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641General Conference News

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  • U.M. Cornet
    May 1, 2000

      Affirmation's web site has been updated with new material and a special
      General Conference logo which includes these words: "It's Christ's Table.
      Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"

      We also have a pop-up box with links to a number of different General
      Conference web sites, including the 3 AMAR Coalition sites, Affirmation,
      Methodist Federation for Social Action, and the Reconciling Congregation


      Monday May 1 1:07 PM ET
      Methodists May Split on Gay Issue
      By RICHARD N. OSTLING, AP Religion Writer

      NEW YORK (AP) - Policy-makers for America's third-largest religion, the
      United Methodist Church, meet Tuesday in Cleveland, where they will make
      crucial decisions on homosexuality - an issue so divisive that there is talk
      of schism.

      There are two versions of this story. They may even be identical.


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