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85Church Participation and the Rev. Dell's Trial

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  • Called Out
    Mar 3, 1999

      Two items of interest:

      1. Opening this op-ed piece by saying "Homosexuals in the church? Might
      as well cry "fire!" in a crowded theater. The reaction will be equally
      panicked. During the past four years, I was pastor of a small
      Presbyterian church in Omaha, Nebraska. I watched from the front lines
      as misunderstanding and hatred grew.", the author writes about the
      current debate in various American denominations over the proper role of
      GLBT people in Christianity.

      This level-headed essay from the March 1, 1999 issue of the San
      Francisco Examiner discusses the feelings and attitudes that are part of
      the various arguments for and against the full inclusion of
      non-heterosexual members in the life of the Church.

      It can be found at

      2. The United Methodist Reporter, the newspaper of the Northern
      Illinois Conference, is online. The page covering the upcoming trial of
      the Rev. Greg Dell is found at
      http://www.gbgm-umc.org/nillconf/delltrial.htm The newest item is at
      the top, with items following moving backward in chronological order.

      It may be worthwhile to add this link to your bookmarks.

      -- Posted by Called Out moderator