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Hate Crime; Domestic Partners Issues (CA, GA); Boy Scouts

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    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE Links to six articles with news from Canada and the United States. ... March 15, 2001 Vancouver Gay Choir Gassed By Matt
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2001
      Links to six articles with news from Canada and the United States.


      March 15, 2001
      Vancouver Gay Choir Gassed
      By Matt Alsdorf, Gay.com / PlanetOut.com Network

      SUMMARY: British Columbian GLBT activists are vowing to redouble
      their efforts in the wake of a tear gas attack on a PFLAG benefit

      A performance of the Vancouver Lesbian and Gay Choir was interrupted
      this weekend when a teenager opened a can of bear spray, sending
      people fleeing for the exits. Police are treating the incident as a
      hate crime, according to Canadian news service 365Gay.com. <MORE>

      March 14, 2001
      Domestic Partners Bill OKd by Panel
      Mauled woman's companion speaks up for rights legislation
      Greg Lucas, Sacramento Bureau Chief
      San Francisco Chronicle

      Sacramento -- With the partner of the San Francisco woman mauled to
      death by a dog as the star witness, an Assembly committee approved a
      bill yesterday to expand the rights of domestic partners. <MORE>

      March 15, 2001
      Calif. Committee Approves Partner Rights
      By Gregg Drinkwater, Gay.com / PlanetOut.com Network

      SUMMARY: Motivated partly by the fatal dog mauling of a lesbian, a
      key legislative committee okayed a measure that would treat same-sex
      California couples more like married spouses.

      Wednesday March 14, 2001
      Advocates Draw Hope From Mauling Case
      By Bryan Robinson ABCNEWS.com

      Gay rights advocates believe they gained momentum when a California
      Assembly panel approved a bill that would enable the partner of the
      woman mauled to death by two dogs to collect damages from a wrongful
      death lawsuit. But will California's ban on gay marriages stand in
      the way? <MORE>

      March 14, 2001
      Ariz. Boy Scout "Protection" Fails
      By Mark Kerr, Tucson Weekly Observer

      SUMMARY: Arizona schools and cities remain free to sanction groups
      that discriminate against gays, after a bill designed to "protect"
      the Boy Scouts was defeated. <MORE>

      March 12, 2001
      Legislator's Partner Is Not "Spouse"
      By Matt Alsdorf, Gay.com / PlanetOut Network

      SUMMARY: Conservative legislators in Georgia didn't take kindly to a
      fellow state representative naming her lesbian partner as her

      The Associated Press (AP) reports that Georgia's first openly gay
      state legislator, Democratic Rep. Karla Drenner, put herself at the
      center of a controversy by listing her same-sex partner as her
      "spouse" in an official booklet of personal information for members
      of the General Assembly. <MORE>

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