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News: U.S.A. and Great Britain

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  • U.M. Cornet
    CALLED OUT INFORMATION SERVICE Three stories, one about a petition to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to cease its antigay activities and fully
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2000

      Three stories, one about a petition to The Church of Jesus Christ of
      Latter-day Saints to cease its antigay activities and fully embrace its
      lesbian and gay members, another on Interior secretary nominee Gale Norton,
      and a third about Peckham, London, the community of the 10-year-old Nigerian
      boy who was murdered after suffering antigay slurs.


      Petitioners Ask LDS Church to Alter Gay Stance
      Sunday, December 24, 2000
      The Salt Lake Tribune
      A loosely organized group of more than 300 gay and lesbian Mormons and their
      family members are petitioning The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
      Saints to reconsider its stance on homosexuality. <SNIP> The petition's
      author is Mac Madsen, a former Weber State University healthy-lifestyles
      professor and men's golf coach.
      ...the petition asks the church to extend full fellowship to gays and
      lesbians, ... support legislation to legalize same-sex marriage. ...requests
      that false and inflammatory remarks made in public or found in
      church-sanctioned reading materials be repudiated and removed, citing church
      pamphlets, such as To Young Men Only, which implies homosexuals are
      predisposed to bestiality.
      There were no policies targeting homosexuals for the first 125 years of the
      church's history, [Madsen] said. <MORE>


      Holiday weekend, December 30?January 2, 2001
      Interior secretary nominee was main defender of Amendment 2
      The Advocate

      Former Colorado attorney general Gale Norton, chosen by George W. Bush
      to be his Interior secretary, was the leading defender of Colorado's
      antigay Amendment 2 and used the publicity she received from her defense of
      the measure to launch a Senate bid.

      The following story is an update of an earlier one that CALLED OUT carried
      from the NY Times. The link to the original story is included after this

      December 27, 2000
      Boy's Death Underscores Britain's Urban Blight
      LONDON, Dec. 26 -- "When people think of Peckham, they think of a place that
      is run down, violent, dangerous," said Dennis Tolo, of the London
      neighborhood where a 10- year-old boy was attacked on Nov. 27. "But that is
      not the real picture." <SNIP>
      ....the Conservative opposition has used the case to attack the
      government's approach to law enforcement....
      The Rev. Wesley Daniels, the minister at the local Methodist church,
      said that more than anything else, the area needs jobs.

      December 5, 2000
      A Boy's Death Shocks the British and Touches Off Soul-Searching By
      WARREN HOGE New York Times
      http://www.nytimes.com/2000/12/05/world/05BRIT.html A 10-year-old
      Nigerian boy stabbed to death by teenage gang members in London had
      been a victim antigay slurs. Damilola Taylor had slight build and was
      studious. He had been bullied at his school by other youths, who beat
      him and called him "gay." He had to ask his mother what the word meant. The
      police did not suspect that race was a motive.

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