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878“GOD POSITIVE” by Rembert Truluck

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  • U.M. Cornet
    Sep 4, 2000

      Rembert Truluck. Update for August 30, 2000
      �Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse� http://www.truluck.com
      Thank you for passing this on to others.


      All of us have some kind of image of God in our minds. Many different
      people, cultures, institutions, and other sources have shaped our views
      of God and spirituality. Most of us have been greatly influenced by our
      families, friends, teachers and childhood churches in all of our basic
      views. Recent years of experience have caused me to rethink everything
      that I once assumed about God, religion, spirituality, the Bible, and my
      own purpose in life.

      Perhaps you have been through some of the same uncertainties and
      doubts. You may have given up on God completely. You may have explored
      many forms of spirituality and found answers in unexpected places. I
      would be very interested in hearing what you have found to bring your
      view of God up-to-date and relevant for you now.


      You don�t have to leave the church. Just act like Jesus, and they will
      throw you out!

      Just accept all people as having equal value before God regardless of
      race, sex, education, status, income, religion, class or sexual
      orientation as Jesus did. Make it clear that you follow Jesus and not
      biblical literalism, traditional legalism, the Church, or the teachings
      of the fundamentalists. Demonstrate your independence and freedom from
      abusive religion as Jesus did by accepting and associating with outcasts
      and all people who are �different� and you will not have to make a
      decision about the church. You will be thrown out �for your own good�
      to bring you to repentance and conformity.


      Jesus followed the traditions of his day. He was a teacher. He had
      disciples. He sat to teach. His disciples sat �at his feet� as was the
      custom. The shocking break with everybody else was that Jesus included
      women, tax collectors, �sinners,� rejects and outcasts at his feet as
      disciples. Jesus identified with �sinners� (which included anyone who
      did not keep the Law.)

      Jesus was totally inclusive. Nobody was left out. On the cross as
      Jesus was dying in agony and pain, he turned to a dying murderer and
      said: I accept and include you too! �Today you will be with me in

      Jesus was not just revolutionary and fearless in battling against sick
      abusive religion; he was shocking and incomprehensible to the religious
      establishment. Jesus was feared and hated by the religious leaders. He
      was viewed as a threat to their very survival. Jesus could not win on
      the human field of battle. But Jesus refused to back down from total
      trust in God. Perhaps the most shocking thing that Jesus did was to
      refuse to try to defend himself and to trust only God to control his

      Perhaps the most shocking and effective thing that we can do is to let
      go of all financial, political, educational and cultural power that has
      been amassed by churches and other religious institutions and follow
      only Jesus in absolute dependence on God to flow through our lives in
      great power and spiritual transformation of ourselves and everything
      around us.


      Nothing makes me trust the religious system that is in place today. I
      receive abusive e-mail in response to my web site every day that gives
      eloquent expression to the iron grip that legalistic judgmental religion
      in the name of �Christianity� has on millions of people. I also get
      e-mail every day from people who have found my web site and have
      rejoiced in the liberating good news. All of the debate and arguments of
      the past summer of meetings and conferences of the great denominations
      has really changed nothing.

      Most religious leaders still try to make decisions for their people
      instead of teaching them how to make their own decisions that fit them.
      Some bishops want to accept gays and some do not. The real question,
      however, is: why have bishops? Jesus called us to make disciples by
      being teachers, not rulers.

      Accurate information that gives the truth about homosexuality and the
      Bible, religion, psychology and medicine has been widely available for
      years. Many religious leaders and politicians have chosen to ignore the
      truth and continue to debate about the value of GLBT human lives. Fear,
      ignorance, misunderstandings, prejudice, anger, hate and violence
      continue unchecked and grow stronger and more destructive in many parts
      of the world.


      Many of the most powerful religious denominations and churches in the
      United States are engaging in an accelerated program of religious
      �therapies� to change GLBT sexual orientation through �Exodus,� other
      smaller groups and a growing army of misguided and mistaken agents,
      groups, and financial supporters. This �ex-gay� industry is thriving
      with the financial support of many television preachers and other
      prominent religious figures. According to the American Psychiatric
      Association, the very existence of such �ex-gay� therapies is dangerous
      and destructive to homosexuals, who are being given the false idea that
      they can or should change their sexual orientation.

      On my recent book tour, in e-mail and in many conversations, I am
      hearing increasingly about families being torn apart over �ex-gay�
      propaganda, parents turning against their own children, and pastors
      rebuking their GLBT members because they will not let religion change
      their sexual orientations! How can the religion that does not even have
      the power to make preachers tell the truth be expected to change sexual
      orientation, which the best psychiatrists in the country say cannot be
      changed by modern medicine?

      I am reading and writing reviews of recent �ex-gay� literature and am
      adding them next week to the section in my web site on �The Ex-Gay


      The time has come to let go and move on. If we follow the clear picture
      of Jesus in the Four Gospels and the Spirit of Jesus promised repeatedly
      in the Fourth Gospel, we have no choice but to let go and move on. We
      can continue to use the same forms that Jesus used of small group
      sharing, Bible study, one-to-one ministry, and associating with and
      accepting outcast and �unclean� persons as having equal value with
      ourselves before God.

      Within the simple forms that are available to each of us, we can open
      our lives to the guidance and control of the Spirit of God. We can
      remain true to the mission of Jesus to demonstrate and teach the
      unconditional inclusive love of God for all people. The power for this
      mission comes from God, who creates and sustains all things and who
      creates and sustains all forms of life.

      The potential success of this approach is beyond comprehension. Jesus
      long ago said that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given
      to him and added that we are to make disciples of all people and then
      promised to be with us always to the end of the world. Jesus said: �As
      God sent me; so send I you.� Jesus gave you the Holy Spirit and
      expected you to learn from the Spirit and be empowered by the Spirit to
      change the world.


      The repeated emphasis of Jesus in calling people to follow him was that
      the only way to enter into the life and mission of Jesus was to let go
      of all human resources and �forsaking everything� move on. Some wanted
      to cling to family obligations and financial resources. Jesus said
      simply: �Follow me.� Jesus frequently broke religious laws in order to
      do the will of God.

      We have too much. We have so much wealth and material greatness that we
      cannot see how letting go could possibly be to our advantage. Churches
      and religious leaders have too much power and wealth to risk giving it
      up for any reason. The institutions of religion that are already in
      place give the illusion of spiritual success and greatness that blinds
      millions of people to the emptiness of the entire system. Perhaps the
      effects of this system in producing and encouraging homophobia,
      suicides, and various other forms of violence against GLBT people is
      beginning to open the eyes and awaken the conscience of many people.


      That depends on where you are. Are you so enthralled with the
      traditional religious forms and demands that you cannot imagine a better
      world? Have the inconsistencies of religion and the empty claims of
      religions leaders turned you off so much that you have given up? There
      is a much better way. Learn enough about Jesus in the Gospels to make
      an intelligent decision about Jesus for you. Nothing could be more
      liberating. Find the path that fits you and move on. Jesus did.

      To Jesus, people were always more important than religion.

      Rembert Truluck
      Jesus said: �Follow me, and I will make you to become.�
      Do you have the desire and the courage to become your true self?
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      Oakland, CA 94623
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