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    Jan 5, 2013
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      We Win the Jackpot! Maryland, Maine, Iowa, Washington State, Minnesota

      by Steve Weinstein

      EDGE Editor-In-Chief

      Wednesday Nov 7, 2012

      If tonight proves anything, it’s that American voters have definitely, decidedly and determinedly rejected the religious right on the subject of same-sex marriage.

      Adding to the big victory in Maine, where voters reversed themselves and approved same-sex marriage was the vote in Maryland.




      Preaching to the ‘Moveable Middle’: Bishop Gene Robinson on Marriage Equality and the Election

      An interview with Bishop Gene Robinson

      By Candace Chellew-Hodge

      When Gene Robinson became the Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003, he wore a bulletproof vest under his vestments during his ordination service. Robinson was the first openly gay person to be elected as a bishop within the Episcopal Church, and his ordination became a touchstone in the battle for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people within both the Church and larger society.




      France unveils same-sex marriage bill

      by Scott Roberts
      7 November 2012, 4:16pm

      French President Francois Hollande’s government has approved a bill to legalise equal marriage and allow gay couples to adopt.




      Spanish court protects equal marriage law

      by Scott Roberts
      6 November 2012, 7:52pm

      Spain’s Constitutional Court has upheld the country’s seven-year-long equal marriage law.




      Civil partnership defeat for Slovakia

      by Scott Roberts
      6 November 2012, 4:59pm

      Lawmakers in Slovakia, an EU member state, have rejected plans by the country’s opposition party to legalise civil partnerships for gay couples.




      Gay-Marriage Backers End Losing Streak, Look Ahead

      by David Crary

      Associated Press

      Thursday Nov 8, 2012

      NEW YORK - For years, foes of same-sex marriage had a potent talking point: They’d won every time the issue went to a popular vote. That winning streak has now been shattered in a multi-state electoral sweep by gay marriage supporters - a historic tipping point likely to influence other states and possibly even the Supreme Court.




      Vatican Digs In After Gay Marriage Advances

      by Nicole Winfield

      Associated Press

      Saturday Nov 10, 2012

      VATICAN CITY -- The Vatican is digging in after gay marriage initiatives scored big wins this week in the U.S. and Europe, vowing to never stop insisting that marriage can only be between a man and a woman.




      Liberia: Christians and Muslims unite to campaign against equal marriage

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      11 November 2012, 1:49am

      Several hundred people from the Christian and Muslim faiths, and from civil society organisations, gathered in Monrovia, Liberia to mark the start of a campaign to press the government into banning equal marriage.




      [Called Out Editors’ Note – We pass on some articles just to show the violence of the language being used against us.  This is one such article.]

      Video: Tony Perkins: Same-sex marriage is tearing America apart

      by Scott Roberts
      9 November 2012, 10:59pm

      The firebrand media opponents of gay rights have been taking to the airwaves to denounce Tuesday’s historic equal marriage victories in several US states.




      Analysis: A new dawn for LGBT America

      by Scott Roberts
      8 November 2012, 9:40pm

      After an extraordinary US election result with voters in three states passing equal marriage rights for gay couples, Scott Roberts sums up the highlights of an incredible week for America.




      Study: Same-sex weddings in three US states could increase spending by $166 million

      by Joseph Patrick McCormick
      12 November 2012, 7:56pm

      A US think-tank has predicted that, as a result of the three new states which legalised equal marriage last week, large amounts of new spending will be generated.




      Same-sex unions gain support in U.S. elections

      A UMNS Report
      By Kathy L. Gilbert*

      3:00 P.M. ET Nov. 16, 2012


      Maine, Maryland and Washington approved same sex marriage at the ballot box. Minnesota reject an amendment that would have defined marriage as only between a man and a woman. UMNS photo illustrations by Kathleen Barry. View in Photo Gallery

      United Methodists have been grappling with acceptance of same-sex marriage for decades and many United Methodists were on both sides of the issue in the voting booth Nov. 6 as the vote in four states indicated support for same-sex unions.




      Some Minn. Lawmakers Face Gay Marriage Conflict

      Associated Press

      Wednesday Nov 14, 2012

      ST. PAUL, Minn. - More valuable than any poll, Minnesota lawmakers got a strong pulse of their constituents this week on gay marriage through district-by-district, town-by-town results of a vote that rejected a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

      It will give some legislators cover and others concern should new legislative fronts open in the gay rights debate, including an all-out push for legalization of gay marriage.




      Uruguay Congress Considers Same-Sex Marriage Law

      by Pablo Fernandez

      Associated Press

      Thursday Nov 15, 2012

      MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay - Uruguay’s congress is considering a gay marriage law that would give same-sex couples all the same rights and responsibilities of heterosexual married couples.

      The country already has a civil unions law and has stood out in Latin America lately for legalizing abortion and planning to sell government-grown marijuana to any citizen who wants it.




      Attorney Boies Discusses Prop 8 options

      by Chris Carson

      Bay Area Reporter

      Saturday Nov 17, 2012

      The excitement of the presidential election is passed; it is time for Washington, D.C. to get back to work. At the top of the schedule is a conference of the Supreme Court justices on November 30, where they will discuss whether to take cases involving the Defense of Marriage Act and the federal challenge to Proposition 8.

      The justices had indicated they would consider the marriage cases next week, but on Tuesday said that they would be on the conference schedule at the end of the month.




      Anti-Gay Marriage Marchers Take to French Streets

      Associated Press

      Monday Nov 19, 2012

      PARIS - Groups opposed to President Francois Hollande’s plans to legalize gay marriage and gay adoptions took to the streets Saturday across France.

      Hollande said he would enact his "marriage for everyone" plan within a year of coming to power in May, but vocal opposition from religious leaders, some politicians and parts of rural France has divided the country.




      No Father, The Gay Sky Isn’t Falling

      By Jay Michaelson


      If we’re going to legalize alcohol, why not legalize crack cocaine?

      If boxing is a legal sport, why not fights to the death with chainsaws?

      And if same-sex marriage is recognized by law, why not polygamy and polyandry?

      This is the desperate reasoning one hears from Catholic Church spokesmen [sic] these days, affirming the Vatican’s staunch opposition to civil same-sex marriage. Quoth Fr. Federico Lombardi, Director of the Vatican Television Centre (if we watch television, why not also visit strip clubs?):

      It is a question of admitting that a husband and a wife are publicly recognized as such; and that children w

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