Jackson, pastor of National City Christian
      Church in Northwest Washington] added. "Our tendency is to deny there
      is a problem. Even though gay people are part of our congregation and
      there is a lot of love for them, we just have not been able to
      honestly address this issue."



      Friday March 30, 2001
      Dutch Women Plan Same-Sex Wedding

      By ANTHONY DEUTSCH, Associated Press Writer

      AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - Anne-Marie Thus and Helene Faasen lead
      a routine domestic life for a Dutch couple engaged to be wed. Living
      together for two years, they have a car, a mortgage on a three-story
      town house and a 9-month-old child.


      On Sunday, they will become the world's first lesbians to be
      officially married, under legislation recognizing same-sex marriages
      with full and equal rights.



      March 29, 2001
      Namibia: Gays and lesbians under attack
      Amnesty International

      Amnesty International is concerned that recent statements made by
      President Sam Nujoma of Namibia may lead to the persecution of
      individuals identified as lesbian or gay and to further attacks on
      human rights groups advocating support for lesbian and gay rights.
      Amnesty International believes that the vilification and persecution
      of persons for their sexuality is a violation of their fundamental
      human rights. <MORE>


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