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    Aug 4, 2013
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      President Mugabe attacks Obama for tying aid for Africa and the decriminalisation of homosexuality

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      23 July 2013, 5:14pm


      Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has criticised US President Barack Obama for tying aid for African countries to the decriminalisation of homosexuality.




      SPLC Report: U.S. Groups Fan Anti-LGBT Hate in Caribbean

      Booth Gunter on July 25, 2013

      Caleb Orozco is a gay man in the tiny Caribbean country of Belize who is bringing an important legal challenge to a criminal statute that can land people in prison for 10 years for having gay sex.


      He has been threatened. He has been physically assaulted. Now, he fears for his life. “I cannot walk the streets among a crowd anymore,” he said.




      Archbishop Tutu: South Africa must reject homophobic discrimination

      by Scott Roberts
      26 July 2013, 2:36pm


      Archbishop Desmond Tutu, famous for his role in ending apartheid, has called on South Africa to reject homophobic discrimination as part of a new LGBT global public education campaign by the United Nations Human Rights Office.




      President Robert Mugabe: We should ‘chop off’ gay men’s heads

      by Scott Roberts
      26 July 2013, 11:28am


      Zimbabwe’s president has reportedly urged for the heads of gay men to be chopped off and now says gay people are worse than “pigs, goats and birds”.




      UN Human Rights Office Unveils Gay-Rights Campaign

      by David Crary

      Associated Press

      Sunday Jul 28, 2013


      Amid a surge of anti-gay violence and repression in several countries, the United Nations’ human rights office on Friday launched its first global outreach campaign to promote tolerance and greater equality for lesbians, gays, transgender people and bisexuals.

      Called Free & Equal, it’s an unprecedented effort by the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights to change public attitudes around the world on issues that have bitterly divided the U.N.’s own member states.




      Zimbabwe President Threatens to Behead Gay Citizens

      by Michael  Cox

      EDGE Contributor

      Monday Jul 29, 2013


      Addressing a rally of thousands of Zimbabwe African National Union supporters in Mutare, Zimbabwe last week, President Robert Mugabe vowed to continue to criminalize homosexuality, saying gay men and women "worse than pigs, goats and birds" and threatening to behead them, reported News Day.




      President Mugabe: ‘Never, never, never will we support homosexuality in Zimbabwe’

      by Scott Roberts
      29 July 2013, 11:18am


      Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has denounced Archbishop Desmond Tutu for speaking in support of LGBT rights and says his country will “Never, never, never” support homosexuality.




      LGBT Fairness Film to be Shown in Eastern Panhandle

      Associated Press

      Wednesday Jul 31, 2013


      A group devoted to fair treatment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender West Virginians is screening a film that features 14 personal stories. The film will be shown at two communities in the Eastern Panhandle.

      Fairness West Virginia Institute is launching the "Faces of Fairness" tour Thursday at Musical Grounds European Coffeehouse in Fayetteville, W.Va.





      [Called Out Editors’ Note:  Russia will enforce its laws against gay propaganda during the winter Olympics.  Russia will not enforce is laws against gay propaganda during the winter Olympics.  There have been two complete flip flop cycles at this point, if we’re keeping track properly.]

      Russia Will Enforce Anti-Gay Law During Olympics

      by Laura Mills

      Associated Press

      Thursday Aug 1, 2013


      Russia will enforce a new law cracking down on gay rights activism when it hosts international athletes and fans during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the country’s sports minister said Thursday, appearing to contradict assurances to the contrary from the International Olympic Committee.




      US Eases Process for Same-Sex Couples to Get Visas

      by Deb Riechmann

      Associated Press

      Friday Aug 2, 2013


      The U.S. State Department on Friday began processing visa applications from same-sex spouses in the same way that it handles those from heterosexual spouses.

      The change, announced by Secretary of State John Kerry while on diplomatic travel in London, comes in the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on same-sex marriage.




      US: Same-sex couples to be given equal immigration rights

      by Aaron Day
      2 August 2013, 4:58pm


      The policy means a foreign citizen married to a US citizen can more easily obtain a US entry visa.


      The United States is set to begin giving visa applications from same-sex spouses the same preferential treatment granted to opposite-sex spouses.




      Australia: LGBT and intersex anti-discrimination laws come into effect

      by Aaron Day
      2 August 2013, 12:58pm


      New Australian laws protecting LGBT and intersex people from religious discrimination by aged-care providers have come into effect, commencing August 1.




      IOC Official Calls for Diplomacy on Anti-Gay Law

      by Stephen Wilson

      Associated Press

      Saturday Aug 3, 2013


      WASHINGTON -- International Olympic officials should use "all the avenues possible" with the Russian government to ensure that athletes competing at next year’s Winter Games in Sochi aren’t affected by a new anti-gay law, IOC presidential candidate Richard Carrion said Friday.




      Olympic Gold medalist Matthew Mitcham: Russia’s treatment of gay people is horrific

      by James Park
      3 August 2013, 7:16pm


      Australian Olympic Gold medalist, Matthew Mitcham, who is openly gay, says Russia’s anti-gay law that could see athletes jailed if they take part in any gay rights related activities is “horrific”.



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